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Swing States

  1. Jill Stein Raises $5 Million to File for Recounts in 3 StatesStein says the move isn’t intended to help Hillary Clinton, who came up short in those three states.
  2. politics
    Here’s How to Convince Your Swing-State Friends to Vote for HillaryIt’s fun and easy! No, seriously.
  3. Clinton Takes Lead in Post-Debate Polls of 4 Battleground StatesCrushing Trump in a nationally televised debate seems to be paying off.
  4. Hillary Clinton Tops Trump in 7 Swing-State PollsThe Democratic nominee leads by double digits in four states.
  5. RNC Names 2016 Convention Finalists What happens in Vegas.
  6. election day countdown
    Poll: Obama Pulls Away in Ohio, Puts Florida Back in PlayThree days to go!
  7. swing states
    Is Pennsylvania a Swing State Again?It’s starting to look like it.
  8. 2012
    New York Is Now a Battleground State — in Fight for the House, at LeastProbably as close as we’ll come to seeing how the swing voters live.
  9. early and often
    Those Mysterious Undecided Voters, and Why Obama Should Be Worried About ThemObama may have already skimmed as many voters as he’s likely to get from the undecideds.