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Teen Pregnancy

  1. Trump Administration Quietly Cut $213 Million in Funds to Prevent Teen PregnancyResearchers say their work up to this point will go to waste.
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    Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Is Failing Texas TeensThe state has yet to adopt progressive policies that are working to reduce the teen-pregnancy rate elsewhere.
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    Trump’s Proposed Budget Would Invest $277 Million in Abstinence-Only EducationEven though abstinence-only programs don’t work.
  4. Here’s How Teen Birthrates Differ in Rural and Urban Areas in the U.S.A new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report examines teen birthrates across the U.S.
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    You’ll Never Guess Why the Teen Birthrate Has Declined by Almost 50 PercentIt might have to do with contraception.
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    Creepy Robot Babies Don’t Deter Teens From SpawningClearly they haven’t seen Toy Story.
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    Colorado Will Remain a Birth-Control UtopiaThe state just received funding to keep giving teenagers free IUDs.
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    Teen Pregnancy at an All-Time LowHistorically low lows!
  9. Pregnancy Rates Falling in AmericaThe CDC reports. 
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    Glee Kids Acting Like a Bunch of DropoutsFirst Finn, now Brittany.
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    City Can’t Win on Teen Pregnancy IssueAt least, not with its new ad campaign.
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    NYC Teens Having Less Sex, BabiesYay.
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    Bristol Palin Dumps Levi Johnston, Again“I got played.”
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    What Can Would-be Teen Moms Everywhere Learn From the Saga of Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin?America’s Most Important Unmarried Young White Parents have gotten engaged. There’s a lesson here.
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    Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin Back Together?And after the Gores, you thought true love was dead.