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Spider Man: Turn Off The Dark

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    Update: Spider-Man Musical Injures AnotherAnother night, another mishap for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark
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    Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Opening February 7Obviously, subject to change.
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    Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark Delayed Yet AgainIt will now open sometime in February.
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    Spider-Man Musical Team Sends Conan Scary Thank-You Letter [Updated]“Hope you like the flowers.”
  5. spider-manpocalypse
    Spider-Man Actress Gets a Concussion“She was struck in the head by a rope holding a piece of equipment.”
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    See Conan’s Exclusive Preview of the Spider-Man MusicalThis oil rig is totally ready!
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    More From the Spider-Man Heckler“The show wasn’t ready. It was like the BP oil rig.”
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    Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark Still Beat Producer’s Expectations“I’m ecstatic.”
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    Foxwoods Theater Already Working on a Spider-Man Contingency Plan?The theater’s G.M. is asking Broadway producers if they have any musicals that might be a “future fit” for the theater.
  10. talk
    Will the Spider-Man Musical Be a Smash or a Disaster?As of last night, the dark’s still on.
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    See Snippets of the Final Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark RehearsalThat bee monster looks kind of cool?
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    No One Killed at First Spider-Man PreviewBut what did go wrong?
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    Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Includes Pivotal Ted Turner ImpersonationThe Green Goblin, inspired by Ted Turner.
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    Check Out the Seemingly Functional Spider-Man Musical SetHey look, people are flying.
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    Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark So Demanding, Two Spider-Men Will Be RequiredReeve Carney will have a sub for two performances a week.
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    See the Spider-Man Musical Costumes (Plus Some Pretty Dresses)Says Julie Taymor, “I know it’s too much, but is that bad?”
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    Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Is Now Under Daily Safety Supervision“They are not legally allowed to perform any maneuvers we have not signed off on.”
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    Spider-Man Musical Officially Delayed Until 2011The $60 million musical lurches off the ground.
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    So When Will the Spider-Man Musical Actually Open?Who knows!
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    Spider-Man Musical’s Flying Safety Under InvestigationThe New York State Department of Labor is on the scene.
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    Cursed Spider-Man Musical Injures AnotherAnother anonymous ‘Spider-Man’ star broke both feet a month ago.
  22. injury list
    Actor in Spider-Man Musical Breaks Both His WristsAfter a (really cool sounding) stunt goes wrong.
  23. wtf
    What Do Danger Mouse, Spider-Man, and Lady Gaga’s Producer Have in Common?They’ll all be working with U2 on new music!
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    Watch U2 Perform a Song From Spider-Man, the Musical“Boy Falls From the Sky” … like a spider?
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    Spider-Man–Musical Producer Having Nightmares“What am I doing? I could be on a beach in Florida.”
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    Bono’s Spidey and Batman Songs Sound AlikeRemember “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me”?
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    Spider-Man the Musical Gets a Premiere DateIt goes into previews on November 14.
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    Spider-Man to Start PracticingUnlikely though it may seem, Broadway’s troubled $50 million ‘Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark’ will actually enter rehearsals.
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    Spider-Man Musical Gets a New Mary JaneIt’s Jennifer Damiano from ‘Next to Normal’!
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    Spider-Man Musical Gets a New Green Goblin, Might Open in NovemberGet your tickets now!
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    Julie Taymor: Spider-Man Musical Opening in the Fall“Yeah, it’ll be late fall. Late fall, early winter.”
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    Alan Cumming Drops Out of Troubled Spider-Man MusicalBecause everything was going so smoothly otherwise!
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    Which Still-Occupied Broadway Theater Should Hedwig Squat In?’Hedwig and the Angry Inch’ is coming to Broadway this fall.
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    Broadway’s Spider-Man Needs New Mary JaneEvan Rachel Wood pulled out owing to a scheduling conflict.
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    Broadway’s Spider-Man Refunding Chumps’ Ticket OrdersGood news for people who actually thought ‘Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark’ would begin previews in February.
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    Broadway’s Spider-Man Lives! Also, Peter Parker CastIt’ll open sometime next year. Also, Reeve Carney will play the lead role.
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    Spider-Man Lives?It’ll open in July, allegedly!
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    Friday Is Judgment Day for Spider-Man, the MusicalCan director Julie Taymor use dental floss and safety pins to save her show?
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    Shock: Spider-Man Musical Probably Won’t Open On TimeAccording to a person involved, there’s “no way” it’ll enter rehearsals this fall.
  40. impending disasters
    Are These Rich Guys Crazy Enough to Save the Spider-Man Musical?Maybe!
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    Julie Taymor’s Spider-Man Musical Still Totally Happening, Says Julie Taymor“We had funding and now there’s more funding. It’s all good. Tutto è bene!”
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    Can Bono Save the Spider-Man Musical?He may be its only hope!
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    Spider-Man Musical ‘Over,’ As Far As Mary Jane’s Concerned“She’s available for other work,” say Evan Rachel Wood’s agents.
  44. disasters
    Spider-Man Musical: Dead?Last week, the show was put on “hiatus.” Now they’re releasing actors from contracts.
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    Spider-Man Musical on Hiatus, Out of MoneyEven the Edge is mad.
  46. the industry
    Evan Rachel Wood and Alan Cumming Swing Onto BroadwayPlus: DFW’s second biography is a go.
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    Josh Bednarsky’s Spider-Man Dreams Still Alive!They’re holding another open casting call!
  48. Is This Guy Broadway’s Spider-Man?According to Michael Riedel, actor-singer Reeve Carney is the top choice to play Peter Parker in Julie Taymor’s ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.’
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    Spider-Man Musical Gets a Name and a Start Date’Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark’ is set to debut on Broadway on February 18, 2010.
  50. the industry
    Spider-Man: the Musical Hitting Some Creative RoadblocksPlus: the return of Jenna Elfman.
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