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  1. Trump Seems to Genuinely Want a Trade War With ChinaBeijing offered to cut its steel production. But Trump passed on the easy political win — insisting that only punitive tariffs would do.
  2. Bannon, Trump, and Pence Play ‘Nice! Not Nice!’ on ‘The President Show’Here’s a clip from last night’s President Show, where Anthony Atamanuik’s Trump is joined by Steve Bannon (John Gemberling) and Mike Pence […]
  3. What Donald Trump Did On His First Presidential Vacation▶️ We’ve had the time of our lives, and we owe it all to him.
  4. palace intrigue
    Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Says He Can Have Ivanka ‘Out by End of Year’According to reports, the editor thought he was emailing with Steve Bannon.
  5. palace intrigue
    As Steve Bannon Returns, Breitbart Launches New Attacks Against IvankaNew stories on the site recall Bannon’s threats to go “nuclear” on the First Daughter.
  6. President Trump Is More Isolated Than EverThe departure of Trump’s nationalist id, Steve Bannon, after a week in which he alienated other allies, will only increase attacks on the White House.
  7. Icahn Fired by Trump As Adviser, Then ResignsAnother Trump ally is gone.
  8. How Anthony Scaramucci — I Mean Steve Bannon — Got Fired▶️ We definitely didn’t recycle a video about Anthony Scaramucci.
  9. With Steve Bannon Gone, What Becomes of His Closest Allies?Sebastian Gorka and Julia Hahn could be the next staffers on their way out of the White House.
  10. Out of Trump’s White House, Steve Bannon Prepares to Become the ‘Barbarian’President Trump’s controversial senior strategist is planning his next act.
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    4chan Isn’t Dealing So Well With Steve Bannon’s White House ResignationRedditors, too.
  12. the national interest
    Steve Bannon’s Talent for DestructionA strategist’s one brilliant insight had become obsolete.
  13. Seth Meyers Takes “A Closer Look” at Steve Bannon Defending Trump After […]Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Night, where Seth Meyers takes “A Closer Look” at the fallout since Trump defended white supremacists and […]
  14. Why Did Bannon Bash His Colleagues, and Trump’s Policy, to a Liberal Journalist?Supposedly he thought the conversation was off the record — but is Trump’s embattled chief strategist really that naive?
  15. White House Wonders If It’s Safe to Fire Steve BannonMany of Trump’s closest allies want the Breitbart mastermind gone, while others reportedly worry about the “mischief” he could make in exile.
  16. last night on late night
    Anthony Scaramucci Defends Trump and Takes Potshots at Bannon on ColbertScaramucci says he’d fire Bannon if it were up to him.
  17. last night on late night
    Samantha Bee Explains Steve Bannon’s History With Trolls and World of WarcraftIt all starts with a gold-farming company.
  18. trump palace
    Trump and Kushner Push Back on Right-Wing Campaign to Fire McMaster, for NowEven the Russian Twitter bots have been piling on McMaster over the past week.
  19. The Best Quotes From Anthony Scaramucci’s Absolutely Bonkers New Yorker Rant“Reince is a f*cking paranoid schizophrenic.” And so much more.
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    Steve Bannon Has a Good Idea, Not That He’s Going to Do Anything About ItHow else do you stop the globalist Facebook conspiracy?
  21. niche drama
    This Week in Drama: Bieber Banned, Spicer Resigns, Bannon Talks TrashWe recap the pettiest squabbles, juiciest feuds, and other niche drama you didn’t know you were living for every week.
  22. insults
    Okay, Steve Bannon Roasted Paul Ryan Pretty HardWe’re not laughing, you’re laughing.
  23. select all
    Steve Bannon Learned How to Use Gamer Rage Via Gold Farming in World of WarcraftHow the “rootless white males” of World of Warcraft once inspired the White House chief strategist.
  24. politics
    Steve Bannon Is Out of Trump’s Doghouse and Leading the Charge Against MuellerWhy does the president double-down every time it seems like he should retreat? Because Bannon is still his chief tactician.
  25. niche drama
    This Week in Drama: Drake vs. Josh, Spicer Fat-Shamed, and a CIA Snack ScandalWe recap the pettiest squabbles, juiciest feuds, and other niche drama you didn’t know you were living for every week.
  26. John Gemberling Makes the Perfect Steve Bannon on Anthony Atamanuik’s ‘The […]Here’s a clip from last night’s President Show, where  John Gemberling joins Anthony Atamanuik and Peter Grosz as the one and only Steve Bannon […]
  27. Bannon: Press Briefings Were Moved Off Camera Because ‘Sean Got Fatter’Is government transparency under attack — or is Sean Spicer just being body-shamed?
  28. Sebastian Gorka on Reports of His White House Ouster: It’s ‘Very Fake News’Steve Bannon may have stepped in to save his former Breitbart colleague’s job.
  29. Trump Reportedly Leaning Toward Exiting Paris Climate DealThe U.S. may isolate itself from every other country so as to abandon a deal that doesn’t even legally restrain its right to pollute.
  30. the national interest
    Trump Isn’t a Pragmatist. He Doesn’t Understand Ideology.The president appealed to low-information voters because he is one.
  31. Watch a Reading of Steve Bannon’s Shakespearean Screenplay About the L.A. RiotsThe script combines Coriolanus and very loose interpretation of slang.
  32. alt-right
    Cuckolding’s Wild Journey From Porn to the West WingHow “cuck” explains the neurotically masculinist world of the alt-right.
  33. Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon Have Dueling White House WhiteboardsDysfunction between the president’s top advisers is only one of the tasty morsels in a wide-ranging Politico piece on the mess in the White House.
  34. money money money
    Did Steve Bannon Really Make $32 Million From Seinfeld?(Maybe not, according to The New Yorker.)
  35. The Alt-Right Is Debating Whether Bannon Needs a Better Press Strategy“He has a lot of friends out on the internet who love him, but we are all still waiting for him to unleash the beast.”
  36. politics
    Ivanka Trump Is Reportedly Encouraging the Anti-Bannon RevolutionTwo reports suggest Steve Bannon and the president are on the rocks in part because of the First Daughter.
  37. Steve Bannon’s Biblical FallThe White House chief strategist is being described as “doomed.” Is there a resurrection in his future?
  38. The Case for KleptocracyThe most effective check on President Trump’s worst instincts may be his family’s desire to subordinate public policy to the needs of their brand.
  39. trump administration
    The Trump Kids Appear to Be Pinning Their Hopes on Dad’s Elusive ‘Pivot’They’re said to be worried about how White House dysfunction affects their brand, not about Bannon’s ideology.
  40. What Is the Kushner Doctrine?The president’s son-in-law is reportedly trying to micromanage America’s foreign policy. And we have almost no idea what he believes in.
  41. feuds
    Trump Declines to Say He Supports Bannon, Declares, ‘I’m My Own Strategist’Despite reports of a truce with Jared Kushner, the chief strategist may still be on thin ice.
  42. roundup
    Reports: Fragile Peace Accord Reached in Bannon-Kushner WarAll quiet on the West Wing front?
  43. politics
    Jared Kushner Is More of an Economic Populist Than Steve BannonThe “globalist” wing wants to give Trump’s working-class voters subsidized family leave and child care. Bannon tried to kick them off of Medicaid.
  44. fact check
    Sean Penn Confirms: Steve Bannon was a ‘Bitter Hollywood Wannabe’ in the ’90sSean Penn says his one-time collaborator Steve Bannon is a “conniving hateful bloated punk who despises mankind.”
  45. Trump’s Syria Strike Is Latest Sign of Steve Bannon’s Waning InfluenceTwo sources close to Bannon say he argued against the strike, on the grounds it didn’t serve America’s interests.
  46. Both Bannon and Priebus Are Reportedly on Trump’s Chopping BlockMeanwhile, the battle between Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner rages.
  47. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Apologizes for Hurting Trump’s Feelings With President Bannon JokesPOTUS allegedly hates the perception that his chief strategist might secretly be in charge.
  48. the national interest
    Republicans Tearing Each Other to Pieces Over Trumpcare DebacleIt’s the Night of the Long Knives for the fine-tuned machine.
  49. Bannon Reportedly Threatened to Quit Over Removal From NSCHe’s been clashing with Jared Kushner, and the “President Bannon” meme is said to be getting to Trump.
  50. Bannon Kicked Off National Security CouncilThe right-wing radio host will no longer have a seat on one of the most powerful advisory councils on planet Earth.
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