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Sympathy For The Devil

  1. sympathy for the devil
    Compassion for Melania Is Misguided — But It Isn’t WrongMelania doesn’t need your help, but someone else might.
  2. sympathy for the devil
    Negotiating With Goldman SachsA conversation with the Squid’s top flack.
  3. Previews
    The Grub Street S.F. Fall Restaurant PreviewRagazza, Plum, Cotogna, Black Sheep Pub, and everything you have to look forward to this fall.
  4. sympathy for the devil
    Great News for Joe Barton, BP, DemocratsThe GOP lets BP’s favorite congressman stay in leadership post.
  5. the industry
    James Marsden’s New Roommate Is a Computer-Generated Easter BunnyPlus: new porn from the New Pornographers.
  6. Sympathy for the Devil
    Michael Alig Still in Prison, Still Hoping for Parole‘When I was walking out of the visiting room, I watched him clean the table where we sat, and I saw how little he has to cling to, to hope for.’