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Sugar Daddies

  1. romance
    Sugar Daddy Lite: Trading Dinner for Dates?A handful of (male) entrepreneurs commodify the traditional first date.
  2. smut-down
    Company Offers Free Vibrators During the Government ShutdownOr as we will now call it, “the Government Smutdown.”
  3. sugar daddies
    Koch Brothers Spent Even More Than Previously Thought on ElectionThey had another shadowy group.
  4. father's day
    The Daddy Matrix: Sugar, Warbucks, Leather, PuffPapa Bear, Papa John’s, Bob Papa.
  5. daddy issues
    Rise of the ‘Daddies’: A New (and Sexy) Gay NicheIn the ongoing effort of homo-taxonomy, a porny compliment has entered the mainstream.
  6. confessions
    How to Find Your Own Sugar Daddy (Like I Did)“I have to quit — but I dread the thought of reverting back to a bodega-based diet.”
  7. gross guys
    Where to Find a Sugar DaddyOn the Internet and/or at a hotel bar, obviously.
  8. white men with money
    Sugar Baby Couple Pleads GuiltyThe Ohio couple that targeted a Greenwich financier for blackmail over his online sexual assignations pleaded guilty yesterday.
  9. white men with money
    Greenwich Financier Stephen Dent Teaches Us About When Gold-Digging Becomes a CrimeIt’s an important lesson that should really only have to be learned once.