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Spider Manpocalypse

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    Julie Taymor Sues Spider-Man: Turn Off the DarkSad Taymor returns.
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    Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark: The Music VideoSee the clip!
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    How Did Spider-Man’s Budget Get to $75 Million?The financial records are here.
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    Spider-Man Is Finally a ‘Frozen’ ShowLess than a week before it’s set to open.
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    Peter Parker Says Spider-Man 2.0 Is ‘Bulletproof’“It’s not cool anymore to be negative about ‘Spider-Man.’”
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    Bono and the Edge Sell Spider-Man 2.0 via American IdolSee “Rise Above” from the show.
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    Bono Thinks Those Atrocious Spider-Man Reviews Were Spot-on“We don’t disagree with the New York ‘Times.’”
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    Spider-Man 2.0 Takes Aim at Bloggers“J. Jonah Jameson, the fiery Daily Bugle editor, denounces bloggers.”
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    Julie Taymor Gets Awkward New Spider-Man TitleAt least she’s getting credited.
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    Bono Explains Why the First Version of Spider-man Failed“A catalog of commonplace problems …”
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    Law & Order Rips Spider-Man From the Headlines’Criminal Intent’ is going to Broadway.
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    Guy Who Broke a Whole Bunch of Bones in Spider-Man Is Already Heading Back to WorkVulture salutes you, sir.
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    Spider-Man to Now Turn Off Even More Dark“Most critics, in fact, will have never seen this latest version before they see one that greatly changes major threads of the story, choreography and songs.”
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    Vulture Commissioned a ‘Sad Julie Taymor’ Ice SculpturePerfect for a centerpiece for your Spider-Man themed wedding!
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    Julie Taymor Will Get to Keep Her Spider-Man Credits, At LeastSilver lining for the ousted Taymor.
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    Julie Taymor May Get Kicked Off Spider-ManAnd a March 15 opening is now “unlikely.”
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    Julie Taymor Acknowledges Spider-Man Is ‘Not Quite There’“It hasn’t quite become the phoenix or the burnt char.”
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    The Cast of Spider-Man Performed on Letterman Last NightHear “Rise Above.”
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    Spider-Man Producers: Why Don’t You Just Tell Us What’s Wrong With Our Show?“In an effort to gather as much audience feedback as possible the production is continuing to hold focus groups and surveys, just as it has throughout most of its preview period.”
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    Bono Just Got Around to Seeing Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Last NightSeems a bit late, no?
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    Injured Spider-Man Actor Revealed to Be Adorable, Enthusiastic Surfer DudeOr that’s what he sounds like in two TV interviews.
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    Injured Spider-Man Actor Speaks“The last thing I remember was like, uh, just going, ‘Oh, God.”
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    Natalie Mendoza Makes Her Spider-Man Exit Official“It has been a difficult decision to make, but I regret that I am unable to continue on ‘Spider-Man’ as I recover from my injury.”
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    Bono and the Edge Will Sit Through Every Spider-Man Preview Performance“Julie and Bono and Edge … will be in the theater next week and for all of the preview performances leading up to the opening night working on the show.”
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    And Spider-Man’s Latest Troubles Are …“I took out my notebook, identified myself as a reporter and asked why my seat in row D — D for death, I guess — wasn’t safe.”
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    Concussed Actress Natalie Mendoza Is Quitting Spider-Man: Turn Off the DarkShe played Arachne, a major character.
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    Spider-Man Musical Team Sends Conan Scary Thank-You Letter [Updated]“Hope you like the flowers.”
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    Spider-Man Actress Gets a Concussion“She was struck in the head by a rope holding a piece of equipment.”
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    More From the Spider-Man Heckler“The show wasn’t ready. It was like the BP oil rig.”
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    Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark Still Beat Producer’s Expectations“I’m ecstatic.”
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    Foxwoods Theater Already Working on a Spider-Man Contingency Plan?The theater’s G.M. is asking Broadway producers if they have any musicals that might be a “future fit” for the theater.
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    Will the Spider-Man Musical Be a Smash or a Disaster?As of last night, the dark’s still on.
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    No One Killed at First Spider-Man PreviewBut what did go wrong?
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    Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Is Now Under Daily Safety Supervision“They are not legally allowed to perform any maneuvers we have not signed off on.”
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    Spider-Man Musical Officially Delayed Until 2011The $60 million musical lurches off the ground.
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    So When Will the Spider-Man Musical Actually Open?Who knows!
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    Broadway’s Spider-Man Needs New Mary JaneEvan Rachel Wood pulled out owing to a scheduling conflict.
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    Broadway’s Spider-Man Refunding Chumps’ Ticket OrdersGood news for people who actually thought ‘Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark’ would begin previews in February.
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    Spider-Man 4: Totally Dead!Sam Raimi didn’t think he could make a non-terrible ‘Spider-Man’ movie by 2011, so Sony will completely reboot the franchise.
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    Scriptless Spider-Man 4 to Miss Start Date, Dump Anne Hathaway?Can’t anyone get a Spider-Man-related project off the ground these days?