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  1. painless shopping
    The Best WFH Accessories Under $50If you’re going to be spending so much time in your home office, these products will help it feel more home than office.
  2. strategist investigates
    The Best (Actually in Stock) ChromebooksThere are still great options for back-to-school Chromebooks. You just have to look in the right places.
  3. encounter
    ‘There’s a Need for Organizers Everywhere’Representative Pramila Jayapal on sparring with Bill Barr, Jeff Bezos, and Joe Biden.
  4. painless shopping
    The Things You Need to Get Serious About Working From HomeFrom the basics (keyboards, mice, and headphones) to the treats (a footrest and a back-massaging office chair).
  5. micro sales
    18 Things Still On Sale From Our Two-Day (Actually Good) SaleLots of Strategist best hits, like an easy-to-clean dog bed and a size-inclusive jumpsuit are (still) the cheapest we’ve ever seen.
  6. conservatism
    The Big Tech Hearing Showed That Anti-Monopoly Is a Partisan IssueWith token exceptions, Republicans don’t want Silicon Valley’s giants to be less powerful, only more conservative.
  7. micro sales
    11 Things On Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy: From Adidas to RainsIncluding a statement rain jacket and an allergen-busting robot vacuum.
  8. painless shopping
    The 53 Best 30th-Birthday Gifts (That You Can Buy on Amazon)Including what to get your friends who love museum gift shops, fresh pasta, and modernist architecture.
  9. micro sales
    11 Things On Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy: From Le Creuset to LululemonIncluding a top-rated pressure cooker and a crowd-pleasing Comme des Garçons wallet.
  10. sunday circular
    8 Products That Delighted Us Last Week: From Dishwashers to UnitardsIncluding a vitamin-C serum made for melanated skin, a do-it-all garment for the leggings averse, and a toothbrush made for tweens.
  11. ingenious design
    Is Oura’s $299 ‘Smart Ring’ Just a Fancy Thermometer?We consulted infectious-disease doctors, sleep scientists, tech journalists, and Oura users to find out.
  12. micro sales
    10 Things On Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy: From L.L. Bean to BoseIncluding an Outdoor Voices–approved candle and an under-$400 massage chair.
  13. the top line
    Why the Stock Market Is Soaring Even As the Economy FaltersHere, some good explanations for why stocks would appear to shrug off the very serious economic problems the virus has caused this summer.
  14. micro sales
    11 Things on Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy: From Ray-Ban to BirkenstockIncluding a cheap-but-expensive-looking Italian stapler and a pair of ergonomic hiking socks.
  15. conspiracy theories
    Twitter Bans Thousands of QAnon AccountsThe platform will suspend accounts pushing the conspiracy theory, along with other measures meant to limit its spread.
  16. micro sales
    12 Things On Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy: From Kate Spade to ColemanIncluding a two-in-one cooling fan and a sweat-wicking workout top.
  17. people's choice
    The Best HDMI Splitters on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic ReviewersWhether you want to play video games on two screens or open up a sports bar, you’ll probably need an HDMI splitter.
  18. twitter
    Twitter Accounts of Bloomberg, Obama, Apple and Others Hacked in Bitcoin ScamThe accounts of Mike Bloomberg, Joe Biden, Kanye West, and Bill Gates all posted messages encouraging followers to give to the same Bitcoin wallet.
  19. pivot
    Can the Trump Administration Really Ban TikTok?Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway parse over the administration’s potential ban of the wildly popular Chinese-owned video-sharing app.
  20. micro sales
    12 Things On Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy: From HAY to Comme des GarçonsIncluding a Scandinavian table lamp and an equally Scandinavian pair of wooden clogs.
  21. trust me i should know
    How to Make Your Own Backyard Movie TheaterIt’s the best way to spend summer evenings.
  22. bleep blorp
    Hollywood Gives Up on Humans, Casts AI RobotThe robot will be playing a robot.
  23. micro sales
    10 Things On Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy: From Cuisinart to ChacoIncluding a nostalgia-invoking graphic mug for dad and a pair of Strategist-approved hiking sandals for you.
  24. recommended by experts
    The Best Bluetooth and Wireless Mouses, According to ExpertsHere are some of the best wireless mouses to help working from home feel more comfortable.
  25. micro sales
    9 Things On Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy: From Kiehl’s to SchoolhouseIncluding a 170-piece tool set for dad and an eye-catching bottle opener also for dad.
  26. pivot
    Amazon Finally Sees the Problem With Facial RecognitionKara Swisher and Scott Galloway discuss big tech’s recent turn away from facial recognition and the racial-bias problems with the technology.
  27. micro sales
    10 Things On Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy: From Fila to FentyIncluding Rihanna’s favorite Fenty palette and a crowd-pleasing Pyrex set.
  28. pivot
    The Sorry State of Diversity on Tech BoardsKara Swisher and Scott Galloway discuss Alexis Ohanian’s resignation from Reddit’s board and the lack of diversity on Silicon Valley boards.
  29. micro sales
    10 Things On Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy: From Manduka to Isabel MarantIncluding a still-in-stock yoga mat for you and a sweat-wicking baseball cap for dad.
  30. recommended by experts
    The Best Cell-Phone Signal Boosters, According to ExpertsThis is how you fix the “Can you hear me now?” problem.
  31. micro sales
    9 Things On Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy: From Nespresso to MadewellA crowd-pleasing Nespresso machine for dad and a summery straw sunhat for you.
  32. micro sales
    10 Things on Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy: From Cuisinart to CarharttIncluding our favorite wireless headphones and a summer-approved pair of wooden clogs.
  33. ask a cool person
    The Best MasterClass Classes, According to People Who’ve Taken ThemWe spoke to nine people (from bloggers, to writers, to founders of tech companies), who together have taken some 20 classes, about their experiences.
  34. recommended by experts
    The Best MicroSD Card for Your Phone, Camera, or Nintendo SwitchIf you want to expand the storage of your devices, you’re going to want one of these.
  35. strategist investigates
    What’s a Good Alternative to a Sold-out Nintendo Switch?We can’t help you find a Switch, but we can help scratch the same itch with these other great games on your phone or console.
  36. technology
    Was the Obama Administration Too Soft on Big Tech?Kara Swisher talks with a key member of the president’s economic team about why companies like Google and Amazon were largely left unchecked.
  37. pivot
    Does the Government Have a Chance Against Google?Pivot’s Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway discuss whether the DOJ’s antitrust investigation of the tech behemoth is doomed to fail.
  38. this thing's incredible
    My WFH Computer Monitor Is Also the Perfect Quarantine TVIt’s no ordinary monitor. And it’s no ordinary TV. It’s the ideal combination of both.
  39. recommended by experts
    The Best SD Cards for Your Camera, According to PhotographersWhat you put in your camera is almost as important as the camera itself.
  40. pivot
    Can Amazon, Uber, and Lyft All Thrive After the Coronavirus?Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway argue that there may not be space for all three giants to survive in the post-coronavirus landscape.
  41. people's choice
    The Best Wi-Fi Extenders on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“I have Wi-Fi capable of holding three videoconferences and simultaneously streaming YouTube Kids, effective in all corners of my home.”
  42. coronavirus
    Four Tech Giants Are Solidifying Their Domination of the Post-Coronavirus WorldScott Galloway examines the staggering gains anticipated at Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon during the historic economic downturn.
  43. texting
    32 Adorable ‘Good Morning’ Texts for HerStumped on a sweet text to send to your lady? We have you covered.
  44. recommended by experts
    What Are the Best TVs Under $500?Because Tiger King deserves better than your 13-inch laptop.
  45. privacy
    Schools Might Start to Ban Zoom Over Privacy ConcernsAmid reports of virtual classrooms getting hijacked by racist trolls, schools in New York may look to host online lessons elsewhere.
  46. covid diary
    How Do You Get Laptops to 1.1 Million Public-School Students?An East Village principal, sick at home, tries to take his school remote.
  47. recommended by experts
    The Best Wi-Fi Mesh Systems, According to ExpertsWith a mesh Wi-Fi system, you’ll actually get a wireless signal everywhere in your home — and not just in that one spot under the kitchen table.
  48. please advise
    Ask Chris Black: I’m Stocking Up on Shorts. What Pairs Do You Like?Five pairs of shorts to wear inside and out, plus accessories for upping the production value of your video calls, and lightweight jackets for men.
  49. coronavirus
    Lower Your Video Quality for the Greater GoodEveryone working and playing from home is taxing our internet infrastructure. You don’t need to watch everything in 1080p.
  50. sports
    The Last Sport Still StandingWith every other league suspended, it’s time to get really into watching marble races on YouTube.
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