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  1. crime
    Woman Convicted in Texting-Suicide Case to Be Released EarlyMichelle Carter, who was convicted of urging her boyfriend to kill himself over text, is getting out of jail tomorrow.
  2. crime
    A 21-Year-Old Woman Is Accused of Pushing Her Boyfriend to Kill HimselfInyoung You was charged with manslaughter after her boyfriend died by suicide. She insists she didn’t urge him to do it — but prosecutors disagree.
  3. science of us
    Teen Suicide Is Now a Public Health CrisisThe suicide rate jumped 56 percent over the past ten years.
  4. jeffrey epstein
    Everything We Know About Jeffrey Epstein’s DeathAttorney General Barr announced that he’s removed the acting Bureau of Prisons chief in the wake of Epstein’s death by suicide.
  5. crime
    Five Suicides Linked to Frat Bro Fascinated With DeathA former Truman State University student is accused of giving “advice on how to commit suicide” to his frat brothers who killed themselves.
  6. 13 reasons why
    Netflix Edits 13 Reasons Why’s Graphic Depiction of Suicide in Season One FinaleSince its debut in March 2017, the series has received criticism for its onscreen portrayal of teen suicide.
  7. profile
    Kristen Arnett, Queer Meme Master, Does Not Want to Explain Ravioli to YouThe internet’s favorite librarian talks about her debut novel, Mostly Dead Things.
  8. mental health
    Teen Suicide Rate Increased Following the Release of ‘13 Reasons Why’A new study suggests the Netflix show may have contributed to the spike in teen suicide rates.
  9. obituaries
    Father of Sandy Hook Victim Found Dead by Apparent SuicideThe news comes days after two teenage survivors of the Parkland shooting died by apparent suicide.
  10. power
    Another Parkland Student Has Died by an Apparent SuicideHis death comes just days after news broke that another survivor of the school shooting took her own life.
  11. obituaries
    Parkland Survivor Sydney Aiello Has Taken Her Own Life“It breaks my heart that we’ve lost yet another student from Stoneman Douglas.”
  12. health
    Paris Jackson Is Denying Reports She Was Hospitalized for Suicide Attempt“Fuck you you fucking liars.”
  13. crime
    Teen Who Urged Her Boyfriend to Kill Himself Over Text Is Going to JailMichelle Carter will serve 15 months for involuntary manslaughter.
  14. science of us
    My Life As a Suicide Text Line VolunteerAs told by a 20-something graduate student.
  15. science of us
    Three Identical Strangers Is the Best Documentary I’ve Ever HatedIt’s ultimately infuriating.
  16. loss
    A Mother Considers Her Son’s Final ThoughtsAnd a type of suicide we don’t fully understand.
  17. Anthony Bourdain and the ‘Silent Epidemic of Male Suicide’Why the TV host and author’s untimely death was uniquely gut-wrenching for men his age.
  18. science of us
    Suicide Is on the Rise — Especially Among WomenThough men and boys have higher rates overall, the rates for women are climbing fast.
  19. science of us
    If You Think a Friend Might Be Suicidal, AskDon’t let your anxiety or worries about triggering someone hold you back.
  20. science of us
    New Research Shows Suicide Rates Are on the RiseIn more than half the country, the suicide rate has spiked by more than 30 percent over the last 20 years.
  21. disclaimers
    13 Reasons Why Season Two Now Warns Some Viewers Not to Watch the Show“If you are struggling with these issues yourself, this series may not be right for you.”
  22. gig economy
    The Tragic End to a Longtime Black-Car Driver’s Campaign Against UberHopelessly outmatched by ride-sharing apps, Doug Schifter took his own life to publicize the plight of his fellow workers.
  23. mental health
    Suicide at Elite Fashion School Casts Doubt on Rigorous CurriculumThe academy is the alma mater of Dries Van Noten and Demna Gvasalia.
  24. the harvey weinstein fallout
    Rose McGowan Breaks Her Silence on Former Manager’s Suicide“The bad man did this to us both.”
  25. logan paul
    Logan Paul on Suicide Video Backlash: ‘I Am a Good Guy Who Made a Bad Decision’Logan Paul is speaking out on Good Morning America.
  26. rip
    Golden Krust Founder Found Dead of Apparent SuicideLowell Hawthorne, who started the chain in 1989, was 57.
  27. Study Finds More and More Young Girls Are Self-HarmingThe spike correlates with rising teen depression and suicide.
  28. deaths
    Rosie O’Donnell’s Ex-Wife, Michelle Rounds, Reportedly Dies of Suicide“I am saddened to hear about this terrible tragedy. Mental illness is a very serious issue affecting many families.”
  29. suicide
    Chester Bennington Collaborators Downplay Connection to Chris Cornell’s Suicide“It’s kindling, but the fire was already burning.”
  30. Woman Who Urged Her Boyfriend to Commit Suicide Sentenced to 2.5 Years in PrisonShe’ll serve 15 months now, and the rest of her sentence will be suspended until August 2022.
  31. transgender rights
    LGBTQ Suicide Hotline Reports a ‘Dramatic Spike’ in Calls From Transgender YouthThe contacts increased after Trump’s anti-trans military tweets.
  32. The Disturbing Link Between Frequent Nightmares and Suicide RiskMultiple studies have found a connection between chronic bad dreams and suicide or self-harm.
  33. mental health
    13 Reasons Why May Have Led to an Uptick in Suicide AttemptsNewly published research examined Google search-term data for clues about the show’s impact, and found some scary stuff.
  34. mental health
    13 Reasons Why Likely Led to an Uptick in Suicide AttemptsNewly published research examined Google search-term data for clues about the show’s impact, and found some scary stuff.
  35. linkin park
    Linkin Park’s Website Now Includes Suicide-Prevention ResourcesLead singer Chester Bennington died last week in an apparent suicide.
  36. Blac Chyna Claims Rob Kardashian Made Repeated Suicide Threats in New Legal Docs“I take his threats seriously because he showed me his gun at his house.”
  37. Woman Who Urged Her Boyfriend to Kill Himself Found Guilty of ManslaughterMichelle Carter sent her boyfriend, Conrad Roy, numerous texts urging him to kill himself.
  38. crime
    Man Who Committed Suicide May Have Taken Cues From 13 Reasons WhyFranco Alonso Lazo Medrano of Peru reportedly left behind prerecorded tapes for a list of people.
  39. How 13 Reasons Why Compares to ’80s Pop Culture About Teen SuicideThis is not the first time TV has tackled the issue so directly.
  40. 13 reasons why
    Netflix Is Adding More Trigger Warnings to 13 Reasons Why Amid BacklashThere will now be a disclaimer before the first episode and more specific warnings throughout the show.
  41. 13 reasons why
    13 Reasons Why Writer Pens Essay Defending Its Graphic Depiction of SuicideSome mental-health professionals have argued that showing the act in detail is dangerous.
  42. Sheila Abdus-Salaam, First Black Judge on N.Y.’s Top Court, Found Dead in RiverShe was also the nation’s first female Muslim judge.
  43. An LGBTQ Suicide-Hotline Volunteer on Talking to Trans Youth in Trump’s America“The biggest thing I’ve learned is that it makes such a difference for them to just have a safe place to talk.”
  44. An Unusual Anti-Suicide Partnership Targeting Gun Shops Is Ramping UpIt will be a while before we have any data on its effectiveness, but this looks like a smart harm-reduction program.
  45. charlie sheen
    Charlie Sheen Contemplated Suicide After Receiving HIV-Positive Diagnosis“Like all of us, some days are better than others.”
  46. Why It’s So Hard to Predict SuicideA new meta-analysis shows that suicide researchers have a long way to go – and that suicide is a really complicated phenomenon.
  47. suicide
    Here’s an Encouraging Partnership to Reduce Gun SuicidesFor a complicated public-health problem like gun suicides, it’s important to get everyone — including gun-shop owners — on the same page.
  48. A Suicide Hotline Volunteer on Talking to LGBTQ Teens After the ElectionHis hotline received more calls than ever after Trump won.
  49. A School Threatened to Punish Students Who Discussed Their Suicidal ThoughtsAn investigation from a free-speech group revealed a really counterproductive, potentially dangerous policy at Northern Michigan University.
  50. lawsuits
    Jim Carrey Sued Over Girlfriend’s SuicideWhite’s husband says Carrey obtained prescription drugs under a false name.
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