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Stupid Crime Of The Day

  1. stupid crime of the day
    Karma to Thug: Do Not Attack Friends Who Hug YouSeems pretty clear, no?
  2. thwarted
    Chase Teller’s Rudeness Deters Another RobberIf this is company policy, it’s working.
  3. thwarted
    Indifferent Bank Teller Refuses to Take Robber Seriously“No, this is serious!”
  4. stupid crime of the day
    Gender-Bending Club Kid Bites Off Male Model’s EarJust another Sunday in New York City.
  5. stupid crime of the day
    Robber Makes One Mistake in Otherwise Flawless Theft of Security CameraThe stupid crime of the day.
  6. stupid crime of the day
    Woman Busted for Stealing $20, Shoving It Up ButtLet’s count the disgusting words and images from this bit of an entry in the ‘Post”s police blotter.
  7. stupid crime of the day
    Chris Simms’s Marijuana Denial Is Doobious, at BestWhen the NFL player said he “took four puffs,” he was talking about CIGARETTES, obviously.
  8. puppies!!!!!!
    Woman Sues NYPD After Getting Arrested and Spending Night in Jail for Taking Dog on Subway“A prostitute offered me a job!”
  9. stupid crime of the day
    Judge Believes Foxy Brown Really Can Resist Mooning Her EnemiesSome judges just really have faith in the strength of willpower.
  10. say it with flowers
    Flowers Were Just Robber’s Way of Saying Thank-YouThe man arrested for robbing a bank with a bouquet of flowers explains his rationale.
  11. say it with flowers
    Robber at Least Nice Enough to Bring FlowersHe wasn’t all bad.
  12. stupid crime of the day
    A Guy Named Maynard Is Abusing Trees in BrooklynHe has a reason, though!
  13. stupid crime of the day
    Hedge-Funder’s Wife Wastes Entire Bottle of Wine by Hitting Husband With ItThese people have no boundaries.
  14. stupid crime of the day
    Septuagenarian With Cane, Oxygen Tank Robs StoreAnd that’s not the best part of this story.
  15. stupid crime of the day
    Connecticut Priest Fakes Cancer, Embezzles Church Money for Male EscortsGod, priests are always secretly cancer-free, aren’t they?
  16. stupid crime of the day
    Cat Woman on the Loose in Manhattan!A woman in a cat mask is robbing high-end shops.
  17. stupid crime of the day
    Underpants-Clad Madman Steals Truck, Injures Two Young Girls“It was a fun day until this happened,” said one.
  18. stupid crime of the day
    If You Want to Off Your Husband, Don’t Just Ask Any Old Cabbie for HelpEven though it seems like the odds are probably good he’d help you.
  19. stupid crime of the day
    Tween Punks Roaming in Central ParkDoes it count as “wilding” if you are in the eighth grade?
  20. stupid crime of the day
    Sometimes Love Makes You Steal a BusDuane Snipes had an excuse, seriously. Several of them.
  21. stupid crime of the day
    We Think We Would Have Really Liked Late Vanderbilt Heir Carter BurdenHis motto used to be: “You can never be too thin, too rich, or have too many books.”
  22. stupid crime of the day
    Staten Island Yankees Pitching Coach Probably Really Regrets Flaunting That World Series RingNot only did it get stolen, but it also meant that he was just famous enough to get mentioned in the ‘Post.’
  23. stupid crime of the day
    Teenage Orgy at Upstate Prison Under ScrutinyApparently, inviting underage girls and prostitutes into prison for a party is NOT a good idea.
  24. stupid crime of the day
    Why Doesn’t Stuff Like This Ever Happen When We’re in the Library?A dude busted for drinking vodka in the Greenpoint branch went nuts earlier this week.
  25. stupid crime of the day
    Deliveryman Arrested for Hoarding MailCue ‘Seinfeld’ jokes.
  26. stupid crime of the day
    93-Year-Old Mobster Busted for Shaking Down Strip JointsAlso, the oldest woman in the world died.
  27. stupid crime of the day
    Harlem Pizza Guy Fights Off Gun-Toting BurglarsAnd still delivers pies!
  28. marital bliss
    Marrying a Gay Man for a Green Card Apparently Not That AwesomeTV lied to us!
  29. stupid crime of the day
    Robber and Person He’s Trying to Rob Have Polite, Awkward InteractionA heartwarming New York story.
  30. hero grannies
    Granny Basher Busted!A homeless man who beats up old people in pharmacies was nabbed by cops this weekend.
  31. stupid crime of the day
    Fake Hasidim Busted in Complicated, Dumb Diamond-Heist PlotIt’s right out of the only good Guy Ritchie movie ever made!
  32. stupid crime of the day
    Ornery Cab Driver Busts Bank Robber by Just Being HimselfThese people are heroes.
  33. school daze
    Girl Arrested for Doodling on DeskThe NERVE of kids these days.
  34. stupid crime of the day
    Manhattan Model Offers Cops Oral Sex in Exchange for Getting Off [Updated]Which is not exactly the usual order of operations.
  35. stupid crime of the day
    Jail Chaplain Busted for Sneaking Blades Into PrisonAn imam who ministers to inmates in lower Manhattan turned out to be more than met the eye.
  36. stupid crime of the day
    The Inner Monologue of a Bank Thief Getting Ready to Impersonate Paul SimonThis actually happened.
  37. stupid crime of the day
    Crown Heights Man Wreaks Revenge on Chatty CathyThis is either a loss for the city’s reputation, or a victory for all of those who just wish that crazy person on the subway would SHUT UP.
  38. stupid crime of the day
    Robber Forgets to Put On Mask Until Halfway Through RobberySome people are just not detail-oriented.
  39. neighborhood news
    Weed Farm Burns Down in the BronxIn related news, every deli within a five-block radius is now sold out of Combos.
  40. stupid crime of the day
    Phone-Book Kidnappers BustedThree men who kidnapped a man with the same name as their intended target are now behind bars.
  41. neighborhood news
    Harlem Youths Develop Product That Freshens Breath While You HallucinateGenius.
  42. stupid crime of the day
    Lexus-Stealing Cokeheads Have Crisis of Conscience“I said I got a conscience, why are you stealing these cars at Christmas?”
  43. stupid crime of the day
    Memo to Car Thieves: Learn to Drive StickOr better yet, don’t.
  44. stupid crime of the day
    Red Sox Robber Busted!It was time to give up, anyway.
  45. stupid crime of the day
    Halloween This Year Incited Random Acts of ViolenceA few of the reported crimes from this weekend have one thing in common.
  46. stupid crime of the day
    When Robbing Bergdorf, Always Have an Exit StrategyOr any strategy, really.
  47. stupid crime of the day
    Taxi and Pedicab Drivers in Awesome Times Square BrawlCaught on tape: plumber’s butt, in combat!
  48. second stupid crime of the day
    Major Mackerel in Samurai Sword Attack!“It’s a Jamaican thing.”
  49. stupid crime of the day
    Leib Glanz Is Our New Favorite Sketchy RabbiThe fun never stops with this guy.
  50. stupid crime of the day
    When Trying to Sell Your Stolen Painting, Leave Out the ‘Stolen’ PartThis is a mistake a Brooklyn couple likely won’t make again.
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