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  1. animals
    How About a Nice Story About Picnic Tables for Squirrels?A woman in Illinois has developed the world’s most wholesome hustle.
  2. war
    This Squirrel Is Out for BloodA “bloodthirsty” squirrel has laid siege to a Houston neighborhood.
  3. rodent rebellion
    The Squirrels Have Declared WarNew England’s tree rats are raining wanton destruction upon the heads of maple sugar producers.
  4. feed the animals
    NYC’s Newest Food Influencers Are Its SquirrelsMove over, rats.
  5. awww
    Man Calls Police After Savage Attack by … Baby Squirrel?The assault ended when the squirrel, “apparently exhausted by its exertions, lay down abruptly and fell asleep.”
  6. olympics 2018
    Rogue Squirrel Nearly Derails Snowboarder During Olympic FinalsClassic sciuridae move.
  7. local news
    Squirrel Hospitalizes Anti-Squirrel Chicago AldermanBright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and bent on revenge.
  8. division of labor
    Female Squirrels Do All the Work, According to Eerily Familiar-Sounding StudyFemale squirrels are way busier than males.
  9. squirrels
    Marvel’s Squirrel Girl Reportedly Being Developed for TVIt would be a team show.
  10. Turns Out Squirrels Are Very Good at Pulling Out TeethAll you need is some string and a willing child participant.
  11. season's eatings
    Toronto Squirrels Trying to Blame Weight Gain on Global WarmingA very important public-health report out of Toronto. 
  12. squirrels
    Squirrel With Questionable Level of Sobriety Terrorizes Private English Club“He was sozzled and looked a bit worse for wear, shall we say.”
  13. hot shot
    Don’t Worry, Prince Harry Is Hard at Work Saving SquirrelsThinking very hard in a tent.
  14. The White House Squirrels Won the ShutdownMichelle Obama’s garden is rotting on the vine. 
  15. Bookshelf
    Steven Rinella Shares His Grilled Squirrel RecipeThe Brooklyn scavenger’s new book also advocates eating pigeons.
  16. girls
    Watch ‘Squirls,’ a Parody of Girls With SquirrelsPeter Scolari looks great!
  17. Feed the Animals
    Squirrels Ask for Food the Same Way They Ask for Sex“Give me food” and “give me sex” are expressed with the same handy sound.
  18. Rodents
    In Allston, Even the Rodents Eat WellA squirrel just hangs out, feasts on pizza.
  19. art
    Meet Winkelhimer Smith, the Squirrel Who PaintsWinkelhimer Smith prefers watercolors, chewing on acorns (just like any fine artist).
  20. neighborhood news
    East Villager Seeks Missing Baby SquirrelHow can we tell the difference between a missing squirrel and just, you know, a squirrel?
  21. video
    Officer Pepper Sprays Baby Squirrel, Enrages Middle SchoolersA Texas cop targeted a suspicious animal on a playground and caused outrage.
  22. Home Cookin'
    Completely Nuts: Watch a Squirrel Become DinnerIs cooking squirrel “positively ethical”?
  23. mysteries
    And of Course, the Squirrels?The strangest aspect of the entire James Lee saga.
  24. Mmm Beer
    Now You Can Drink Beer From a SquirrelPlus, a cult-favorite brewery comes to New York.
  25. photo op
    Happy Veterans Day, Everyone!Here’s why this picture of a squirrel holding an American flag is important.