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  1. you’ve got mail
    The Package Pickup Business Coming to the Bodega Near YouFrustrated by package thefts, New Yorkers are turning to a growing list of startups and lockers to hold their online orders.
  2. how i got this business
    The New College Grad Giving Artists Their DueWhile still in school, Charlie Jarvis co-founded a tech platform to change how the art world works. It’s about time.
  3. the american way of death
    Disrupting the FuneralAre millennials killing the death industry?
  4. bean counters
    Is This the Future of New York’s Coffee Carts?High quality, low prices, lots of teal.
  5. keeping up with the royals
    Prince Harry Is a Newly Minted Start-up BroThe former royal is now Chief Impact Officer at a “unicorn employee coaching and mental health” company.
  6. profile
    Seduced by Start-up LandIn Uncanny Valley, Anna Wiener tries to find career fulfillment in start-up dystopia.
  7. self
    Peloton Is Spinning Faster Than EverThe company may have unwittingly created a fitness cult, but their business model is a little more complicated.
  8. home demolish
    Instagram Versus Reality at Failed Interior-Design Start-up HomepolishCEO Noa Santos raised $20 million in 2016. This week he told designers the company is out of money.
  9. technology
    A Cynic’s Guide to Killing It at StanfordMany of the 1,700 freshmen arriving in Palo Alto this September didn’t come for the Romantic poetry but to network, raise capital, and drop out.
  10. more like noped
    Mopeds Are Coming for New York CityAnybody with a driver’s license can rent a Revel moped. Which seems potentially dangerous.
  11. business
    How Did WeWork’s Adam Neumann Build a $47 Billion Company?Not by sharing.
  12. environment
    Moringas Are Very Good TreesAlmost the entire moringa tree is edible (and it’s a “superfood”), it makes a great soap, and it thrives in the grim climates of the future.
  13. global tech
    To Woo Investors, German Start-ups Adopt Silicon Valley Mind-setsCultural stigma around failure has led many in Berlin’s tech industry to avoid risk-taking behavior. Now, they’re trying to adopt a new mind-set.
  14. global tech
    Fake Pills, Long Waits: Start-ups Trying to Improve Health Care Around the WorldRural communities around the world face problems getting access to treatment. These companies think they can close the gaps.
  15. online groceries
    A New Online Grocer Helps Feed Hungry FamiliesThrive Market says it now helps feed over 1,000 families each month.
  16. murky waters
    Tech Companies Continue to ‘Innovate’ With New Tap-Water Subscription ServiceReefill charges a monthly fee for access to glorified water fountains.
  17. start-ups
    Latest Attempt to ‘Disrupt’ Bodegas Is a Self-Driving Corner Store on WheelsRobomart is trying to offer users a vast curbside array of produce and baked goods.
  18. ruff deal
    ‘Rooffee,’ the First Coffee for Dogs, Raises Plenty of QuestionsThat head-scratching name is just the first of many.
  19. select all
    Silicon Valley, Please Stay Away From My BodegaA new start-up promises to disrupt corner stores.
  20. meal kits
    Trendy New Meal-Kit Service Requires Buying a $400 ‘Smart Oven’Tovala thinks the future is baking everything in a Wi-Fi-enabled combi oven.
  21. select all
    Umbrella-Share Start-up: Please Stop Stealing Our UmbrellasAlmost all of the initial 300,000 umbrellas have disappeared in just a few weeks.
  22. select all
    Is Uber Evil, or Just Doomed?Sexual harassment, corporate-espionage charges, taking advantage of drivers: The company that practically courts bad PR is in an existential crisis.
  23. select all
    Why Silicon Valley Keeps Getting Biotechnology Wrong“Move fast and break things” doesn’t work when those “things” are research procedures, laws of science, and human bodies.
  24. safety pins
    These Women Started a Company to Teach White People How to Be Less RacistSafety Pin Box is a subscription service for the Trump era.
  25. Inside the Extra-Exclusive World of Boutique Egg-FreezingThe Silicon Valley take on the fertility clinic feels “more like a café” than a medical facility.
  26. Pet Owners Can Rejoice at Cat Wine TastingsFluffy can now decide if she wants the Mëow & Chandon or a Catbernet.
  27. money troubles
    Munchery Is the Latest Food-Delivery Start-up to Admit to StrugglingIt’s not the only one having a hard time.
  28. money troubles
    A New Report Shows Just How Hard the Food-Delivery Business Really IsA leaked document from Maple paints a revealing, and thought-provoking, portrait.
  29. This Organic Edible Coating Can Quintuple the Shelf Life of FruitApeel creates an “imperceptible” barrier from plant by-products that slows down decay.
  30. start-ups
    The ‘CHiP’ Promises to Be the Keurig of CookiesIt offers 27 types of ten-minute pod cookies.
  31. meal kits
    Blue Apron Shipped Food for 3 Years Without Proper Government ApprovalIt registered last month, three days after a damning report came out.
  32. It’s Called ‘the Crapper,’ and It’s Taking on a Giant Global ProblemDon’t take your toilet for granted.
  33. taking care of business
    How to Build a Successful Start-up That Isn’t All Hoodies and Long HoursThe two female founders of a new parenting app share why it’s important to build your company out of your own personal values.
  34. workers’ rights
    Second Blue Apron Warehouse Supposedly Plagued by Ongoing ViolenceA New York Post report claims Jersey’s distribution center is “a real fight club.”
  35. Did Blue Apron’s Fast Growth Create Sweatshoplike Conditions in Its Warehouse?A report says violence, safety violations, and low pay plague the meal-kit service’s Bay Area fulfillment center.
  36. magic mushrooms
    A Start-Up Invented a Way to Make Foods Less Sugary Using MushroomsMycoTechnology says fungi mask the bitter taste found in most sweet foods.
  37. women at work
    Female-Founded Start-ups Outperform All-Male OnesAmong other characteristics that influence start-up success.
  38. love in the time of venture capitalism
    Start-Up Helps You Buy Your Girlfriend’s LoveFor a mere $70 per month!
  39. Innovation
    Former White House Chef Sam Kass Has Joined a Silicon Valley Start-upHe’s now the “chief consumer experience officer” for Innit, a company that aims to make every American a better cook.
  40. Bursting Bubbles
    There’s Now an Ecofriendly Way to Carbonate SodaA Swiss start-up says it’s in the middle of finalizing deals with Big Soda.
  41. startups
    The U.S. Government Says Patients at Theranos Lab Are in ‘Immediate Jeopardy’The Silicon Valley lab has ten days to fix the issue.
  42. sex ed
    The Next Sexual Revolution Won’t Come in a PillWhy the “female Viagra” failed.
  43. reasons to love new york
    These Start-ups Had a Pretty Cool Post-It-Art WarTributes to Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Star Wars, and a two-story mural of a unicorn, vomiting a rainbow.
  44. tech
    They Were Quirky “I failed to see how any of us could know what a product scout from a company like GE or Mattel could know.”
  45. the sound of money
    Can This Start-up With Cellos Shake Up Classical Music’s Business-As-Usual?National Sawdust’s wild ambitions — artistic and financial.
  46. Crowd-Funding
    This Start-up Wants to Be the Uber of Grilled Cheese“We’re thinking drones.”
  47. leather forever
    Would You Wear ‘Leather’ Workout Pants?A new athleisure brand seeks to dress people for all hours of the day. 
  48. Startups
    Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson Are Crowd-Funding the Final $150K for TheirRené Redzepi thinks it’s a great idea.
  49. Glitter: The Best Way to Destroy Your EnemiesGlitter! Glitter! Muahahaha.
  50. Startups
    In-Home Chef Service Kitchit Raised $7.5 Million to Put Prix Fixe on More TablesIt will use funds to expand to more cities and beef up its same-day dinner service.
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