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  1. tech talk
    Everything You Need to Know to Make it Through a Conversation About NFTsThey’re almost unavoidable at this point, so here’s a handy explainer.
  2. people’s choice
    The Best Robot Vacuums on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“You haven’t quite lived until you’re drunk enough to follow the Roomba all over your small studio apartment feeding it Cocoa Krispies.”
  3. trust me i should know
    What I Tell My Friends Who Ask Me What Digital Camera to BuyWhether they’re looking for a digital SLR, the best point-and-shoot, or something waterproof for kids — all for under $1,000.
  4. get it together
    The Brand-new Dyson V10 Picked Up All the Fuzzies My Bissell Left BehindThe future of vacuums is looking pretty great.
  5. my gizmos
    Ask a Tech Person: What Are Helen Hou-Sandí’s Favorite Gadgets?The lead developer at WordPress on the standing-desk converter, smart thermostat, and fitness tracker she loves.
  6. my gizmos
    Ask a Tech Person: What Are Alisha Bland’s Favorite Gadgets?Square’s packaging program manager shares her love of Samsung and the headphones she always keeps around her neck.
  7. my gizmos
    Ask a Tech Person: What Are Sarah Drasner’s Favorite Gadgets?The senior developer advocate at Microsoft shares which VR set, brain-sensing headset, and smart desk she’s into.
  8. tech talk
    How to Create a Perfect Home-Entertainment SetupDon’t you want your loved ones to have the best-possible time watching YouTube videos on their 60-inch flat screen?
  9. tech talk
    Let Us Guide Your Mobile-Entertainment GiftingDon’t you want your loved ones to have the best possible time watching Everest on their iPhones?