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Taking A Stand

  1. food politics
    Restaurants Reportedly Fired Workers After ‘A Day Without Immigrants’ ProtestsAn Oklahoma bar and grill that let go 12 employees has taken a lot of heat.
  2. taking a stand
    How New York’s Restaurants Are Supporting the ‘Day Without Immigrants’Restaurants like Blue Ribbon, Frankie’s, and more are closed in a show of strength for the city’s immigrant communities.
  3. taking a stand
    New York’s Bodega Strike Is a Bid for Unity at a Time of Deep Unrest“It’s not just Yemeni-Americans, Iraqi-Americans, Iranian-Americans — It’s your neighbor, your doctor, that’s what we’re trying to show.”
  4. taking a stand
    Miley Cyrus’s Red-Carpet Boycott Is Not About the Carpet Actually Being Red“I don’t want people to talk about what I’m wearing. That’s usually why I don’t wear too much.”
  5. face jewelry
    Selena Gomez Not Backing Down on Bindi FrontNo apologies.
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    Stephen King Would Like to See Gary Sinise Reprise His Role in The StandBut Molly Ringwald is out.
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    New Yorker Would Rather Get Hepatitis Than Wait in LineChurch folk get huffy.
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    Chicago Cab Drivers Want to Charge Puking Passengers $50Unfair!