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  1. look of the day
    Taylor Momsen Wore Giant, Bizarre Cargo ShortsAnd a peace-sign necklace.
  2. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: A Gossip Girl Reunion at Alice + OliviaPlus a Johnny Weir sighting!
  3. party dump
    Partiers of the Week: The Social Set Keeps It LightPlus a Jerry Saltz sighting.
  4. donatella
    Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn Came to Donatella Versace’s Versus PartySee photos of Mena Suvari, Hayden Panettiere, and Donatella herself.
  5. the greatest show of our time
    Taylor Momsen Appears to Be Back on Gossip GirlConnor Paolo, too.
  6. taylor momsen
    Taylor Momsen Got Naked, Did Spoken WordShe goes “Under the Water.”
  7. x o x fug
    Iconic Style Moments From Five Years of Gossip GirlFrom slutty uniforms to Blair’s wedding dress, a look back as the final season begins.
  8. joan rivers
    See Taylor Momsen Sitting on Joan Rivers’s Lap for Some ReasonA thousand words!
  9. the pretty reckless
    Watch the Video for The Pretty Reckless’s ‘You’Taylor Momsen picks up where Ashlee Simpson left off.
  10. true love
    Penn Badgley: ‘Blair Is Dan’s Soul Mate’He also says that ‘Gossip Girl’ is not his “driving passionate force in life.”
  11. Celebrity Settings
    Charlie Sheen Eats With Emilio and Dad at Nine Thirty; Sandra Bullock PartiesFollowing the President’s fundraising dinner on Monday, the rest of the week was no slouch when it came to celebrity restaurant sightings in L.A.
  12. clickables
    Hear Taylor Momsen’s Not-Terrible ‘Wonderwall’ CoverIt’s okay!
  13. brats
    Taylor Momsen Blames the Media for Portraying Her Accurately“I think my parents have learned by this point that none of [what they read] is probably true, and words can be put in your mouth.”
  14. beauty marks
    Here Is the Video Version of Taylor Momsen’s John Galliano Perfume AdIt’s directed by Ellen von Unwerth and features Momsen’s music.
  15. beauty marks
    Taylor Momsen’s John Galliano Fragrance Ad; Marina Diamandis’s Max Factor DealAlso, Monique Lhuillier is working on a home-fragrance line.
  16. pretty reckless indeed
    Taylor Momsen Is No Longer With IMGEh, at least she’s the face of Madonna’s clothing line!
  17. taylor momsen
    Taylor Momsen Apologizes for Telling Glasgow It’s Part of EnglandTaylor Momsen probably should have paid more attention in geography class.
  18. gossip girl
    Gossip Girl: When the Camera Stops RollingA slideshow of the fall, from behind the scenes.
  19. clickables
    Hear Taylor Momsen and Friends Cover Cee Lo’s ‘Forget You’We remain Team Gwyneth.
  20. gossip girl
    Taylor Momsen Put on ‘Indefinite Hiatus’ From Gossip GirlHow will they send her off?
  21. clickables
    Watch 3-Year-Old Taylor Momsen’s Shake ’N Bake CommercialCan that actually be her?
  22. fashion yearbook
    See Rihanna, Katy Perry, Kanye West, and More Divas From the MTV Europe AwardsAlso Eva Longoria Parker in a ham costume. Like, literally, a ham.
  23. clickables
    Watch Taylor Momsen’s New VideoPretty Reckless’s “Just Tonight” features blood, candles, and roses — but no pasties.
  24. slutofiend
    Taylor Momsen Looks Just About Ready for HalloweenShe’s barely clothed and already has her freaky makeup on.
  25. loose threads
    Style.com Leaves Condé Nast for Fairchild Group; Nicole Miller to Design NightiesAlso, Lara Stone defended her “sexually violent” Calvin Klein ad.
  26. uncovered girls
    Taylor Momsen’s Shoes Might Not Be the Most Eye-catching Thing About Her Revolver CoverYou might find yourself spending more time staring at the guns strapped to her nearly naked thighs. Oh my.
  27. beauty marks
    Beyoncé’s Temporary-Tattoo Line; Julianna Margulies’s L’Oréal CampaignAlso, Manic Panic releases stick-on eye shadow.
  28. make it work
    Video: Tim Gunn Gives His Honest Thoughts on the Salahis, Taylor Momsen, and Lady Gaga on Access HollywoodHe called the Salahis “sociopaths” right in front of their faces.
  29. music
    Taylor Momsen Takes Off So Many Clothes in the New Pretty Reckless Video, ‘Make Me Wanna Die’Don’t watch! She’s only 17!
  30. loose threads
    World’s Largest Shoe Department Opens; Brad Goreski Embarrassed by Shirtless PhotosAlso, Matthew Settle gives his thoughts on Taylor Momsen’s style.
  31. make it work
    Tim Gunn Thinks Taylor Momsen Is ‘Pathetic’Burn!
  32. beauty marks
    John Galliano Says ‘There Is No Age Limit for True Love’Case in point: fragrance face Taylor Momsen.
  33. quote machine
    This Is Mike Tyson’s Biggest RegretPlus: Taylor Momsen burns dog’s balls.
  34. look of the day
    Skin-Flashing Face-off: Ed Westwick vs. Taylor MomsenWho bared it better?
  35. dreams come shoe
    Taylor Momsen Gets Her Shoes at ‘Stripper Stores Mainly’It’s not so easy to find clear platforms with built-in tip jars elsewhere.
  36. quote machine
    Bryan Cranston: Not ActingGreg Grunberg excited to be done with calzones.
  37. beauty marks
    Illamasqua Debuts Fall Ads; New Makeup-of-the-Month Site LaunchesAlso, Marc Jacobs claims that his hair transplants hurt more than his tattoos.
  38. gossipmonger
    Fred Armisen Moves On to 23-Year-Old Abby ElliottFred Armisen moves on to his ‘SNL’ co-star, Heidi and Spencer’s Valentine’s Day divorce.
  39. quotables
    Taylor Momsen Might Regret Saying This About Rihanna’s Style“Rihanna’s wearing f—— leather jackets, and it’s really annoying.”
  40. quote machine
    Avatar’s Sex Scene to Disappoint Fans of ‘Horizontal Bopping’Plus: Taylor Momsen vexed by Rihanna’s outerwear.
  41. quote machine
    What Has Two Thumbs and a Beef With Audrey Hepburn?Plus: Leonardo DiCaprio was totally fine with miming sex with Kate Winslet in front of her husband.
  42. premature
    Casting The Hunger GamesThe YA books are being made into movies: Who gets the lead role?
  43. gossipmonger
    Taylor Momsen Gets SpiritualTaylor Momsen makes a priest joke, Snooki blames tequila, Bieber signs off with love.
  44. material girl in a material world
    Madonna’s Material Girl Line Is Oh-So-EightiesThe proof is in our dressing-room pics!
  45. gossipmonger
    Paris Hilton Was Just Picking Her Nose in That PhotoThat’s less embarrassing than making a Hitler mustache, right?
  46. faces of things
    Taylor Momsen Will Be the Face of John Galliano’s PerfumeThe two actually have a lot in common.
  47. kids these days
    Taylor Momsen: ‘I Think Firing My Stylist Has Allowed Me to Be More Free; I Was Getting Molded Into This Thing That Wasn’t Who I Am’By “free” she must mean that it’s allowed her to use at least half the world’s eyeliner supply in one sitting.
  48. taylor momsen
    Older Men Watch Taylor Momsen Rock Out On a Table in ‘Miss Nothing’ VideoWhat would Rufus have to say about this?
  49. obviousness
    Taylor Momsen Is the (Not at All) Surprise Face of Madonna’s Material Girl LineShe looks like Xtina!
  50. music
    Hear the Second Single From Taylor Momsen and the Pretty RecklessJenny Humphrey of ‘Gossip Girl’ continues to prove she can rock, this time with “Miss Nothing.”
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