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  1. art
    A Few Suggestions for Andrew Cuomo’s Next PosterThe poster to commemorate his State of the State address is a good first draft, but it could use some improvements.
  2. the cut opinion pages
    The Email ‘Attach’ and ‘Link’ Buttons Should Be Easier to Tell ApartA plea for the digital age.
  3. suggestions
    19 More Titles for More Avatar SequelsAvatar: Return of What’s-His-Name and Who’s-Her-Face.
  4. suggestions
    J.Crew Would Like Your Old Coats, PleaseFeel free to buy a new one while you’re at it.
  5. bella thorne’s 19 cats
    Can Bella Thorne Actually Name Each of Her 19 Cats?It’s just so many.
  6. suggestions
    How All Doctors Should BeStop acting like I’m a regular mortal, please.
  7. suggestions
    Found-Footage Movies Are Getting Tired — Here Are 5 Ways to Keep the Genre FreshHow about casting some well-known actors?
  8. Please Don’t Be Miley Cyrus for HalloweenA respectful request.
  9. suggestions
    5 Ideas for a Modern Hercule Poirot MysteryDeath on the Hyperloop, etc.
  10. suggestions
    Davidson: New Classical Music Suggestions for Hollywood VillainsIt’s time to retire Beethoven’s Fifth as the psycho soundtrack.
  11. suggestions
    Forget Whodunnit?: Give Us More Agatha ChristieIt is her time.
  12. suggestions
    Mean-Girl Music: 5 Songs to Replace Sleigh BellsWe need a new bad-girl music cue.
  13. suggestions
    John Darnielle Has Some Important Thoughts on the Bieber-Paparazzi Scuffle “Don’t be an asshole.”
  14. suggestions
    Vulture’s 2013 Career Resolutions for Kyle ChandlerNo more desk jobs (in movies).
  15. rich kids
    Eleven Ways Kimye Can Profit From Their BabyWhen it comes to money, and when it comes to fame.
  16. suggestions
    Aaron Sorkin Should Take His Rom-Com Talents Back to MoviesHe could save them.
  17. suggestions
    Vulture’s Dos and Don’ts for Adults Going Back to High School UndercoverDO throw parties. DON’T date students.
  18. break-ups
    Vulture Imagines Katy Perry’s First Breakup SongLet the healing begin.
  19. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Has a Favorite PhraseIt’s very suggestive.
  20. suggestions
    Vulture’s Five-Step Plan to Break Sofia Vergara Out of the Charo MoldNo more accent jokes!
  21. suggestions
    The Flash Mob, and Other Pop-Culture References That Need an Early RetirementA polite request.
  22. Booze News
    State Liquor Authority: ‘How We Doin’?’The SLA wants to hear what you think of it.
  23. suggestions
    Can Doctor Strange Be the Next Iron Man?Yes.