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  1. very bad things
    As Many As 1.2 Million Cards May Have Been Compromised in Staples Data BreachBad news for teachers.
  2. photo ops
    And Now, a Picture of Mitt With Office SuppliesYou knew it was coming.
  3. trendlet
    Styling Staples: 55 Punch-Packing Pieces in Ten Great LooksEye-catching items for fall.
  4. Dunder Mifflin Has Become An Actual Real-Life Paper BrandWelcome back! In a strange crossover episode between The Office and Reality, Dunder Mifflin is now a real brand of paper from Staples-owned […]
  5. clickables
    Watch Jon Benjamin Wander Around Staples in a Staples ShirtTo be clear: He doesn’t actually work there.
  6. crime
    Manhattan’s Office Supplies Are No Longer SafeGang of four making a habit out of robbing Staples stores.