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  1. small-business stories
    We Asked 16 Black Business Owners What the Past Few Months Have Been LikeIn the midst of a global pandemic and in the wake of #shopblack, founders are facing a wide range of experiences.
  2. celebrity shopping
    What the Creators of Black-Owned Brooklyn Can’t Live Without“We order them by the dozen — I would not order fewer than that because you’ll be disappointed when you eat them really quickly.”
  3. painless shopping
    15 Nice-Looking Stove-Top Teakettles for Every Kind of KitchenFrom barista-approved goosenecks to modernist vessels.
  4. gifts they might actually want
    The Best Gifts for Tea Lovers, According to Sommeliers, Consultants, and WritersGo gaiwan and you’ll never go back.
  5. this thing's incredible
    I’m Spilling the Tea on My ‘Groundbreaking’ Kettle (That’s As Smart As They Get)It robotically dunks loose leaves in hot water for the exact steeping time and then removes them; I’ve yet to see a gadget take over this manual step.
  6. tea
    Moby Shares the Story of Lana Del Rey Politely Shutting Down His Game“You’re ‘The Man.’ As in, ‘stick it to The Man.’ As in the person they guillotine in the revolution.”
  7. openings
    New York’s First Yerba Mate Bar Will Open in BrooklynA trio of women will debut Porteñas this weekend.
  8. tea!
    Which Tea With The Dames Dame Are You?Are you petty like Maggie Smith or an HBIC like Judi Dench?
  9. people's choice
    The Best Teapots on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“The tea even sounds pretty when it is poured from this spout.”
  10. sips tea
    Drake Sips — Not Spills — the Tea in His ‘Nonstop’ VideoWhen in London!
  11. tea party
    Did Sarah Palin Post an Ad for Detox Tea on Instagram?She missed the hashtag memo.
  12. the dish
    New York’s Best Tearoom Has a New Taiwanese-Inspired MenuTé Company is now serving spicy peanuts, preserved kumquats, and this hearty bowl of lu rou fan, the rustic pork-sauce-over-rice dish.
  13. best bet
    We Found the Best (and Best-Looking) Electric KettleThe kettle holds water at your temperature of choice for up to an hour, and a built-in stopwatch counts the extraction or steep time.
  14. openings
    A New NYC Tea Bar Specializes in Rare Oolong and Matcha BeerAt 29B, specialty teas and inventive cocktails are the main draws.
  15. tea
    Here Are 36 Perfect Seconds of Liam Gallagher Talking About Tea“The little geezer doing the kettle.”
  16. The 8 Most British Things About DunkirkIt’s a high-stakes drama about proper queue etiquette.
  17. tea
    All of Jay-Z’s 4:44 Lines That Directly Address Beyoncé’s LemonadeHov name-drops Becky.
  18. The Absolute Best Tearooms in New YorkSitting down for tea should feel like a luxurious (yet affordable) escape. These are the places in New York that get it right.
  19. pinkies up
    Microwaving Your Tea Unleashes Additional Health BenefitsPinkies up.
  20. tea
    Ryan Murphy Remembers a Homophobic Meeting With a WB Executive“I literally was stunned into silence and he was being really, really brutal to me.”
  21. oy
    RIP, Matcha, the Ancient Delicacy That America Has RuinedIt’s now inside beer, babka, chicken liver, and beauty products.
  22. swellness
    How Curvy Teen Model Barbie Ferreira Sleeps and Practices WellnessSleeping with Barbie Ferreira.
  23. Empire Building
    Anheuser-Busch and Starbucks Are Joining ForcesThey’ll sell bottled Teavana tea, but can Budweiser Frappuccinos really be that far behind?
  24. the strategist
    12 Beautiful Mugs to Make Your Tea Taste Even BetterThe best teas taste even better out of a really great mug. 
  25. the strategist
    The 30 Best TeasAccording to people who drink the stuff obsessively. 
  26. Interviews
    Why NYC’s Newest Tea Destination Is All About Oolong“I’m from Taiwan, and that’s what we’re known for. We make beautiful oolongs.”
  27. Grub Guides
    Modern Matcha: Where to Drink (and Eat) New York’s Latest ObsessionLattes, cocktails, pastries, and more.
  28. movies
    Here Are Some More Interesting Facts About Christopher Nolan and TeaThe director keeps a flask of Earl Grey in his pocket.
  29. tea partiers
    Kendall Jenner Drinks 12 Cups of Detox Tea a DaySounds like work. 
  30. Openings
    Take a Look at America’s First Matcha BarIt’s in Williamsburg.
  31. this is random
    Time for a Tea Party With Miranda Kerr! She’ll bring the dishes.
  32. celebrity tea
    Oprah Will Make You a Cozy, Comforting Cup of Tea NowAn Oprah chai. 
  33. tea beauty
    Chic Skin Care That Comes With Tea You DrinkIt’s called Miyu.
  34. Coming Soon
    Lollicup Bringing Boba Tea and Squid Balls to SawtelleThe boba and milk tea specialist had its start in San Gabriel before expanding to China and the greater U.S.
  35. Light and Sweet
    East Village Percolates With a Record Number of Coffee ShopsStand-alone locations and small chains aren’t doing so poorly, too.
  36. Mea Cuppa
    Darjeeling Tea Offered E.U.-Protected StatusThe crop accounts for about 1 percent of India’s annual two-billion-pound output.
  37. side projects
    Billy Corgan Is Opening a Tea ShopThe world is a saucer.
  38. Waiter Rant
    And Now, Even More Ways to Get Your Server to Hate YouOrdering hot tea is a pretty good start.
  39. alan rickman
    Watch ‘Epic Tea Time With Alan Rickman’We haven’t the foggiest, but drink up!
  40. Video Feed
    See Zadie Smith’s Brother Bug Out Over a Bad Cup of TeaWatch Ben “Doc Brown” Smith’s angry rap about a subpar hot-beverage experience.
  41. Cafe Culture
    Introducing Tea Bar, Possibly the City’s First Tea and Kombucha CaféSix kombuchas and fifteen free-trade teas.
  42. Tea
    L’Espalier Now Has a Tea SommelierRenowned tea expert Cynthia Gold joins the L’Espalier team.
  43. Menus
    Cafe Livre et Le Marche Brings Tea-Smoked Rillettes and Tea-Infused AguasFarid Zadi is opening a new garden patio for tea-infused dishes and fermented Chinese tea.
  44. Tea-tini
    DavidsTea Is Here to Warm Throats and HeartsWelcome to America.
  45. Slideshow
    First Look into IOTA Coffee and Bakery, Opening Soon in KTownCoffee caliph Eton Tsuno is the consultant behind what could be L.A.’s most ambitious coffee destination yet.
  46. Nonstaurants
    Tell Tale Preserve and Naivetea Join Forces for Monthly Afternoon TeaKettle Whistle: a revolving afternoon tea service from William Werner, Lawrence Lai and Ann Lee.
  47. Foodievents
    All Things Tea Celebrated at Royal/TTea classes, tea tastings, and even a tea movie will be on display this weekend.
  48. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: I Can’t Disco When I’m PaintingYou probably didn’t notice, but last night’s episode had a lot of references to tea.
  49. Openings
    Will They Call It Physical GraffiTea?The iconic ‘Physical Graffiti’ building gets a tea shop.
  50. Menu Changes
    What to Eat at Harney & Sons SohoThere are scones, yes, but also lapsang gravlax on rice crackers, tea ice cream, and “tea cheese.”
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