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  1. House GOP May Skip Town and Cause a Pre-Christmas Government ShutdownPaul Ryan and the House GOP are jumping off a cliff and hoping the Senate follows. If they don’t, the government will shut down.
  2. Teacher! Teacher! Don and Chuck and Nancy Are Fighting Again!Dangerously near the date when a stopgap spending agreement expires, Trump and congressional Democratic leaders are feuding and shifting blame.
  3. Trump’s Tax Speech Empty of Tax Specifics, Budget ContextIt’s bad enough that the president’s “tax speech” had not a single specific proposal. He also didn’t mention how it would fit into the federal budget.
  4. Georgia’s Election on Track to Become Most Expensive House Race EverThe candidates have spent $14 million so far and heavy punches aren’t even being thrown yet.
  5. wealth
    The Lives of One-Percenters Are Way Less Sexy Than You ThoughtEven if you have a gold toilet, you still have to scrub it.
  6. 3 Reasons So Many People Earning 6 Figures Barely Have Anything SavedThe fiscal is psychological.
  7. mostess
    Quiz: How Much Should You Spend on Your Next Party?We did the math for you.
  8. studies
    Study: Maybe Money Actually Does Buy Happiness?Life gets better when we own fancy things.
  9. Spending
    Best Food for NYC ShopaholicsFrom hot sales to hot dogs.
  10. cable news
    Talk Box: Independents Are Just Waiting to Be TriangulatedCable news pundits examine the possibilities of the coming partisan standoff over extending unemployment benefits.
  11. This Is Why You're Broke
    Midtown East–ers Spend $1,196 Per Month Eating Out, Brownsvillers SpendSee what your neighbors spend.
  12. early and often
    Senate Republicans Reach Out of Grave to Trip Up Democrat Spending BillLast night GOP senators stopped a $410 billion omnibus spending bill, forcing Dems to forge a stopgap measure to prevent the federal government from shutting down.