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  1. vulture lists
    How Set It Up Celebrates the Rom-ComThe new Netflix movie pays loving homage to the movies that came before it.
  2. trailer mix
    Hold My Calls! Glen Powell, Zoey Deutch Plan Office Romance in Set It Up TrailerCo-starring Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs.
  3. casting couch
    Phylicia Rashad Is Joining EmpireShe’ll play Taye Diggs’s mother.
  4. casting couch
    Taye Diggs Joins EmpireAs a New York councilman from a wealthy background.
  5. RENT: The Oral HistoryTwenty years after Jonathan Larson’s posthumous triumph arrived on Broadway, the cast relives the rise of a musical that changed theater.
  6. Taye Diggs to Host Hypnotic Comedy Game-Show“The second I saw this show I knew I needed to be a part of it.”
  7. party pics
    Dakota Johnson and Liv Tyler Partied TogetherPlus: Kendall Jenner, Jenna Lyons, Owen Wilson, and more in this week’s roundup.
  8. broadway
    Hedwig and the Angry Inch Closes on Broadway in September[Tear.]
  9. who will play hedwig
    Taye Diggs Is Your Sixth HedwigPull the wig down from the shelf.
  10. social media experts
    Here’s Why Taye Diggs Followed Everyone on TwitterHe got a social-media person, duh.
  11. Party Pics: Kiernan Shipka, Joan Smalls, and MoreHighlights from the awards season circuit, Sundance, and haute couture.
  12. man crushes
    40 Men That Men Find BeautifulNot who you’d expect.
  13. refresher course
    The Best Man Holiday Burning QuestionsFor example, will Jordan and Harper finally get together?
  14. gifs
    Diggs & Olyphant Went Topless on New Girl, MindyIt was “real man” night on Fox, apparently. And we have the GIFs.
  15. gif-cap
    This Week’s New Girl GIFs: A Naked Taye DiggsOh, and Coach was there, too.
  16. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Taye Diggs’s Dazzling SmileThere’s something about those pearly whites.
  17. movies
    1999 Rom-Com The Best Man Finally Earns a SequelAnd the whole cast is expected to return.
  18. Celebrity Settings
    Jennifer Aniston Takes Date to Meet Dad at Delmonico’s; Gwen Stefani Sups atWe’re crossing our fingers that it works out for Jen this time!
  19. Celebrity Settings
    Stevie Wonder Finds a Place in the Sun at Gladstone’s; Katherine Heigl EatsAnd in other not-so-surprising news, underage Miley Cyrus appears to have gotten plastered again.
  20. gossipmonger
    Mischa Barton Does Not Want to Work Out, or Eat Hamburgers, at EquinoxIt’s one or the other, we can’t tell. Plus, Kirsten Dunst, Rebecca Gayheart, and more celebrities struggle with issues, in our daily gossip roundup.
  21. babies
    Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel ExpectingWhat to do with this impromptu baby?
  22. gossipmonger
    Everyone Studiously Avoided Their Exes at the OscarsThe Academy Awards were fraught with peril for Tom and Penélope, Jen and Brad, and Chace and Carrie. Anne Hathaway, on the other hand, was fine.
  23. beauty marks
    M.A.C Confirms Hello Kitty Collaboration; Chace Crawford Likes the Smell of GrassPlus, Rihanna explains her new tattoo, and L’Oréal announces a store-in-store for the new Times Square Walgreens.
  24. Ask a Waiter
    Model-Waitress Courtney Yates of Coffee Shop Gets $250 Tips From Taye DiggsCourtney Yates isn’t bothered that customers stereotype her because she’s one of the many Coffee Shop servers who also happen to be working models (you may have seen her in a Belvedere ad shot by Terry Richardson). “People come in with a chip on their shoulder,” she says, “but once you show that you’re a complicated human being, it’s out the window. I know I’m not stupid.”
  25. news reel
    TV Upfronts: What’s New on ABC