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  1. lit parade
    Lisa Brennan-Jobs’s Memoir Is the Sleeper Critical Hit of the SeasonIn our second installment of Lit Parade, a look at a memoir by Steve Jobs’s daughter with literary chops that caught critics by surprise.
  2. select all
    How Steve Jobs Faked His Way Through Unveiling the iPhoneTen years ago today, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone to the world — and nobody at Apple was sure if the phone would survive the demo.
  3. Casual Fridays Infiltrate Men’s Fashion WeekNo suit? No problem.
  4. the disrupted
    Leon Wieseltier Teaming Up With Steve Jobs WidowIt will be a journal focusing on how technology affects our lives. 
  5. predictions
    Kate Winslet Predicts This Is Leo’s Oscar YearShe probably still feels guilty about that door thing.
  6. writers’ block
    Aaron Sorkin’s Pixar Movie for Steve Jobs Would Have Involved Talking Staplers“But I don’t have a second or a third act!”
  7. the month in movies
    This Month in Movies: October? More Like FloptoberIt wasn’t Hollywood’s finest 744 hours.
  8. chat room
    Jeff Daniels on Going Toe-to-Toe with Michael Fassbender in Steve Jobs“When you work with people who are at the top of their game, you’re in there exchanging punches.”
  9. movies
    Here Is Danny Boyle’s Promise That Trainspotting 2 Will Be Worth ItHe almost made a sequel ten years ago, but he knew the actors “would destroy it.”
  10. weekend box office
    Just How Bankable Is Aaron Sorkin at the Box Office?He makes high-profile movies, but does he make money?
  11. vulture remix
    Documentary Trailer Asks: Was Steve Jobs a Vampire Hunter?Find out in our latest Vulture Remix.
  12. in conversation
    How Aaron Sorkin Designed Steve Jobs“I knew that nothing else was going to matter to me if I couldn’t get past the manner in which Steve was a father.”
  13. box office
    Hugh Jackman Doesn’t Pan Out at Box OfficeEven Jackman’s rendition of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” couldn’t save the movie’s opening weekend.
  14. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: How Strong Are Steve Jobs and Bridge of Spies?Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence draws big buzz.
  15. movie review
    Steve Jobs Starts With Big Ambition, But Settles for Small DramaThe first act is a thing of beauty and the second, good enough. Shame about that third act, though.
  16. last night on late night
    Watch Conan’s Version of a Tech Biopic: Michael Dell“Don’t think different … think same!”
  17. vulture lists
    Ranking the Actors Who Played Steve Wozniak, From Worst to BestBut who’s the real Woz? Not even Woz himself, it turns out.
  18. party chat
    Aaron Sorkin Reunites With West Wingers, Sort OfWe willed it into existence with — but of course — a walk-and-talk.
  19. fighting words
    Aaron Sorkin Blasts Tim Cook for Calling Him ‘Opportunistic’Someone call Apple Care!
  20. trailer mix
    See a New Trailer for Sorkin’s Steve Jobs BiopicMmm, Jobs-y.
  21. movies
    Review: Steve Jobs: The Man in the MachineIt’s a skeptical essay, a meditation, a corrective.
  22. fall preview 2015
    Kate Winslet on Her Role in Steve JobsShe regaled us with the backstory and more during preparations for another chaotic production, a dinner party at home in England.
  23. trailer mix
    See Fassbender in the First Steve Jobs TrailerWritten by Aaron Sorkin.
  24. trailer mix
    Get Your First Look at Fassbender As Steve JobsCrushing it.
  25. Steve Jobs Yelled at Tim Cook When Cook Offered to Donate His Liver“Steve only yelled at me four or five times during the 13 years I knew him, and this was one of them.”
  26. castings
    Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Finalizes Its CastThe movie started filming this week.
  27. castings
    Katherine Waterston Takes a Lead Role in Universal’s Steve Jobs FilmShe’ll play Jobs’s first longtime girlfriend and partner, Chrisann Brennan.
  28. sony hack
    The Real Lesson of the Sony Hack: Good Movies Are Hard to Make!Any producer who can get films like No Country for Old Men or There Will Be Blood off the ground is entitled to a kind of artistic clemency.
  29. in development
    Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Biopic Is Back OnAfter Sony dropped it last week.
  30. movies
    Even the Studio Has Dropped Out of Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs BiopicThis project just can’t seem to land a leading man, director, or studio.
  31. movies
    Michael Fassbender Might Play Steve Jobs NowThe actor is in talks to star in Danny Boyle’s Jobs.
  32. movies
    Christian Bale Won’t Play Steve Jobs After AllBale has dropped out of Danny Boyle’s Jobs.
  33. oh russia
    Russia Removed a Monument to Steve Jobs Because Tim Cook Is GayJobs is gay by association.
  34. casting
    Seth Rogen Will Play Steve Wozniak in JobsHe’s following in the footsteps of Josh Gad.
  35. movies
    Christian Bale Will Play Steve Jobs, Will Allegedly ‘Crush It’Aaron Sorkin is writing the script based on Walter Isaacson’s biography.
  36. hairy situations
    The iPhone 6 Is Ruining Your Hair#iPhone6Probs.
  37. Leonardo DiCaprio Won’t Play Steve Jobs Christian Bale is back in the running.
  38. movies
    Danny Boyle and Leonardo DiCaprio in Talks for Steve Jobs MovieNow that David Fincher is out.
  39. standoffs
    David Fincher Might Not Direct That Jobs MovieSony doesn’t want to pay him $10 million up front.
  40. negotiations
    David Fincher Wants Christian Bale for His Jobs BiopicThey do look alike.
  41. discussions
    David Fincher in Talks for Sorkin’s Steve Jobs BiopicSocial Network 2! (Not really.)
  42. Steve Jobs Was the Big to Someone’s CarrieThe agony and the love-makin’ ecstasy of dating Steve Jobs.
  43. impressions
    Watch Bob Odenkirk Do His Best Steve JobsWould you buy the Thing?
  44. polls
    Princess Diana to Be Brought Back From the Dead FirstA Vanity Fair poll reveals celebrity reanimation priorities.
  45. truth police
    Fact-Check: How Jobs Nails Its Subject’s Genius, But Not His CharismaKevin Roose explains how it gets the “Asshole” right, but not his mysterious X factor.
  46. a father’s first father’s day
    Here Is What Kanye Got for Father’s Day, According to KanyeTwo broken mice? We hope it wasn’t the only gift he got.
  47. eckhaus latta
    Watch How a $200 Steve Jobs Sweatshirt Gets MadeNext-level fandom.
  48. trailer mix
    Jobs Trailer: What If Steve Jobs Looked Like Ashton Kutcher?Now out August 16.
  49. baby kimye
    Apple Founder Steve Wozniak Has Met North WestMaybe Kanye West really is Steve Jobs.
  50. Funny or Die Debuts ‘iSteve,’ Its First Full-Length Movie Comedy video website Funny or Die has released its first movie this morning. Called iSteve, it’s a comedic biopic of Steve Jobs starring […]
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