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  1. Why Subway Countdown Clocks Are a Balm for the SoulAn ally in the waiting game.
  2. voyeurism
    Why I Love Watching People Do Their Makeup on the SubwayIt’s a moment of sisterhood in a long commute.
  3. select all
    Woman Turning Her Fingernail Into MetroCard Is the Only Good Body HackJust hold up a finger and you’re on your way.
  4. Print’s Not DeadThat’s one way to deal with a lack of Wi-Fi.
  5. horrible things
    Woman Stabbed to Death on the Subway After Rebuffing the Man She Was DatingOn an afternoon Chicago Red Line train.
  6. Last Meals
    Man Vows to Eat Worst Subway Sandwich Invented by RedditorsSuggestions so far include a meatball-and-tuna concoction, and just salt on wheat bread.
  7. counter-terrorism
    DHS Will Test Bioterror Airflow in NYC SubwayNontoxic gases and particles will be released throughout the system this week in order to simulate a terrorist attack using a chemical or biological agent.
  8. select all
    The Definitive Guide to NYC Subway Instagram AccountsBecause your Instagram feed needs a little bit of “morning commute” in it.
  9. The Chain Gang
    America Finally Realizing Subway’s Sandwiches Aren’t Very GoodThe chain is closing hundreds of stores and has announced revenue dropped for the second year in a row.
  10. The Chain Gang
    Subway Says Half-Naked Sandwich Artist Doesn’t Actually Work for ThemMaybe don’t ask this guy for a foot-long.
  11. stand clear of the closing doors
    See Manspreading Ads From Around the WorldA study in subway etiquette across states and borders.
  12. Hillary Clinton Struggles With Subway TurnstileWelcome to the struggle, Hillary.
  13. The Chain Gang
    Jared Fogle Got a Prison Job Making SandwichesThe irony of the new gig reportedly thrilled the guards.
  14. subway week
    Dogs Have Been Delaying Trains for 111 YearsA brief history of adorable subway delays.
  15. subway week
    Severed Legs, Sick Passengers, and Other Tales From the SubwayAnd other stories from the MTA.
  16. subway week
    How a Single Mechanical Failure Sparked 625 MTA DelaysA problem at Union Square cascaded into hours of underground hell, revealing just how fragile the subway really is.
  17. mta
    One Day, 625 DelaysA mechanical failure at Union Square cascaded into hours of underground hell, revealing just how fragile the subway really is.
  18. The Chain Gang
    There’s a Subway Sandwich Shop Every 5 Frickin’ Blocks in ManhattanThat’s probably too many.
  19. What Happens If There’s No L Train for a Year?Working out the details.
  20. The Chain Gang
    Say Good-bye to Subway’s $5 FootlongIt’s raising the price of its most famous sandwich deal to $6.
  21. scary things
    6 People Have Been Slashed in the Subway So Far This YearThe latest attack happened in Harlem early on Sunday morning.
  22. Amid a Rash of Subway Slashings, an Act of Grandma Solidarity Leads to an ArrestHis girlfriend’s grandmother turned him in.
  23. Woman Slashed in Face on 6 Train Near Bleecker StreetA commute from hell.
  24. Subway Skin Doctor Jonathan Zizmor Gets Off the Train for GoodThe dermatologist with the kitschy subway ads has closed his New York office.
  25. Comebacks
    Subway Is Trying Really, Really Hard to Change the ConversationThe chain’s new advertisements play up the ideas of freshness and nostalgia.
  26. Sick Passengers Caused 3,000 Train Delays Per Month in NYC This YearMany were vomiters.
  27. awful things
    Jared Fogle Gets More Than 15 Years in PrisonThe former Subway pitchman told the courtroom that he owes “a huge apology to the people who supported me and my positive messages the last 15 years.”
  28. verifiably late
    129,000 Subway Riders Requested Late-for-Work Excuse Slips From MTA Last YearDelays are up, and so are requests for official delay-verification forms.
  29. awful things
    Ex-Cop Kills Ex-Lover, Jumps in Front of SubwayHe threw himself in front of an A train in Washington Heights.
  30. The Chain Gang
    Subway’s Meat Will Continue to Contain Antibiotics for Another DecadeChicken and turkey go drug-free sooner, but for pork and beef it’s 2025.
  31. Lawsuits
    Subway Agrees to Measure Its Footlong Subs to Ensure They’re Actually aThe long national nightmare of the 11-inch sandwich is finally over.
  32. Lawsuits
    Subway Allegedly Fired a Worker for Being HIV-PositiveThe manager’s logic was, reportedly, “What if you cut yourself?”
  33. subway
    B and 5 Train Commuters Awarded New Right to Complain A new report says those lines are NYC’s worst. 
  34. RIP
    Subway Co-founder Fred DeLuca Has DiedHe was battling leukemia.
  35. stand clear of the closing doors
    Take a Look Inside the New 34th Street-Hudson Yards Subway StationThe 7-train extension finally opened on Sunday.
  36. still waiting...
    Only 52 Years Until Subway Is in Great ShapeThe wait will be over before you know it!
  37. PR Nightmares
    Subway May Have Been Warned About Jared As Early As 2008A franchise owner claims she tried complaining about him.
  38. stand clear of the closing doors
    Woman Attacks Subway Rider for Invading Her Personal SpaceThe incident took place on the A train.
  39. it's getting hot in here
    The Subway Platform in One Manhattan Station Was 107 Degrees YesterdayWoe to commuters waiting for the 6 train at Brooklyn Bridge–City Hall.
  40. The Chain Gang
    Even Dairy Queen Thinks It Can Make a Better Sandwich Than SubwaySandwich drama.
  41. Woman Walking Cat on a Leash Causes Subway DelaysWhen in doubt, don’t take the cat out.
  42. very sad things
    Jared From Subway Caught Up in Child-Porn ProbeThe feds are at his house.
  43. Watch 3 Corporate Dudes Go ‘Out to Lunch’Hey, you look hungry. For some comedy. Or food. Either way, you should check out Out to Lunch – a new series about featuring comedian Kyle […]
  44. only in new york?
    The Walking Dead’s Chad Coleman Screamed at Some NYC Subway Riders He might have had his reasons, though.
  45. Man Flees Pee, Then Pleas to Be Freed From FineA man files a petition with the Brooklyn Supreme Court to fight a ticket for moving between subway cars.
  46. stand clear of the closing doors
    Today New York’s Finest Are a Group of Vacationing Swedish CopsThey broke up a bloody brawl on the 6 train.
  47. Sandwich Artists
    Subway Made a Marcus Mariota Sculpture With Lunch Meat, and It’sAll because he signed an endorsement deal.
  48. The Chain Gang
    Starbucks Outsells Every Fast-Food Restaurant Except McDonald’sSo many Frappuccinos.
  49. shootings
    Police: Ex-Correction Officer Fatally Shoots Man in Borough Hall Subway StationAfter an altercation on the train.
  50. stand clear of the closing doors
    See Courtesy Campaign Ads From the ’40s and ’50sThese “Subway Sun” ads were way harsher than today’s red and green people.
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