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  1. terror
    Donald and Melania Partake in a Haunting HalloweenDonald Trump and Melania enjoyed Halloween in their usual bizarre fashion.
  2. terror
    What We Know About the Bombs Sent to Clinton, Obama, CNN, Biden, and OthersPolice have arrested a suspect in connection with the mail bombs. Here’s everyone he’s allegedly targeted, and how.
  3. select all
    I Can Feel Dark Energy Emanating From This YouTube Video About Coke LifehacksWARNING: This video will kill you.
  4. manchester bombing
    U.K. Authorities Believe Manchester Bomber Is Part of Larger NetworkAbedi traveled back and forth to Libya over the last few years, where his father returned as recently as 2011.
  5. Police Officer Killed in Possible Terror Attack on the Champs-Élysées in ParisTwo other officers were wounded, and the gunman was also killed.
  6. Berlin Suspect Killed in Milan After Shootout With PoliceAn injured police officer is expected to survive.
  7. spoiler alert
    Long-Lost Ship From AMC Series The Terror Found “Apparently they’ve never heard of a spoiler alert.”
  8. health
    The Fear of Terrorism Is Dangerous on a Biological LevelResearch reveals the physiological impact of “consistent exposure to terror threats.” 
  9. studies
    How Terror Attacks Drive a Wedge Between Muslims and Non-Muslims in the U.S.New research on the long-term effects of a backlash against Muslims. 
  10. Cops Ask for Quiet; Citizens Give Them Cat PicsLolcats ou censure?
  11. terrorble
    FBI Declined to Take Jose Pimentel Terror Case [Updated]How serious was the terror threat announced last night?
  12. fears come true
    What to Do If You Find a Rat in Your ToiletRuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!
  13. Mediavore
    Suburban Scammers Swindle Restaurants; Investors Urge Red Robin to Find a BuyerPlus food, music and cocaine have similar effects on the brain, and a cup of coffee spurs terror at 20,000 feet, all in our morning news roundup.
  14. terror
    Mark Ruffalo Is on a Homeland Security Watch List“It’s pretty radical,” says the actor.
  15. terror
    Spanish Lawmaker Doesn’t Think He Has Terrorist HairThe FBI seems to disagree.
  16. terror
    Osama Bin Laden Is Now Older, Less Shaggy, Made of WaxThe State Department thinks this is what he looks like now.
  17. terror
    Something Happened in the Air This WeekendAs you may have heard.
  18. terror
    Rudy Giuliani: ‘I Didn’t Think We Were in the Business of Granting the Requests of Terrorists’Former mayor is against having the 9/11 trials in Manhattan.
  19. homeland security
    Report: Zazi Admitted Al Qaeda TiesThe man who led to the raid of several homes in Queens earlier this week may be negotiating a plea.
  20. What Not to Eat
    Chipstix Continues to Fascinate and DisturbThere’s something really off about these fried potatoes on a stick.
  21. stoners
    Is the Bronx Terror Plot Good for Stoners?The group’s ringleader was a pothead, but that might not be a bad thing.
  22. neighborhood watch
    Nobody’s New Year’s Eve Was As Bad As This OneFreezing and most likely wasted, on a conked-out commuter train, till dawn.
  23. ink-stained wretches
    Reuters’ NYC Office Gets the White-Powder TreatmentReuters’ Times Square newsroom was evacuated today after an editor opened an envelope and a “puff of powder” came out.