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  1. late shifting
    Jay Leno Goes On OprahAnd you know what? It worked!
  2. zuckered
    Comcast CEO Has No Plans to Move NBC to Cable (for Now)It also appears that Jeff Zucker’s job is safe (for now).
  3. late shifting
    NBC Brass Never Anticipated Conan Getting So Darn Upset“I probably underestimated the emotion of everything that went on.”
  4. late shifting
    Jay Leno Prepares for Tearful Reunion With His Long Lost DeskIt’s only a matter of time before the thrifty Leno hits his local IKEA.
  5. vulture lists
    12 Winners in the Late-Night WarsCongratulations to Jon, Dave, Chevy, and more.
  6. late shifting
    Jimmy Kimmel Valiantly Continues His Assault on Jay Leno, Ken Burns StyleThis is easily the most riveting documentary we’ve seen since ‘Man on Wire.’
  7. chat room
    Bill Simmons, ‘the Sports Guy,’ Saw Talkshowgate Coming, and Now He’s Got Advice for ConanThe ESPN columnist called this whole debacle back in March. So maybe he should change his name to “The Talk Show Guy.”
  8. chat room
    Chris Parnell Talks Being Fired From SNL TwiceAlso, is he on Team Conan or Team Leno?
  9. late shifting
    Fox Affiliates Not Exactly Thrilled With Prospect of Conan at 11, Stand to ‘Lose Millions’ in the Switch“It’s like drilling for oil — you just don’t know what you’re going to get.”
  10. late shifting
    Rumor Mill: Is Next Week Conan’s Last As Host of the Tonight Show?That’s the rumor that ESPN’s Sports Guy, Bill Simmons, is spreading.
  11. late shifting
    What Would Conan’s Potential Gabfest on Fox Have in Common With MADtv?More than meets the eye!
  12. late shifting
    Conan O’Brien’s Tonight Show Monologue: Defiance Takes a Backseat to DisheartenmentHis jokes tonight carried the unmistakable air of someone who had been deeply hurt.
  13. talkshowpocalypse
    NBC Affiliates Are Thrilled the Leno Is GoneFinally, people will start watching the news again.
  14. talkshowpocalypse
    With Leno Gone from Prime Time, NBC Greenlights Six New PilotsTV writers will soon be employed again.
  15. talkshowpocalypse
    NBC: ‘Starting February 12, Jay Leno Will No Longer Air at 10pm’The TCA’s are happening right now!
  16. talkshowpocalypse
    Carson Daly Shows Up on Jimmy Kimmel’s Show to Joke About Jay-Conan StuffAll this meta commentary is getting to be too much.
  17. talkshowpocalypse
    Conan Jokes About Leno Time-Shifting: ‘Jay and I Are Joining the Cast of Jersey ShoreConan devoted most of his monologue last night to NBC’s late night issues.
  18. talkshowpocalypse
    Fallon: ‘I’ll Do My Show at 3 in the Morning’Fallon found himself in the hot seat last night at a New York Times’ Arts & Leisure Weekend talk.
  19. talkshowpocalypse
    Update: Leno at 11:30, Conan at 12TMZ claims ‘The Jay Leno Show’ will go on hiatus on February 1.
  20. jay leno
    NBC Halfheartedly Denies Plans to Cancel Leno“It has presented some issues for our affiliates. Both Jay and the show are committed to working closely with them to find ways to improve the performance.”
  21. talkshowpocalypse
    Ferguson Beats Fallon, FinallyJay Leno makes another dream come true!
  22. talkshowpocalypse
    Sons of Anarchy Creator Blasts the ‘Last-Place Buffoons’ at NBCSays Kurt Sutter: “Let’s back off Jay and beat the right piñata.”
  23. talkshowpocalypse
    Jay’s Move to Prime Time: Disaster or Calamity?We’re going with calamity.
  24. Letterman Apologizes to Everybody for EverythingHis wife, his staff, and Sarah Palin, because why not.
  25. talkshowpocalypse
    More Letterman Details Emerge: Halderman Pleads Not Guilty; Birkitt and Letterman’s Relationship Ended Before Birth of His SonMore details emerge about this sordid case.
  26. oops
    Letterman Extorted, Admits AffairsAs if Dave weren’t already beating Conan badly enough in the ratings.
  27. talkshowpocalypse
    Letterman Wins in DemosWe excitedly await NBC’s press release spinning this as wonderful news for them also.
  28. talkshowpocalypse
    Obama on Team LettermanPresident Obama will follow up his fake interview on ‘The Jay Leno Show’ last night with a real one on Monday’s ‘Letterman.’
  29. theme songs
    Jay Leno’s New Theme Song Sounds Like a Rejected Demo From 90210This is the best thing they could come up with?
  30. talkshowpocalypse
    New Jay Leno Show Not Even As Good As Old Jay Leno ShowNo racetrack!
  31. talkshowpocalypse
    No One Killed in Trial Run of Jay Leno’s Racetrack“Selma Blair had two minutes to go around the track twice. She made it in 58 seconds … that felt like an hour.”
  32. talkshowpocalypse
    Jay Leno Finds Himself in the Somewhat Unusual Position of Being a ScourgeJay views himself as the good guy, but many people are rooting for him to fail.
  33. talkshowpocalypse
    Fans of Vehicular Manslaughter Will Love The Jay Leno ShowWant to see a video featuring Leno and Fred Armisen accidentally killing a guy with their car and then fleeing the scene before cops arrive? Click here anyway!
  34. talkshowpocalypse
    Britney Spears to Display Her TelePrompTer Reading Skills on Letterman TonightShe’ll be reading tonight’s top ten.
  35. talkshowpocalypse
    Jay Books JerrySeinfeld is the first confirmed sit-down guest for Jay Leno’s upcoming prime-time show.
  36. talkshowpocalypse
    Old Letterman Trumps New ConanDave beat Conan last week, even though ‘The Late Show’ was in repeats.
  37. talkshowpocalypse
    Jay Books JayJay-Z, Kanye, and Rihanna will perform “Run This Town” on the September 14 premiere of Jay Leno’s NBC prime-time show.
  38. talkshowpocalypse
    Letterman Beats Conan Four Weeks in a RowAnother day, another milestone.
  39. talkshowpocalypse
    Jay Leno’s Secret Weapon: A RacetrackLeno: “You can see who is faster, Shaquille O’Neal or Cameron Diaz.”
  40. talkshowpocalypse
    Even ABC Is Starting to Bully NBC Around in Late NightIs it time to push the panic button yet?
  41. talkshowpocalypse
    Jay Leno Threatens Viewing Public: ‘Primetime Had It Coming’Did it, really?
  42. talkshowpocalypse
    More Great/Terrible News for Conan O’Brien!’Letterman’ topped the ‘Tonight Show’ in total viewers over the past two weeks — the first time that’s happened since 1998.
  43. talkshowpocalypse
    Conan O’Brien’s Tonight Show Doing Great, If You Ignore Half the StatisticsSince he took over last month, the median age of ‘Tonight Show’ viewers has fallen by ten years. (Because old people stopped watching.)
  44. talkshowpocalypse
    Letterman Wins Again!As expected, Letterman’s more-famous guests helped him outdraw Conan for the second time this week.
  45. talkshowpocalypse
    Conan: Back!After Letterman’s victory on Tuesday night, Conan rebounded.
  46. talkshowpocalypse
    So How Bad Will Jay Leno’s Guests Be?NBC has demanded he “back off booking A-list celebrities because it would encroach on Conan’s turf.”