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Terrifying Things

  1. terrifying things
    Enter Conner O’Malley’s Nightmarish ‘Hudson Yards Video Game’It’s as funny as it is terrifying.
  2. terrifying things
    Are Your Eyelash Extensions Giving You Eye Lice?(Technically, the term is “mites.”)
  3. hype
    Is Hereditary Really the Scariest Movie of the Summer?Like regular scary? Or pee-pants scary? Or get-me-to-therapy scary?
  4. Every Terrifying Thing That Donald Trump Did LatelyAll the norms the president has already destroyed.
  5. Mothers and Children Would Be Ripped Apart Under Reported DHS ProposalThe proposal, which is reportedly under consideration, seeks to deter women from illegally crossing the border with their children.
  6. terrifying things
    World’s Creepiest Burglar Watched a Chicago Couple SleepMeet Creeper Ghost.
  7. real life horror
    California Teen Scripted ‘Rape and Kill’ LetterHe based it on the horror movie The Purge.
  8. hairy situations
    People Are Turning Their Neck Hair Into EyebrowsDoes this pain you as much as it pains us?
  9. terrifying things
    Honeybee Swarm Descends on Tree Near Unpronounceable Subway StopHoyt-Schammerhammer, Schamahama? “Hoyt.”