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  1. symbolism
    An Architecture Critic Looks at Four Seasons Total LandscapingIt’s the perfect backdrop: Trump’s political run, begun on a golden escalator, ends in a razor-wire parking lot next to a sex shop.
  2. vulture sports
    The Olympic Flame Optimistically Arrives in Japan for the 2020 Tokyo GamesAs if they’re still going to happen.
  3. watchmen
    Let’s Crack Open Watchmen’s Egg SymbolismEggs have been a key part of Watchmen’s iconography since the first episode, often in a not particularly subtle way.
  4. the matrix
    What We Can Learn About Gender From The MatrixTrans women have claimed it as an allegory for gender transition since at least 2012. But allegorically is the least interesting way to read anything.
  5. signs of the times
    Wall Street Sign Goes for $116,500More than expected, less than the owner hoped.
  6. symbolism
    ‘Wall Street’ for SaleA symbol of American history goes on the block, for a relatively low price.