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    Steve Nash Couldn’t Handle the Nets’ ChaosAt least Brooklyn’s ousted head coach doesn’t have to deal with a star player posting about antisemitic movies anymore.
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    The Knicks Will Make an Offer for Steve Nash, Slim As Their Chances May BeHey, it’s worth a try.
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    What Does the Arbitration Win Mean for the Knicks?If it holds up, how exactly does the ruling that granted Jeremy Lin and Steve Novak early-Bird rights help the Knicks?
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    Steve Nash Isn’t Coming to the Knicks, PeopleSteve Nash, showing a little leg.
  5. basketball players playing soccer
    Rain, Marcin Gortat Can’t Stop Steve Nash in Chinatown ClassicNash, Grant Hill gung ho; Tony Parker less so.
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    Watch Nicki Minaj Give Steve Nash a Lap DanceHe was less than thrilled.
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    Arcade Fire: the Unofficial Indie-Rock Band of the NBATwo-time NBA MVP Steve Nash is now down with the crew.
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    Talking Bad Sports With The Nation’s Dave ZirinTalking with Dave Zirin, author of ‘Bad Sports.’
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    Steve Nash, Jason Kidd Play SoccerBasketball greats rally to play ball of a different kind, for charity.
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    Diddy-Diddling DenialKim Porter is in denial that Diddy is diddling Sienna Miller. (Also, his famous White Party is slated for September 2). Britney Spears was in a fender bender, after which she announced, “I’m a braniac!” On-again, off-again couple Marc Jacobs and Jason Preston are back on. Jeffrey Chodorow is keeping China Grill closed for a few extra days to get a new fridge and get rid of some insects. Phoenix Sun point guard Steve Nash got into a pickup soccer game at Central Park and scored two goals. The Freakanomics guys are moving their blog to the New York Times. Mort Zuckerman gets Harry Evan to help him write his weekly column in U.S. News. Chevy Chase found a $20 bill at a Hillary Clinton fund-raiser in the Hamptons. George Pataki is being considered for an ambassadorship.