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  1. celebrity
    Beef Alert? Tree Paine Hits Back at DeuxMoiAfter the gossip account said Taylor Swift secretly married ex Joe Alwyn.
  2. toe
    No, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Never Got MarriedTree Paine and DeuxMoi are duking it out.
  3. renaissance
    All the Celebrities at Beyoncé’s Renaissance London PremiereSee Taylor Swift, Michelle Williams, Blake Lively, and more on the black carpet.
  4. bey and t
    Taylor Swift and Beyoncé(’s Publicists) Had a Big DayAt the London premiere of Beyoncé’s Renaissance film.
  5. extremely on spotify
    Spotify Is a Swiftie TooFor the first time, Taylor Swift is the top-streamed artist.
  6. it’s taylor swift
    You Missed These Easter Eggs on Taylor Swift’s Eras TourAre there any more Easter Eggs in the extended version of the film?
  7. take me home
    You Can Rent Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (Extended Version) on Her BirthdayIncluding three songs cut from the theatrical run.
  8. (from the vault)
    Travis Kelce’s ‘Hallarious’ Old Tweets Were His ‘Diary’So we sorted them as Taylor Swift’s diaries (a.k.a. her albums).
  9. mysteries
    Where on Earth Is Taylor Swift Spending Thanksgiving?The No.1 question on everyone’s mind mind this Turkey Day.
  10. from the vault
    Lana Del Rey Was So Good on ‘Snow on the Beach’ You Couldn’t Hear Her“I layer and match her vocals perfectly.”
  11. surprise songs
    Taylor and Travis Are Just a Pair of Teenage Dirtbags, Baby, Like YouThe couple reportedly busted out a surprise song with Kelce’s friends.
  12. true love?
    Everything There Is to Know About Taylor Swift and Travis KelceFrom “seemingly ranch” to Argentina.
  13. statements
    Taylor Swift Mourns Fan Who Died Before Brazil ConcertBrazil’s federal government has reportedly issued a 24-hour deadline for the concert producer to provide information on the tragedy’s circumstances.
  14. tragedy
    Taylor Swift Postpones Rio de Janeiro Concert Due to ‘Extreme Temperatures’“The safety and well-being of my fans, fellow performers, and crew has to and always will come first.”
  15. celebrity
    Travis Kelce’s Old Tweets Are a Window Into the Himbo PsycheThe tight end has managed to (mostly) charm everyone again.
  16. where’s the beef?
    Drake Got Heated on Scary Hours 3About For All the Dogs, Pusha T, and Ye — but not Taylor Swift.
  17. come to brazil!
    Brazilian Fans Want to Make Jesus a SwiftieWell, a Jesus statue, at least.
  18. my single is dropping
    Travis Kelce Scores His Debut SingleOn his brother Jason’s upcoming charity Christmas album.
  19. ahoy
    All Aboard the Taylor Swift CruiseAll the fun of the Eras Tour, now with seasickness.
  20. the squad
    Gigi Hadid Makes Clear Where She Stands on Taylor and TravisThe singer’s squad is “all over the moon” about the new relationship.
  21. celebrity dating
    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Gave Us a Little KissIn Argentina, no less.
  22. vulture sports
    Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce: Complete Dating Rumor TimelineSwift changed a lyric during her Buenos Aires concert to sing, “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs, coming straight home to me.”
  23. rankings
    All 214 Taylor Swift Songs, RankedThere are at least ten stone-cold classics in her discography.
  24. grammys 2024
    Who Will Be Nominated at the 2024 Grammys?Besides Taylor Swift, of course.
  25. invite only
    Did Bradley Cooper Crash Girls’ Night?One member of Taylor Swift’s entourage is not like the others.
  26. charts (taylor’s version)
    1989 (Taylor’s Version) Just Had Taylor Swift’s Best Debut Week EverIt’s her lucky-13th No. 1 album.
  27. midnight(our)s
    Taylor Swift Continues Her International Era(s Tour)“Is It Over Now?” Not quite.
  28. o canada (taylor’s version)
    Taylor Swift Has Some Good News for Justin TrudeauShe’s added three more shows in Canada.
  29. ex-scream-ly online
    How Niche Is Your Taylor Swift Halloween Costume?Because if you’re all dressed up …
  30. bop or flop?
    Are We Sluts for Taylor Swift’s ‘Slut!’?There’s a lot riding on that exclamation point.
  31. b is for billions
    Taylor Swift Can Really Brag About Raking in Dollars NowBecause she’s officially a billionaire.
  32. way too close reads
    Harry Styles Enters His 1989 Era One Last TimeDecoding all the likely Haylor references on Taylor Swift’s “Is It Over Now.”
  33. red lip classic
    Taylor Swift Won’t Let 1989 Go Out of StyleHer re-recorded version of the album, including five new tracks, is out now.
  34. shake it off
    Taylor’s Version of History Says They Were Friends“If I only hung out with my female friends, people couldn’t sensationalize or sexualize that — right?”
  35. champagne problems
    ‘She Eats, She Pays, She Gets the F– Out’Servers, bartenders, and owners explain what happens when Taylor Swift visits their NYC restaurants.
  36. sports!
    A Guide to the Famous NFL Girlfriends Not Named TaylorFor all you new football newbies watching from the sidelines.
  37. fever dream
    Taylor Swift Celebrates Her Tenth No. 1 HitCruel Summer (Live) (Hot Girl Concert Version) (Recorded at Sofi Stadium) helps seal the deal.
  38. here’s the thing
    Kelly Clarkson Is Pro-Romance, But Would Prefer If It Didn’t Interrupt FootballThe daytime host dispelled the notion that she has anything negative to say about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s budding relationship.
  39. scene report
    31 Days of Taylor Swift–Travis Kelce Mania in Kansas CityMy hometown is enjoying its time at the center of the universe.
  40. vulture investigates
    Does Travis Kelce Play Better When Taylor Swift Is Watching?Let’s make like the Swifties and crunch some numbers.
  41. who’s selling
    The Union Square Duplex Where Taylor Swift Took the 1989 Polaroids Is for SaleThe door marked up with lyrics is still there, preserved by the owner.
  42. my single is dropping
    It’ll Be a Cruel Autumn If Taylor Swift Has Anything to Say About ItIt’s new, the live Eras Tour recording. It’s blue, her dress in the album art.
  43. movie review
    The Eras Tour Film Is Sequined Asset ManagementTaylor Swift’s big-screen adaptation is almost too much movie.
  44. fandom
    Movie Theaters Are in Their Eras EraFans are treating the viewing experience like something between a music festival and a cult meeting.
  45. games
    Travis Kelce Is the NFL’s Taylor SwiftUnlike a lot of athlete-celebrity couplings, this one makes sense.
  46. i-i-i-see how this is gon’ go
    Here Come the Eras Tour Concert Film Box OfficeThe film is now the highest-grossing music doc ever, domestically.
  47. ‘tis the season premiere
    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Did the Least on SNLThe pair barely had more lines than the background actors in their separate (and brief) cameos.
  48. three taylors
    Taylor Lautner Is Flipping Out for the Eras Tour Movie“I’m so glad you made time to see me” — the Eras Tour movie to Taylor Lautner.
  49. scene report
    Glitter, Tears, and BeyoncéOn the scene of Taylor Swift’s mildly chaotic Eras Tour premiere.
  50. culture
    This Is Too Much Star Power for One Red CarpetBeyoncé and Taylor Swift posed for pics and shared popcorn at the Eras Tour movie premiere.
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