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Ted Williams

  1. ted williams
    Find Out What Ted Williams Has Been Up ToTed Williams is doing just fine, wearing performance fleece and splaying out, nude, by the fireplace!
  2. clickables
    See Snoop Dogg, Warren G, and Radio Guy Ted Williams’s Samsung CommercialShrimp and lobster!
  3. full circle
    Ted Williams Scored a TV ShowWell, how else did you think this story would end?
  4. tv
    Dr. Drew Gets Daytime Show on the CWAnd Dr. Phil reunites Ted Williams with his family.
  5. clickables
    See Ted Williams’s Brand-New Kraft Mac & Cheese CommercialThings move quickly on the Internet.
  6. actual heroes
    Forget the Homeless Radio Guy, Actual Hero Is His Ex-WifeWe are glad we saved our worship.
  7. talk
    Is Ted ‘Golden Voice’ Williams’s Story Going to End Well?We so want it to, but these nagging thoughts…
  8. clickables
    See Ted Williams, a.k.a. Homeless Radio Guy, Open the Today ShowWell done, world.
  9. clickables
    Meet the Homeless Man With the ‘Golden’ Radio-Ready VoiceHis name is Ted Williams.
  10. yuck
    Here Is Our Acknowlegment of the Ted Williams StoryUgly stories about Ted Williams’s head.
  11. horrifying things
    Cryonics Whistleblower Details Macabre Abuse of Ted Williams’s Frozen HeadA new book about the atrocities witnessed at a cryonics facility includes photos and descriptions of what was done to the remains of legendary Red Sox slugger Ted Williams.