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  1. Inside the High-Pressure, High-Wire Act of Putting on Hairspray Live!On the eve of NBC’s live production, choreographer Jerry Mitchell tells us: “It’s crazy what I’m asking them to do.”
  2. 3-Hour Supersonic Flights From New York to London Are Just Around the CornerA partnership between Virgin Galactic and Colorado-based Boom, the passenger jet will hit speeds of Mach 2.2.
  3. 21 Seconds to a More Beautiful YouYour daily beauty regimen shouldn’t be a time-suck.
  4. Ford vs. Ferrari at Le Mans: Inside Racing’s Most Legendary RivalryWatch an exclusive clip from The 24 Hour War, a new documentary about the epic battle for Le Mans in the 1960s.
  5. How to Fall Asleep FasterA few simple sleep hacks to help you minimize the time between going to bed and getting to bed.
  6. Kristen Stewart — and a Mustang GT — Star in the New Rolling Stones VideoThe Twilight alumna channels her inner Steve McQueen in a Stones-sponsored high-speed chase.
  7. How to Move Faster Than LightThe speed of light might not be the universal constant of physics Albert Einstein said it was.
  8. How Fast Does a Christmas Tree Burst Into Flames? About 9 SecondsWatching this local-news footage of a Christmas-tree inferno is oddly hypnotic.
  9. Man Livestreams 115-mph Joyride on Facebook, Promptly CrashesThis is why they add “closed track, professional driver” to the bottom of stunt-y TV car ads.
  10. We Got Schooled by a 15-Year-Old Rubik’s Cube Speed-Record HolderFast-fingered sophomore Lucas Etter can solve a Rubik’s Cube in 4.9 seconds.
  11. Watch the Islanders Score Two Goals in 3 Seconds, Tying the NHL RecordAnd you thought there wasn’t enough scoring in hockey.
  12. Sorry Birds, This Bat Is Now the Fastest Horizontal Flier on EarthScientists tracked the Brazilian free-tailed bat in an airplane, clocking speeds of 100 mph.
  13. Watch All 8 Harry Potter Movies in 80 Minutes, Thanks to Some Editing MagicThis feat of super-cut wizardry shaves about 18 hours off, delivering Potter straight to your vein.
  14. In a Marathon of Tiebreakers, Magnus Carlsen Wins World Chess ChampionshipIt all came down to the speed rounds.
  15. Tesla Easter-Egg Download Will Make New Model S As Quick As a LaFerrariThe software update enhances performance, as Musk’s vehicles edge closer to multi-million-dollar supercars and full autonomy.
  16. This 75-Year-Old Is Getting Set to Break the Land Speed Record of 763 mphIn a converted fighter jet.
  17. Video: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Speed Trainer Has Insanely Fast FeetLike, really fast feet. Watch this clip.
  18. Introducing a New Pop-up Blog From New York Mag: SpeedA month in the fast lane.
  19. Apps Are Slow Because You Don’t Trust ComputersIt is actually possible for software to be too fast.
  20. 90s nostalgia
    In Honor of Speed’s 20th Anniversary, How About Speed 3?Pop quiz, hotshot.
  21. casting couch
    Elijah Wood Will Star in ‘Speed at a Piano’Pop quiz, maestro.
  22. Reopenings
    Culture Club Back With a Vengeance?Get ready, bachelorettes!
  23. vulture lists
    From the Speed Bus to the Better Off Dead Paperboy: 10 Other Unstoppable ForcesBecause, of course, Denzel Washington isn’t the only one who has ever tried to put on the brakes.
  24. whoa
    Vulture’s Complete Field Guide to the Facial Expressions of Keanu ReevesComplete with our patented Kean-u-meter™!
  25. NewsFeed
    Russian Spa-Restaurant Throws After-hours Pool PartiesWhen is a spa-restaurant not just a spa-restaurant?
  26. the comics page
    Exclusive Comics Excerpt: ‘Amelia Rules’All week on the Comics Page, we’re excerpting a special Independence Day issue of Jimmy Gownley’s wonderful all-ages comic Amelia Rules, “The Things I Cannot Change,” a funny and touching story of duty to family, to country, and to friends.
  27. This Woman Is One of the World’s Most Daring Wingsuit FliersAirborne adventure junkie Roberta Mancino soars between skyscrapers and over active volcanos. What did you do today?
  28. Watch a Supersized Drone Lift a Snowboarder Off a MountainCasey Neistat is at it again, this time hovering over Finland with the help of 16 propellers.
  29. 10 mph Moving Sidewalks Could Make Crosstown Buses ObsoleteSwiss engineers have a plan for accelerated city walkways that can move pedestrians quicker than a cab at rush hour.
  30. 14 Singers on the Fastest Way to Recover From Losing Your VoiceFeeling hoarse? We asked professionals from Sting to Patti LaBelle for their best advice.
  31. How Your Brain Controls the Speed of TimeWhy does reality seem to slow down in moments of extreme peril? Can the mind really bend time? Here’s the neuroscience behind the phenomenon.
  32. How to Type 360 Words a MinuteThe Michael Jordan of court reporting shares his secrets.