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  1. profile
    Kristen Arnett, Queer Meme Master, Does Not Want to Explain Ravioli to YouThe internet’s favorite librarian talks about her debut novel, Mostly Dead Things.
  2. royal weddings
    Duchess Camilla Spent the Royal Wedding Day With Some TaxidermyIt was a prior engagement.
  3. a real hangup
    Restaurant Gets Predictable Backlash After Hanging Taxidermy Cow From CeilingIt’s meant to “contradict our programmed perceptions of a dairy cow.”
  4. recommendations
    The Destination I Cannot Stop Thinking (or Talking) AboutWelcome to Froggyland.
  5. omg shoes
    Meet the Woman Who Creates ‘Taxidermy Footwear’It all started with a dead lizard from her childhood.
  6. last night on late night
    Amanda Seyfried Went Bananas Over Her New Taxidermied RaccoonPlus: Jennifer Aniston groped a huge prosthetic penis, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  7. wildlife
    We Now Live in a World With Two Taxidermy Reality ShowsThanks, Animal Planet!
  8. Lawsuits
    PETA Weighs In on White Slab Palace’s Rogue TaxidermyA patron is suing after she was allegedly injured by a falling caribou head.
  9. ballsy crime
    Accused Ponzi Schemer Has a Body Count“He probably had enough heads to fill a semi-truck.”
  10. NewsFeed
    Blechtacular! Chinatown Fish-Parts Collector Unveils His MasterworkThis is a little outside our field of coverage and well outside the bounds of good taste, but we’ve mentioned rogue taxidermist Nate Hill’s Chinatown garbage tours before. Last Friday, after a year of work, he unveiled his magnum opus, A.D.A.M. (A Dead Animal Man) — a reproduction of a human being he made by stitching together restaurant refuse and other animal parts. The piece is for sale but no longer on public display (Hill is moving into a studio apartment with it — “It’s going to be in a room with me while I sleep”), so we thought we’d give you a first look. Trust us, this thing is more disturbing than the Cloverfield monster and the Teeth monster sewn together.
  11. intel
    Hipsters Marvel at the Kind of Stuffed Animals You Don’t Want for Christmas Grub Street’s Daniel Maurer felt pretty guilty about taking up space at last week’s third annual Carnivorous Nights taxidermy contest at Union Hall — after all, so many people were clamoring to get in to the sold-out event that bouncers had to man the door. “You have to let me in!” one girl begged. “I’ve been obsessed with taxidermy my whole life!” (Hey, it beats the usual “I know the owner.”) Nevertheless, if we had ceded our place at the bar where Wet Specimen cocktails were served, we wouldn’t have captured the mind-blowing footage you’re about to see of human-head replicas made from animal parts, mermaid rabbits with duck feet, and two-headed cat skeletons (real or fake? Not even a judge from the Museum of Natural History could say for sure). Click above to see the video. We promise that after watching, the words “Pope squirrel” will forever be lodged in your brain. Carnivorous Nights Taxidermy Contest [NYM Video]