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  1. America Is About to Risk a World War to Defend the Credibility of Trump’s TweetsOfficials say Trump is likely to go through with a Syria strike over his Defense Secretary’s objections — because he said he would on Twitter.
  2. Report: Blood Samples Show Nerve Agent, Chlorine Used in Syria AttackU.S. officials say they have proof of a chemical attack that the Syrian regime has called a hoax.
  3. Trump Is Using American Foreign Policy As His Stress BallThe president’s Syria tweets confirm that he has no coherent goals for foreign policy beyond his own instant gratification.
  4. What Really Happened in the Syria Chemical Attack?Trump is preparing to strike, though we still don’t know exactly what killed scores of people in Douma last weekend. Here’s the evidence so far.
  5. Russia to Trump: ‘We Don’t Do Twitter Diplomacy’The Kremlin shot back at Trump after he tweeted about bombing Syria.
  6. the national interest
    Trump Uses Twitter to Announce Attack on Syria, Confess Obstruction of JusticeAlso insists his administration is “very calm and calculated.”
  7. Will Syrians Pay for Trump’s Anger at Investigators?Maybe the U.S. should punish Syria for alleged chemical weapon attacks. But maybe the president considering that action should not be in a hate rage.
  8. foreign policy
    Trump’s Syria Reversal Reveals He Never Had a Coherent PlanAfter blaming the Syria situation on Obama’s dithering, Trump finds himself in a similar conundrum.
  9. The Moral High Ground on Syria Is EmptyEvery power that could help stop the killing has decided that their own interests outweigh dead innocents.
  10. Trump Promises Decision on Military Action Against Syria in Next Two DaysWe may see a repeat of last year’s largely ineffective air strikes.
  11. Israel Accused of Bombing Syrian Air Base After U.S. Denies InvolvementThough Trump said there would be a “big price to pay” for Assad’s apparent chemical attack, no country has claimed responsibility for the strike.
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    Suspected Chemical Weapon Attack Kills Dozens in SyriaIt’s not yet clear if the U.S. will retaliate against the Assad regime again.
  13. Trump Hates ‘Arbitrary Timelines,’ Yet Gave U.S. 6 Months to Exit Syria: ReportTo avoid Obama comparisons, he told top officials they can’t call his random deadline a “timeline.”
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    Trump Claims We’re Leaving Syria ‘Very Soon.’ Hopefully, He Made That Up.Government officials were caught off guard by talk of speedy withdrawal, which would leave the situation in the hands of Assad, Erdogan, and Putin.
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    Grown-ups Are Not Running America’s Foreign PolicyA group of Model U.N. teenagers could probably pick and execute policies better than this administration.
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    North Korea’s Link to Syria’s Chemical Weapons Is Horrific, Yet UnsurprisingThe shipments identified in a U.N. report violate sanctions on both countries and demonstrate just how good these rogue regimes are at evading them.
  17. foreign policy
    Why Are U.S. Troops Staying in Syria? The Trump Administration Won’t SayOfficials argued the military can remain there indefinitely, with no new authorization from Congress — but wouldn’t explain the long-term objectives.
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    Last Men in Aleppo Producer and Subject Blocked From Attending OscarsThe director blames President Trump’s travel ban.
  19. Strange But True: Headlines From the Middle EastFor years, people have talked about what the Middle East would look like if the United States took a more limited role. That time has come.
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    Israel’s War With Iran Comes Out of the ShadowsSaturday’s clash signals that Syria could become the theater for a direct confrontation between two of the most powerful states in the Middle East.
  21. international affairs
    Israel Conducts Air Strikes on Iranian Targets in SyriaIt was the first time Israel has directly targeted Iranian military forces, and marks a dangerous escalation in the conflict.
  22. gallery
    A Lebanese Artist Draws Portraits of Syrians in ExileMounira Al Solh’s exhibition “I believe in our right to be frivolous” opens at the Art Institute in Chicago today.
  23. Turkey Says White House Is Lying About Trump’s Call With ErdoganA White House readout suggests Trump chewed out Erdogan. Turkey says different.
  24. foreign affairs
    America’s Role in Syria Just Got a Lot More ComplicatedISIS may be in full retreat, but two key U.S. allies are now fighting each other.
  25. The World in 2018 — What Could Possibly Go Wrong?We escaped 2017 without a major global incident. But the other shoe may be about to drop.
  26. terrorism
    An American Teen Tried to Join ISIS. Then Came His Second Chance.A U.S. judge makes a first-of-its-kind bet: Maybe a convicted terrorist should just go to rehab.
  27. Trump’s Refugee Ban Is Ending, But Comes With Stricter RequirementsNew vetting requirements reportedly go into effect Wednesday.
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    U.S.-Backed Forces Retake Raqqa From ISISThe Syrian city the terror group considered the capital of their so-called caliphate has been liberated.
  29. Syrian-American Journalist and Her Mother Murdered in TurkeyHalla and Orouba Barakat were well-known activists working against the Assad regime.
  30. the golden door
    Nour Is a Syrian Immigrant. She’s Afraid to Say Her Name Out Loud in America.The September edition of the Cut’s Golden Door comic.
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    The Holocaust Museum Shouldn’t Have Cancelled Its Syria StudyWe need to at least be able to debate the possibility that U.S. intervention often does more harm than good.
  32. Report: Trump Ends CIA Support for Anti-Assad Rebels in Syria“Putin won in Syria,” one anonymous official told the Washington Post.
  33. Is ISIS’s Elusive Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Dead?A respected human-rights group says he’s been killed. But ISIS calls it “fake news.” Who’s right?
  34. Trump Brought Up Russian Meddling at Top of Putin Meeting, Says TillersonAt a meeting than ran 90 minutes longer than expected, Trump and Putin discussed Russian interference in U.S. elections, the secretary of State says.
  35. foreign policy
    ISIS’s Caliphate Is Collapsing, But Don’t Celebrate Just YetThe jihadi group is losing land and resources. Defeating its nihilistic philosophy remains a much taller order.
  36. Nothing About Trump’s Syria Announcement Was NormalIt came out of nowhere, and the backstory was even stranger — and more alarming.
  37. foreign policy
    White House Says Syria Is Preparing for Chemical Attack, Warns of ‘Heavy Price’Other national security officials seemed caught off guard by the statement.
  38. What Is the United States Doing in Syria These Days?A shooting down of an Assad-regime jet raises some questions, such as, are we about to go to war with Russia? How about Iran?
  39. The Syrian War Enters a New Phase — and We’re in ItAssad’s decision to test U.S. pilots last weekend suggests we can’t keep the U.S. fight against ISIS separate from the Syrian conflict any longer.
  40. U.S. Shoots Down Syrian Warplane for First TimeSunday saw some unprecedented escalations in Syria’s long conflict, including a cross-border Iranian ballistic missile strike on ISIS.
  41. UN Says U.S. Air Strikes in Syria Have Resulted in ‘Staggering’ Civilian DeathsAt least 300 people have been killed in and around Raqqa since March.
  42. ‘Shadow Secretary of State’ Jared Kushner Is in Hot WaterAfter an overseas trip in which he played a role well beyond his job description, he’s returning home to a much dicier situation.
  43. PissPigGrandad Is No MoreBrace Belden, back from Syria and readjusting to life in the Bay Area, has a new Twitter handle.
  44. U.S. Bombs Pro-Assad Forces to Stop Advance on U.S. Special Forces’ BaseTrump once called fighting both ISIS and Assad “madness and idiocy.”
  45. Progressives Need a New Foreign-Policy Vision. This Senator Says He Has One.Democrat Chris Murphy of Connecticut is trying to sell liberals on restrained realism in Syria and other global hot spots.
  46. State Department Moves to Rein In High-Flying Nikki HaleyForeign-policy novice Nikki Haley has been a freelancing star at the UN, and the State Department seems to be quietly trying to reassert control.
  47. Ivanka Says U.S. Should Consider Admitting Syrian RefugeesThat’s quite a break from her father.
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    What We Still Don’t Know About Trump’s Syria StrikeThe president appeared to find his war games thrilling. But what comes next for America’s policy in Syria remains unclear.
  49. Report: White House Mulls Sending Thousands of U.S. Ground Troops Into SyriaH. R. McMaster is reportedly pressing his colleagues to consider sending up to 50,000 ground troops to fight ISIS.
  50. American-Led Air Strike Mistakenly Kills 18 Anti-ISIS Allies in SyriaThe strike was supposed to be on ISIS forces, but it hit fighters from the Syrian Democratic Forces instead.
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