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Survey Says

  1. survey says
    Take the Strategist Survey and You Could Win a $100 Amazon Gift CardIt’ll take just ten minutes, tops.
  2. survey says
    Americans Name Hillary Clinton Most Admired Woman for the 15th Year in a RowThis is Hillary’s 15th consecutive time as Americans’ most admired woman.
  3. Survey Says
    Burger Chain No One’s Ever Heard of Takes Top Honors in National SurveyWest Coast underdog Habit Burger Grill upsets In-N-Out.
  4. dubious studies
    The British Are Rejecting the Tyranny of PajamasKeep calm and sleep in the nude.
  5. survey says
    Women Try More Diets Than Sex PartnersLife math.
  6. mating and dating
    Survey: We Have No Idea If This Is a Date or NotTexting sows confusion among 18-to-24-year-olds.
  7. survey says
    Pew LGBT Survey: It Got BetterBut for now it still sucks.
  8. survey says
    Survey: Quarter of City Won’t Date Inter-boroughInter-borough no-no.
  9. wall street morality
    Breaking: Wall Street’s Morality Not Spotless*Sirens*
  10. survey says
    Not Everyone’s Gotten in on NYC’s Jobs RecoverySpecifically, African-Americans.
  11. survey says
    More Asians Immigrate to the U.S. Than HispanicsAnd they’re voting Democratic.
  12. survey says
    Thirty-Two Percent of NYC’s Jews Are OrthodoxAnd 64 percent of Jewish children.
  13. survey says
    Young Women More Ambitious Than DudesAccording to a new survey from Pew, and many Judd Apatow movies.
  14. survey says
    Poll: Obama Much More Friendly and Likable Than RomneyAnd more inspiring, and so on.
  15. survey says
    Nearly 70 Percent of Poll Respondents Use Negative Word or Phrase to Describe GOP Nomination Battle Disenchanted.
  16. survey says
    Americans Kinda Annoyed by Politicians’ Recent Obsession With SexWhat’s the deal, guys?
  17. modern love
    Staten Island Is Full of ‘Sensitive’ MenWhen so many ladies have been searching Brooklyn!
  18. survey says
    Survey: Bain & Company, Facebook, and Google Rated Best Places to WorkThe survey inquires about employee morale, career opportunities, and more.
  19. survey says
    More Dudes Are Living in Their Childhood Bedroom These DaysLadies, come and get ‘em.
  20. survey says
    Americans Have Never Disliked Their Government MoreBoom times for bitterness.
  21. survey says
    Study: New York Is America’s Least Free StateThis is a study funded by the Koch brothers, mind you.
  22. survey says
    Fact: Women Are Better People Than MenA new survey proves what we’ve always suspected.
  23. Foodievents
    Enter to Win Tickets For Next Year’s Opening TapComplete Philly Beer Week’s survey and enter to win a pair of tickets for Opening Tap 2011.
  24. Survey Says
    Do You Love Where You Live?Take our Neighborhoods survey!
  25. neighborhood news
    Where Is the Best Place to Live in New York?You tell us.
  26. Fast Food World
    Where Chefs Go for a Fast-food FixThey like In-N-Out Burger just as much as everyone else. But not Taco Bell.
  27. Survey Says
    News Flash: Most Chefs Can’t Afford Guy Fieri’s $12,000 GuitarUnless they’re Guy Fieri.