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  1. the case against the media
    113 Journalists Surveyed on Why They’re So DespisedOur colleagues working in print, television, and digital media air their grievances and bare their souls.
  2. work
    These Are the 5 Most Health-Destroying JobsBut even high-paying, white-collar ones are causing stress and health issues, according to a new survey.
  3. admin
    Please Take the Science of Us Reader SurveyIt’ll help us do our jobs better.
  4. timing is everything
    Survey Says: Have Sex After Exactly 3.53 DatesThe timing will be tricky, but it’s what you should do.
  5. Why Is Everyone So Mad at Pretty, Topless Femen?I miss Pussy Riot.
  6. transportation
    Taxicab Confession: No One Likes the Backseat Televisions?We might be in the minority on this.