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    It Was-a Him, MarioThe namesake for Nintendo’s flagship character has died.
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    The 12-Year Struggle to Shave Seconds Off Super Mario Bros. SpeedrunsIt took 12 years to beat the classic NES game Super Mario Bros., 14 seconds faster than before.
  3. The Nintendo Switch Makes Console-Style Gameplay MobileNintendo’s ambitious new console does not disappoint.
  4. Here’s What Mario Is Going to Look Like on Your PhoneThrow it back!
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    Japanese Prime Minister Closes Olympics Dressed As Super MarioShinzo Abe even rocked the overalls.
  6. editors picks
    What New York Magazine Editors Will Be Gifting This Holiday Season(Spoiler alert.)
  7. Tie-Ins
    Japan Just Got Its Own Super Mario CaféThere are Piranha Plants in sodas and a Question Block tiramisu.
  8. adventures in sex
    14 Weird, Costumed Halloween Hookup StoriesSerial killers and pregnant Britney: the unsexy costumes that still got us laid.
  9. It’s That Episode 57: Justin Tyler Was Super Into the Super Mario TV ShowOn “It’s That Episode” Craig Rowin (UCB Theatre) invites guests over to watch any episode of any TV show they want. They discuss the episode […]
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    Watch the Mock Trailer for Brothers Mario, a Gritty Super Mario RemakeWe’re putting this whole level in our reahview mirrah.
  11. mine over matter
    Chilean Miner Breaks His Silence“It was just another regular day at the mine … “
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    Matching the Cast of Jersey Shore With Their Super Mario CounterpartsVinny as Toad? Inspired.
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    Modern Luxury Takes a Swing at Batali, WhiffsThe hypothesis: Mario is spinning out of control. The proof: zilch.
  14. Food Tour
    Mario Batali Judges New York’s New Pizza JointsThe chef takes a pizza tour with Jimmy Fallon and Mark Ladner.
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    Mario Batali’s Sausage Obsession Beginning to Worry UsThe chef’s charity art project involves pig blood.
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    Meet MarioHe’ll be plugging his new $4,900 watch at a book signing at Barneys tomorrow.
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    Batali at Babbo TONIGHTMario will be dining with Jay McInerney on his home turf.
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    ‘This Is Even Better Than Being Front-Row at U2!’Mario Batali turns the Empire State Building orange.
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    Orange Alert: Mario Batali Attacks Empire State BuildingThe building will be his favorite color on Monday. But it’s all for a good cause.
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    Will Mario and Gwyneth’s ‘On the Road’ Be Like ‘Y TuThe press release for “On the Road Again” makes Mario Batali’s Spanish road trip sound like some kind of hotness.