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  1. surcharges
    This Restaurant Added an 18 Percent ‘Man Tax’ to Offset the Wage GapIt’s to make men “stop and question their privilege a little bit.”
  2. Surcharges
    Group Says ‘Archaic’ NYC Law Keeps Wages LowIt argues the rule is “incorrectly being read to prohibit nearly all surcharges.”
  3. Surcharges
    Restaurants Are Adding ‘Cuomo Taxes’ to Protest New York’sReally, a $27.99 tax on two eggs and some toast?
  4. All Inclusive
    Revered Chef Daniel Patterson Will Refuse Tips at His Next Restaurant“That thing on the menu costs $25. That’s all it costs.”
  5. News
    More Than a Dozen California Restaurants Have Instituted MandatoryExplaining why is an “uphill battle.”
  6. trash
    New Yorkers Might Have to Pay an Extra 10 Cents to Get Disposable BagsPaper and plastic.