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  1. summer lovin'
    Exciting News for Leo DiCaprio, Prince of SummerThe Super Soaker is back.
  2. recommended by experts
    The Best Women’s Clothes That Hide Sweat, According to StylistsFor heat waves, hot offices, and general sweatiness.
  3. grub guides
    Where to Find Sunny, Surprisingly Creative Lemonade Right NowThere’s no better way to spend the dog days of summer.
  4. micro sales
    The 15 Best Dresses From Anthropologie’s Dress SaleIncluding summer- and fall-appropriate styles from its house collection and brands such as Faithfull.
  5. painless shopping
    Sixteen Unusual Pool Floats (Under $20) to Ride Out the Dog Days of SummerNo unicorns, swans, or pizza slices to be found.
  6. at the greenmarket
    The Plight of the Tristar StrawberryIs New York’s preeminent berry going the way of the woolly mammoth?
  7. recommended by experts
    The Best Beach Games for Adults, According to Toy-Store OwnersBeach bocce, anyone?
  8. micro sales
    A Bunch of Dresses (in Fabrics Made to Beat Heat) Are On Sale at LululemonMade with materials designed to keep you dry and comfy, these dresses’ prices were slashed just as summer’s hottest stretch sets in.
  9. 2020 elections
    Stop Running for President and Enjoy SummerDrop out now and go to the beach, why not.
  10. summer
    Summer MoodNine writers on the photos, memes, and videos that encapsulate their Summer Mood.
  11. trust me i should know
    The 5 Portable Grills I Use for Camping, Tailgating, and Even Fine DiningIncluding propane, charcoal, electric, and open-fire grills for cooking up a feast just about anywhere.
  12. ask a cool person
    What Are the Cutest Swimsuits for Kids?“I’m a sucker for stripes.”
  13. beach bummer
    Just How Filthy Is Your Favorite Beach?A friendly reminder that your beach trip might be filled with sewage.
  14. obsessions
    Can an Ice Cream Sundae Show Us True Perfection?Nick Morgenstern is chasing the Platonic ideal.
  15. we tried this
    5 Women Test Out Lululemon’s New Moisturizer for Sweaty FacesOver the course of one incredibly sweaty week.
  16. the cut opinion pages
    A Case Against SunglassesWe wear them wantonly.
  17. not a dumb question
    Do Fans Work on Dogs?The answer is more complicated than you might think.
  18. recommended by experts
    What Are the Best Reef-Safe Sunscreens?Including a tinted moisturizer with SPF and a spray-on option.
  19. recommended by experts
    The Best Powder Sunscreens, According to DermatologistsIncluding tinted, translucent, and reef-friendly options.
  20. recommended by experts
    The Best Swim Gear for Babies, According to Swim InstructorsEverything you need to get your little one in the water.
  21. recommended by experts
    The Best Treatments for Sunburn, According to DermatologistsIncluding gels, lotions, creams — and some products you probably already have in your pantry.
  22. recommended by experts
    What Are the Best Sunscreens?Ten all-purpose sunscreens to slather on at the beach, before a backyard barbecue, or stash in the glove compartment.
  23. recommended by experts
    The Best Window Air Conditioners, According to ExpertsIncluding the so-called “king of air conditioners.”
  24. people's choice
    The Best Snow-Cone Machines on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“Obviously it won’t put out the quantity of ice the commercial machine does, but the quality of the shaved ice is very close.”
  25. influencers
    Ice Cream Truck Takes Brave Stand Against InfluencersA devastating blow for those wishing to take summer-aesthetic photos.
  26. grub guides
    Where to Eat Strawberries Right This Very SecondIt’s peak season for these 16 stunning dishes.
  27. recommended by experts
    The Best Things (Besides Your Hands) for Eating Lobster, According to ChefsJust add melted butter.
  28. collabs
    A Size-Inclusive Collection That Feels Like SummerFrom influencer Katie Sturino.
  29. please advise
    Ask Chris Black: What Stuff Do You Always Bring to the Beach?Plus: Baseball caps for practically every personality and occasion.
  30. grub guides
    The Perfect Beach Wines for Summer, According to 14 Wine ExpertsGrab a towel and get to it.
  31. lifestyle advice
    It Isn’t a New York Summer Without Peanut Butter IceLike the city itself, the peanut butter ice is oddly perfect.
  32. some love
    Leo DiCaprio’s One True Love, Summer, Has Turned on HimThe Oscar-winning actor got smacked in the head by a volleyball.
  33. trust me i should know
    The 11 Things I Always Bring to the Beach (and I’ve Gone Weekly for 16 Years)Including some weirdly stylish waterproof Crocs and a superlight cooler.
  34. people's choice
    The Best Pool Floats on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic ReviewersSure those unicorns are everywhere, but what’s the very best of the unicorns?
  35. not a professional. just crazy.
    This (Cruelty-Free) Bronzer Gives Me a Perfect Tan Without Stepping Into the SunIt makes me look as if I spent just the right amount of time outside (even on days when I never leave the house).
  36. grub guides
    The Grub Guide to the Summer’s Can’t-Miss Food FestivalsA massive food market in the Bronx, a festival dedicated entirely to cider, the latest edition of an Afrocentric jollof competition, and more.
  37. now smell this
    12 Fragrances That Smell Like SummerThey all evoke specific warm-weather moments, from a beach nap at sunset to clippings in the kitchen sink.
  38. ask a cool person
    What Is the Best Bikini?According to a panel of more than two dozen women.
  39. ask a cool person
    What Is the Best Bikini?According to a panel of more than two dozen women.
  40. sewage
    The Surf Lodge Bathroom Situation Was Very Dire, and Maybe Polluted a PondThe Montauk “hot spot” reportedly had a bad bathroom situation until recently.
  41. celebrity
    Drake Has Abs and a Boeing 767He’s ready for summer!
  42. people's choice
    The Best Beach Bags on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“Never thought I’d find the perfect bag, but here it is!”
  43. compulsive shopping
    I Can’t Stop Buying Popsicle MoldsIncluding silicone, stainless steel, plastic, and novelty molds.
  44. people's choice
    The Best Floor Fans on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic ReviewersWe are fans of these fans.
  45. battle royale
    Which Celebrity Had the Best Summer on Instagram?Was it Jonah Hill, Martha Stewart, or Lindsay Lohan?
  46. over easy
    I Tried to Make Fancy Summer Popsicles and Ruined ThemThe perfect summer treat, even if everything goes wrong.
  47. best of new york
    The Absolute Best Rooftop Bars in New YorkWhen you need a well-made drink with a breathtaking view to match.
  48. the perfect candle
    The Perfect Candle to Remember That ‘Early Summer’ ScentDiptyque’s “Tilleul” is a classic warm-weather scent, good for reminiscing.
  49. weird things we love
    This Inflatable Bull Is Always the Biggest Hit at My Pool PartiesMore family-friendly than its mechanical cousin.
  50. time off
    The Case for Restaurant Summer VacationThe European practice is rare in America; it shouldn’t be.
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