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  1. missing animals
    And Now There’s a Tiger on the LooseSorry.
  2. 2020 elections
    Trump’s Candidate Bill Hagerty Wins Wild Tennessee Senate PrimaryA primary in which both candidates kept trying to outflank each other on the right was won by the original front-runner and Trump endorsee.
  3. honky tonk update
    Kid Rock’s Bar Suing Nashville Over Coronavirus RestrictionsThe bar’s beer permit was suspended last week.
  4. power
    6 Teens Organized a Protest. 10,000 People Showed Up.They spoke with the Cut about coming face-to-face with the riot police, educating their own parents, and being radicals (not Democrats.)
  5. abortion
    Anti-Abortion Activists Object to State Bans — But Only on TacticsAnti-abortion leaders are discouraging extreme state abortion laws, preferring stealth until the time is ripe for a frontal assault on Roe v. Wade.
  6. influencers
    Imagine Turning Your Motorcycle Accident Into a Photo ShootA Nashville influencer is facing backlash after posting a bizarre series of photos.
  7. power
    Neighbors Formed a Human Chain to Protect a Man and His Son From ICE Agents“I know they’re gonna come back,” a neighbor said. “And when they come back, we’re coming back.”
  8. state legislatures
    West Virginia Leads States With Boys’ Club LegislaturesSome states, like Massachusetts (bad) and Georgia (relatively good), defy partisan stereotypes on legislative gender balance.
  9. death penalty
    Tennessee Man Is First U.S. Inmate Killed By Electric Chair in Five YearsEdmund Zagorski chose to die in the electric chair to avoid the pain of lethal injection.
  10. politics
    TSwift Finally Gets Political, Denounces Republican Candidate Marsha BlackburnThe singer outlines her concerns with GOP pick Marsha Blackburn, whose voting record “appals and terrifies” her.
  11. 2018 midterms
    Poll: Democrats Lead Senate Races in Arizona and TennesseeIf Democrats can pull off an upset in the Volunteer State, their chances of taking the Senate improve dramatically.
  12. Why Diane Black’s Loss in Tennessee’s Gubernatorial Primary Doubly Hurts the GOPDiane Black’s loss in Tennessee’s gubernatorial primary is another setback for House Republicans running statewide, and also for GOP women.
  13. waffle house shooting
    The Waffle House Hero Raised Nearly $250,000 for Shooting VictimsJames Shaw Jr. will split the money evenly among victims and their families.
  14. ‘Ego-Driven, Tired Old Man’ Corker Considers Un-retirement From SenateIt’s probably too late for Corker to win another term, but if he decides to run after all, it could fatally divide the Tennessee GOP.
  15. The Right (and Wrong) Lessons to Take From Doug Jones’s Win in AlabamaBe careful of over-interpretation by partisans. But Jones’s win shouldn’t be under-interpreted, either.
  16. Bredesen Makes Tennessee Senate Race Competitive for DemocratsIn addition to Arizona, Nevada, and possibly Alabama, there’s now another place where Democrats might win a seat and even gain control of the Senate.
  17. Politicians Join Effort to Nix University of Tennessee Football Coaching HirePols helped irate fans quickly spike the school’s unpopular choice, citing complicity in the Penn State scandal.
  18. What Do We Know About Peyton Manning’s Politics?The former NFL quarterback could run for Senate from Tennessee.
  19. justin timberlake
    Citizen Justin Timberlake Inspires Tennessee Bill Legalizing Voter SelfiesLast fall, Timberlake was on the wrong side of the law when he took a picture at his polling station.
  20. crimes and misdemeanors
    Two Juveniles Charged With Arson Over Deadly Tennessee WildfiresAuthorities are considering trying the pair in adult court.
  21. Fires Rip Through Towns Near Smoky MountainsThe southeastern U.S. is plagued with blazes because of record drought.
  22. Noma’s René Redzepi Is Coming to Tennessee’s Blackberry FarmThe world’s most exclusive pop-up.
  23. what goes around comes around
    Justin Timberlake Is Producing a Music Festival in Tennessee Not Called BonnarooBeck, Hall and Oates, Kacey Musgraves, and the Violent Femmes are slated to perform.
  24. wtf
    Woman Claims Restaurant’s ‘Urinating’ Toy Sexually Assaulted Her“It peed on me, basically. Out of its wee-wee area.”
  25. Restaurant Brawls
    IHOP Staffers Turned Their Entire Restaurant Into an All-out Brawl“Somebody was holding a baby and still trying to fight.”
  26. Lawsuits
    Ruby Tuesday Accused of Underpaying ServersServers say they were required to do tons of side jobs for no tips.
  27. Really Gross Stuff
    Totally Chill Kellogg’s Employee Caught Peeing on CerealWorse: He did it in 2014, so you already ate the products.
  28. Tennessee Gets a State Gun and It Is HugeThe Barrett .50 caliber rifle joins the raccoon, the cave salamander, and the tomato.
  29. Tennessee Sheriff Blames Drive-by Shooting on Beyoncé Video“As soon as you put this uniform on, you’re a target.”
  30. Donald Trump Can ‘Feel’ When Terrorism Is ComingLast night, Trump revealed that he is an actual superhero who can psychically predict terror attacks.
  31. Lawsuits
    A Man Won $2,400 for Biting Into ‘Excessively Hard’ Pizza HutNo match for a denture.
  32. Oops
    This Steakhouse Charged Some Poor Diner $99,000 for DinnerIt was a “glitch.”
  33. local politics
    Tennessee Politician Busy Drinking and StalkingHe’s not getting reelected.
  34. Fake ISIS Member in Tennessee Thinks the Group Is Called ISSIHe really wanted to get arrested.
  35. Open Carry
    Tennessee Steakhouse Joins the Hot New ‘Guns Welcome’ TrendThe owner had lost her last group of gun-toting motorcyclists.
  36. Sour Mashed
    George Dickel Scores Surprise Victory in High-Stakes Tennessee Whiskey WarTennessee lost a fight to make George Dickel store all whiskey in-state.
  37. death penalty
    Tennessee Brings Back the Electric ChairIn case lethal injections become unavailable.
  38. religiots
    Insane Judge Says You Can’t Name Baby ‘Messiah’Wow. 
  39. sex ed
    What Is ‘Gateway Sexual Activity’?Ohio Republicans want to ban it from sex ed.
  40. Grease Is The Word
    Nightmare Scenarios: 5-Year-Old Girl Falls Into Sonic Grease PitWe bet she’ll grow up to be a vegan.
  41. bons mots
    Difficulty of Working at Hooters Possibly Overstated“If I could make it at Hooters, I could make it anywhere.”
  42. land of the free
    Isolated-Incident WatchArson at a mosque site in Tennessee.
  43. early and awkward
    Watch Congressman Steve Cohen Being Very, Very WhiteThis is not how one should dance to rap music, or to anything.
  44. Mediavore
    David Myers’ Friends Turned Off by Comme Ca Ruckus; Get a Call from Steve YoungA leading chef sound proofs his restaurant for pals and California plans to lead the way in bovine emission research.
  45. Mediavore
    Rachel Ray Goes Royal for Mardi Gras; South Bay Thieves Target Top-Shelf LiquorA celeb chef nabs a hot seat in New Orleans and booze-boosting crooks show exquisite taste.
  46. early and often
    Are Feds Closing In on Palin E-Mail Hacker?That’s what some trails left behind in the incident suggest. And it was apparently super easy, too!