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    Spotify Has the Only Algorithms I Don’t FearAnd the algorithms know I like pop-punk.
  2. playlists
    How a Hit Rap Song Happens NowThe most influential playlist in music is Spotify’s RapCaviar, which turns mixtape rappers into megastars. And it’s all curated by one man.
  3. the streaming wars
    College Students Can Now Get Spotify and Hulu for $4.99 a MonthThere’s never been a better time to avoid writing that paper.
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    Can You Guess Which One of These Songs Is Popular Today?Hmmmmmm.
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    Spotify Is Removing Music From White-Supremacist BandsEarlier this week, a music site pointed out 37 white-power bands available on Spotify.
  6. Spotify Bans White-Supremacist BandsThe music-streaming service is combing their catalog for overt white-supremacist bands.
  7. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek’s 10 Favorite BooksIncluding The Alchemist, Sapiens, and more.
  8. the streaming wars
    Jay-Z Won’t End His War With Spotify Even for 4:44Will his war on Spotify ever let up?
  9. How Spammers, Superstars, and Tech Giants Gamed the Music IndustryMaking money in the music industry is more complicated than ever, and people are finding new ways to hack the system for maximum profit.
  10. oof
    Spotify Admits Calling Justin Bieber ‘Latin King’ in an Ad Was a Bad IdeaSpotify says it wanted to “celebrate ‘Despacito’ as a key cultural moment when music genres crossover.”
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    Apparently Everybody Is Using the Exact Same Emoji for These Artists on SpotifySpoiler: Drake is, understandably, fire.
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    Chuck Schumer Puts Final Nail in Spotify-Playlist-Meme CoffinSenator Schumer released a Spotify playlist in honor of Trump’s first 100 days in office.
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    Everyone on Twitter Is Making Hilarious Playlists for Their Crushes on SpotifyStringing together song titles into semi-coherent sentences is this week’s best meme.
  14. the streaming wars
    Well, It Just Got Harder to Stream Jay Z’s MusicSteering Hova fans ever Tidal-ward.
  15. the streaming wars
    Spotify Is Finally Getting Into the Exclusives GameThe days of free all-access as you know it are over.
  16. the streaming wars
    Prince’s Music Is Finally Coming to Apple Music and Likely Spotify SoonTidal has previously been the streaming home for Prince.
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    Spotify Wants to Hire ObamaThe company is looking for a “President of Playlists” who has “a friendly and warm attitude, and a Nobel Peace Prize.”
  18. george michael
    George Michael Spotify Streams Jump 3,158 Percent the Day After His Death“Last Christmas” and “Faith” are among his most-played songs.
  19. record breakers
    Drake’s ‘One Dance’ Had a Record-Obliterating Billion Streams on Spotify AloneIt’s the first song to reach one billion streams on Spotify.
  20. 4 Ways to Make Spotify Sound BetterTake a few minutes to make sure you’re getting the best sound out of Spotify.
  21. the streaming wars
    Apple Music Will End 2016 With Half of Spotify’s Paid Subscribers So FarThank Drake.
  22. streams
    Drake Is Spotify’s Most-Streamed Artist This Year and EverTwo years running.
  23. radiohead
    Radiohead’s Complete Catalogue Is Now on SpotifySome B-sides were added this week.
  24. the strategist
    How to Seriously Upgrade Your Sound System for $204Just follow these four steps.
  25. the streaming wars
    Spotify Reportedly No Longer Wants to Buy SoundCloud“It doesn’t need an additional licensing headache in a potential IPO year.”
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    Tinder Partners With Spotify So Potential Dates Will Know You Like Baha MenYou’ll be able to see if you and your potential match have any favorite artists in common.
  27. facts and figures
    Spotify Hits 40 Million Subscribers, Surpassing Apple Music GrowthSpotify has gained 10 million subscribers in six months.
  28. blonde
    Phew, Frank Ocean’s Blonde Is Back on SpotifyNever take it for granted again.
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    Fans Are Trying to Pay Nelly’s Back Taxes by Playing His Music 287 Million TimesIf we all pull together, we can save Nelly from the IRS.
  30. blonde
    Frank Ocean’s Blonde Is Now on Spotify, So Even More People Can CryThe wait is finally, truly over.
  31. documentaries
    Allow Spotify to Tell You Metallica’s Origin Story in a New DocumentaryThe rest of the doc is a Spotify exclusive, but it’s free!
  32. sexual playlists
    Barack Obama Basically Made a Summer Sex PlaylistIncluding D’Angelo, Mary J. Blige, and Janet Jackson.
  33. swellness
    Listen to the Cut’s Yoga Playlist 2016Flow to Rihanna and Feist.
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    Spotify’s New Personalized Playlists Actually Sound GoodRelease Radar gives you a weekly roundup of new music.
  35. swellness
    Hear the Cut’s Meditation Playlist on SpotifyAmbient sounds to tune out the patriarchy.
  36. the streaming wars
    Spotify Launches Radio Show With James BlakeSecretly genius.
  37. Spotify Declares War on AppleIt’s a battle between Spotify and Apple Music.
  38. Spotify and Bumble Are Partnering to Doom Your Love Life Through SongWhy yes, prospective date, I do listen to a lot of Celine Dion.
  39. music streaming
    Radiohead’s In Rainbows Is Now on SpotifyThe 2007 self-released album had been the band’s last record not on Spotify.
  40. animated movies
    Don’t Fret, Sony’s Emoji Movie Will Feature AppsThe movie is the message.
  41. the mystery of pablo
    Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo Is Finally Available Everywhere Kanye loves Kanye.
  42. Rodarte Soundtracked Your California Road TripTo launch its collaboration with & Other Stories.
  43. the streaming wars
    29 Musicians and Celebs on How They Stream MusicYes, some artists are totally fine with their music being free.
  44. the beatles
    And the Least-Popular Beatles Tracks on Spotify Are …By our calculations.
  45. lawsuits
    David Lowery Comes for Spotify … AgainDaniel Ek is one bald dude Lowery would NEVER take bowling.
  46. personality types
    The Most-Streamed Beatles Songs on Every Service (and What It Says About You)Here’s why you really listened to “Yellow Submarine” this weekend.
  47. the beatles
    ‘Come Together’ Tops Spotify’s Most-Streamed Beatles TracksBeatles songs have been added to 673,000 playlists on Spotify.
  48. Taylor Swift Accidentally Reappeared on Spotify Under LostprophetsJust no.
  49. the streaming wars
    Spotify Makes Some Artists So Angry, Even Joanna Newsom Thinks It’s ‘Villainous’“It’s a garbage system.”
  50. music streaming
    Spotify Widget Confirms You Heard Lorde FirstFound Them First tells you which artists you discovered before the bandwagon.
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