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  1. oscar endings
    Let’s Talk About the Ending of Once Upon a Time in HollywoodIf you’ve read the reviews of Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, you’ve probably gathered that something is up with the ending.
  2. spoiler alert!
    Let’s Talk About the End of Searching Starring John ChoWhere’s Margot?!
  3. Charlize Theron and Mackenzie Davis Discuss the Surprise Ending of TullySpoiler alert!
  4. twist!
    Watch the Jane the Virgin Cast React to Season Four’s Finale TwistIf you click, consider yourself completely spoiled.
  5. spoiler alert
    Sorry Walking Dead Fans, But Lauren Cohan Just Committed to an ABC PilotCohan does not yet have a contract in place for season nine of the hit AMC show.
  6. tv
    How Game of Thrones Spoilers Get MadeAn inside look at the fan sites that sniff out spoilers for the world’s most popular show.
  7. And the Winner of The Bachelorette Is …Just as you expected: It was the handsome man with the great smile and extremely symmetrical face.
  8. spoiler alert
    And the Winner of The Bachelor’s 21st Season Is …Did Nick Viall propose to Vanessa or Raven?
  9. spoiler alert
    Long-Lost Ship From AMC Series The Terror Found “Apparently they’ve never heard of a spoiler alert.”
  10. spoiler alert
    What’s Wrong With Me Before You’s Baffling EndSpoilers ahead, but oooof.
  11. spoiler alert
    Star Wars Fan Jailed for Spoiler-Related ThreatsHe learned them from a Facebook friend.
  12. movies
    It Follows Director: The Spoiler InterviewYou’ll want to read this if (and only if!) you’ve seen the new horror classic.
  13. party chat
    Julianna Margulies Might Have Just Spoiled The Good WifeMaybe?
  14. spoiler alert
    A Good Hint at Whom Hannah Might Date on Girls This SeasonThis may count as a spoiler.
  15. spoiler alert
    See Penn Badgley’s Musical Gossip Girl Shout-Out“I am Gossip Girl.”
  16. reflections
    If You’ve Watched All of House of Cards’s Second Season, Let’s DiscussSpoilers! Here be spoilers.
  17. spoiler alert
    What Did Thor 2’s Post-Credits Scene Mean?The revealed character offers hints about Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers 2.
  18. spoiler alert
    What Did Thor 2’s Post-Credits Scene Mean?The revealed character offers hints about Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers 2.
  19. spoiler alert
    Daily News Spoils Breaking Bad Finale on CoverDon’t click on this, obviously, if you haven’t seen it yet. 
  20. Spoiler Alert
    That Breaking Bad Cameo Didn’t Help Dimple Pinch SalesClerks around the country tell Grub Street that sales have increased … not at all since Sunday’s penultimate ‘Breaking Bad’ episode.
  21. spoiler alert
    The Best Part of Last Night’s New GirlLast night’s most satisfying TV moment happened as the credits rolled.
  22. spoiler alert
    The Story Behind Breaking Dawn’s Twist EndingDirector Bill Condon splls all.
  23. Spoiler Alert
    Dana Cowin Scoops Her Own ‘Best New Chefs’ AnnouncementHer Twitter tell-all.
  24. spoiler alert
    Matt Weiner Reveals Tiny Mad Men SpoilerAbout Betty.
  25. party chat
    Someone Told Us About the Fate of Blair’s Baby on Gossip GirlMargaret Colin (a.k.a Eleanor Waldorf) may have revealed a spoiler.
  26. spoilers
    See a Series of Vintage-Looking Posters About SpoilersThere are some sweet, fake, old-timey propaganda posters that would be the Depression-era equivalent of a spoiler alert.
  27. The Mets Are Playing SpoilerWhile their owners are in the courtroom, the Mets are doing their best to troll other teams.
  28. spoiler alert
    Damon Lindelof: Spoilers Have Scared Him Off Writing Plot Twists“At this point, a base hit is not acceptable.”
  29. spoiler alert
    Ralph Nader Could Run for President AgainHe’s not ruling out 2012.