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  1. end times
    Girl, SameThe Statue of Liberty was struck by giant bolts of lightning — a relatable feeling, for many of us.
  2. vision 2020
    The Trump Campaign Is Considering Using Statues As Rally PropsAs he doubles down on defending the country’s racist past, Trump may bring statues of “America’s founding fathers” on the campaign trail.
  3. vandalism
    Frederick Douglass Statue Vandalized Over July 4th WeekendThe statue was torn down from its base in a Rochester park and found near the edge of a gorge.
  4. interesting times
    Andrew Sullivan: You Say You Want a Revolution?Even good and important causes can morph from an exercise in overdue reform into a radical political movement.
  5. monuments
    Teddy Roosevelt Statue Coming Down, Says Natural History MuseumThe statue has been criticized as racist for years.
  6. games
    The Confederate Monuments Culture War Comes to New YorkThe Yankees are having an easy reckoning over Kate Smith. But what happens when they have to confront the legacy of a real icon?
  7. jeff goldblum
    Life Finds a Way for a 25-Foot Statue of Jeff Goldblum to Appear in LondonIt’s a re-creation of the, uh, famous scene in Jurassic Park, you see.
  8. Vandals Went to Work on the Christopher Columbus Statue in Central ParkRed paint on his hands, and graffiti scrawled on the base of the statue.
  9. corporate feminism
    The Fearless Girl Statue Was Originally Supposed to Be a CowThe story of the bovine statue that could’ve been.
  10. moonage daydream
    David Bowie Fans Are Crowd-Fourcing a 3-Story-Tall $1.23M Memorial in LondonThe lightning-bolt statue would be placed in Brixton, South London.
  11. Italian Town Wants to Erect Statue of Trump in Its ‘Park of Honor and Dishonor’Donors have already raised $100,000.
  12. art du jour
    A Damn Fine Statue of Lemmy Kilmister Was Unveiled in Los AngelesAce of statues.
  13. birthday boy
    San Francisco Gave Tony Bennett a Statue for His 90th Birthday“That’s the most beautiful statue I have ever seen.”
  14. riri
    Modern Deity Rihanna Poses With Giant Headless Statue of HerselfIt was erected for the Berlin Biennale. 
  15. the replacements
    ‘Scary’ Lucille Ball Hometown Statue Finally Gets a Stunning ReplacementIt’s non-nightmare-inducing now!
  16. city politic
    In Queens, Former Site of Nude Male Statue to Be Dedicated to WomenOut with the old, as they say.
  17. monuments
    Central Park Doesn’t Have Any Statues of Actual Historical WomenThat could be changing soon, though.
  18. statues
    Life-Size Amy Winehouse Statue Unveiled in LondonThe singer passed away in 2011.
  19. works of art
    A Bunch of Women Are Funding This Dude’s Michelangelo-Themed Plastic SurgeryHe wants to look like the David.
  20. but is it art?
    Statue of Underdressed Man Terrorizes Wellesley CollegeArt in its underwear causes a campus mini-scandal.
  21. statues
    Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscar Was Whisked Away to Kentucky“My mom was like, ‘I’m taking it.’”
  22. neighborhod news
    Queens Hates Sexist Statue, Still Doesn’t Want Brooklyn to Have ItAnthony Weiner should have sold it when he had the chance.
  23. photo op
    What Do You Think of the New MLK Jr. Memorial in Washington, D.C.?It was unveiled today.
  24. clickables
    Support the Online Campaign for a RoboCop Statue in DetroitLearn more about the issues.
  25. art
    Watch Movers Drop a 100-Year-Old StatueBelgian workers were no match for the average-size monument.
  26. model tracker
    Where Nick Knight’s 30-Foot Naomi Campbell Statues Should GoNick Knight is making a few 30-foot tall statues of Naomi Campbell. We have some comical ideas about where they should go.
  27. the morning line
    Body Parts • Somebody cut off and stole George Washington’s head. A statue of the first president now stands nogginless at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, with a dollar bill proffered as a mocking replacement. Suspects include leftover British royalists, Republicans driven mad by post-election grief, and, of course, adorable scamps from the nearby Columbia campus. [NYP] • A city doctor is gearing up to do a uterus transplant, the country’s first (Saudi doctors did it once in 2000). Prospective recipients are being vetted right now. The transplant is meant to be temporary and last only through a pregnancy — still an ambitious goal. [NYDN] • The Democratic majority has its first scandal! Harlem’s own Charlie Rangel is apologizing to Mississippi for a little zinger he unleashed on it yesterday. The exact phrasing, to refresh your memory, was “Who the hell wants to live in Mississippi?” Apparently some people do, and some of those, like Representative Chip Pickering (R-Miss., natch), are issuing angry press releases. [amNY] • If you see something, say something: A black duffel casually dropped on Bensonhurst’s busy Shore Parkway has revealed an intact human body. The Times story is priceless for the colorful locals’ la-di-da reaction, which includes the phrase “This has always been a popular area for dumping bodies.” [NYT] • And, let’s just get this over with: The taxi fare hike is kicking in a full month sooner than expected, on November 30. Under new rules, the riders will pay the same rate for slow or stopped traffic as they do when the cab actually, you know, is taking them somewhere. [WNBC]