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  1. High Schooler’s Snapchat Story Allegedly Shows Shooter in Downtown ManhattanThe footage allegedly shows the shooter running in the street before being detained by police.
  2. chelsea bombing
    Chelsea Bomber Ahmed Rahimi Found GuiltyHe faces a mandatory life sentence.
  3. awful things
    Terrorist Truck Bombings in Somalia Leave Hundreds DeadThe death toll is still rising after the deadliest terrorist attack in Somalia’s history.
  4. international affairs
    Vehicle Attacks in Edmonton Being Investigated As Possible Act of TerrorismThe suspect had an ISIS flag in his car and injured at least five people, including a police officer.
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    NGO Director Convicted on Terrorism Charges for Refusing to Give Up PasswordsA British court ruling sets a concerning precedent.
  6. The Trump Administration’s New, Permanent Travel Restrictions Are on the WayThe temporary travel ban that caused so much chaos and litigation is now giving way to permanent policies, with more litigation certain.
  7. terrorism
    U.K. Lowers Terrorism Threat Level, Second Arrest Made in London Tube AttackTwo men, an 18-year-old and a 21-year-old, are in custody as the investigation into the bombing continues.
  8. international affairs
    Arrest Made in London Tube AttackU.K. authorities raised the country’s terrorism threat level to “critical” on Friday night.
  9. May Says Trump’s Terrorist Rumormongering Is UnhelpfulThe president’s inability to keep his mouth shut remains a problem.
  10. Explosion on London Underground Treated As ‘Terrorist Incident’The blast on a packed rush-hour train left nearly two dozen injured, and gave President Trump an excuse to promote his travel ban on Twitter.
  11. scary things
    Suspected Terrorists Attacked Police in Brussels, LondonOne man used a knife and the other a sword. Both shouted “Allahu Akbar.”
  12. threats
    Allah-Las Rock Concert in Rotterdam Canceled After Terror ThreatAuthorities have detained a driver of a van found near the venue.
  13. international affairs
    Terror Cell in Spain Was Planning a Much Larger-Scale AttackSome of the 12 suspected terrorists were teenagers, and their radicalization has baffled their families and authorities alike.
  14. The Rise of Truck Attacks, the Terror Tactic of TodayIn 2017 alone, there have been at least nine such attacks around the world, resulting in nearly 40 deaths.
  15. At Least 13 Killed, 100 Injured in Two Vehicle Attacks in SpainAttackers plowed into crowds in Barcelona and Cambrils in Spain’s worst attack in a more than a decade.
  16. Man Accused of Right-Wing Bomb Plot Is Mentally Ill, Was Entrapped, Family SaysJerry Drake Varnell would have never tried to blow up a building without the FBI’s help, his family says.
  17. Right Wing Terror Plot Thwarted in Oklahoma CityThe 23-year-old would-be terrorist told an FBI informant that he “wanted to start the next revolution.”
  18. scary things
    FBI Searches for Suspects After Bombing of Minnesota MosqueNo one was injured in the Saturday-morning blast, which may have been a domestic terrorist attack.
  19. Is ISIS’s Elusive Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Dead?A respected human-rights group says he’s been killed. But ISIS calls it “fake news.” Who’s right?
  20. scary things
    Flint, Michigan, Airport Stabbing Investigated As Act of TerrorismA Canadian man shouted “Allahu akbar” and stabbed a police officer in the neck.
  21. ISIS Allegedly Destroyed Mosul Mosque Where Its Leader Declared ‘Caliphate’Iraqi and coalition forces blame ISIS; ISIS blames the U.S.-led coalition.
  22. scary things
    Van Rams Worshippers in Terror Attack Near London MosqueTen people were injured and one death at the scene may be related to the attack. Witnesses said the driver shouted that he wanted to kill Muslims.
  23. select all
    Facebook Accidentally Doxed Moderators to Suspected TerroristsOne moderator had to go into hiding.
  24. Trump’s Terrorism Policy Is Dangerous — and Possibly a Political WinnerThe more attacks happen, the more his overheated talk seems warranted. And the more he talks, the less safe we become.
  25. British Authorities Identify the Third London AttackerThe 22-year-old Youssef Zaghba reportedly attempted to go to Syria.
  26. Trump Bolsters Legal Case Against His ‘Travel Ban’ in Insane TweetstormTrump says the Justice Department never should have “watered down” his original “travel ban,” which included a preference for non-Muslim refugees.
  27. scary things
    ISIS Claims Responsibility for London Terrorist AttackThe group’s level of involvement remains unclear, but Prime Minister Theresa May said there’s been “far too much tolerance for extremism” in Britain.
  28. Trump Insults London Mayor in Wake of Terrorist AttackHe also took the opportunity to complain about political correctness and gun control.
  29. British Election Surprisingly Competitive As Tories Stumble and Labour Doesn’tTheresa May figured a snap election would strengthen her hand in Brexit talks. But the Tory lead is shrinking and Jeremy Corbyn’s doing well.
  30. terrorism
    Portland Mourns Two Heroes Killed While Defending Teen Girls From Racist TiradeThe two men were stabbed to death after trying to stop a white supremacist from confronting two teens, one of whom was a Muslim wearing a hijab.
  31. offensive things
    Texas Middle-School Teachers Give Girl ‘Most Likely to Become a Terrorist’ AwardOnly one day after the Manchester terrorist attack.
  32. scary things
    What We Know About the Manchester Concert BombingISIS has claimed responsibility for the bombing that killed at least 22 people at an Ariana Grande concert in a Manchester concert arena.
  33. breaking
    At Least 22 Dead Following Suspected Terror Attack at Ariana Grande ConcertThe singer was unharmed.
  34. ISIS Appreciates the NRA’s WorkIn the new issue of its magazine, the terror group implores would-be jihadists to take advantage of America’s lax gun laws.
  35. awful things
    Palm Sunday Bombings at Coptic Churches in Egypt Kill at Least 40ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks, which are but the latest violence to strike Egypt’s Christian minority.
  36. international affairs
    Suspect Arrested in Connection With Stockholm Truck AttackThe 39-year-old Uzbek man was known to authorities, but was not being actively monitored at the time of the attack.
  37. Hijacked Truck Plows Into Pedestrians, Killing at Least 3 in StockholmThe latest in a line of truck attacks hits the Swedish capital.
  38. ISIS Kills Dozens of People in Iraq and SyriaThe Syrian Observatory for Human Rights calls it ISIS’s largest mass killing of 2017.
  39. Trump May Make Visitors to U.S. Hand Over Their Social-Media Passwords“Extreme vetting” may require even short-term visitors from U.S. allies to hand over their phones, passwords, finances, and ideological views.
  40. Police Thwart Terror Attack After Man Drives Onto Pedestrian Mall in BelgiumThe driver’s car reportedly contained a gun and knives.
  41. U.S. Places New Restrictions on Air Travelers From 8 Muslim-Majority CountriesU.S.-bound passengers from eight nations in the Middle East are no longer allowed to carry laptops on flights.
  42. international affairs
    Man Shot and Killed at Paris Airport Was Under Influence of Drugs and AlcoholHe told soldiers he wanted to “die for Allah,” but investigators aren’t sure that terrorism was his motivation.
  43. ISIS Attackers Dressed As Doctors Kill Dozens at Afghan Military HospitalAt least 38 are dead with more than 50 injured.
  44. Trump Plan Would Gut Coast Guard and TSA to Pay for Immigration CrackdownApparently, making America “safe again” involves cutting airport and coastal security to channel billions of dollars to pro-Trump border unions.
  45. fuzzy math
    Trump Wants Everyone to Think Obama’s Guantánamo Policy Was a Dangerous DisasterDespite repeated claims otherwise, the available evidence suggests George W. Bush’s release policy led to more reengagement than Obama’s.
  46. mea culpas
    24: Legacy Producers Apologize for Using Footage From 2013 Nairobi Terror AttackThe footage will be removed from future broadcasts of the episode.
  47. There Were Two Major Victories Against ISIS in Iraq and SyriaIraqi forces retake most of Mosul airport, while Turkish-backed Syrian rebels expel the extremist group from al-Bab.
  48. French Authorities Foil ‘Imminent’ Terror Plot Against ParisFour people were arrested, including a teenage girl.
  49. terrorism
    After Deadly Raid, Yemen Bans U.S. Ground Missions Against Terrorist TargetsJohn McCain called the raid a “failure,” but the White House said it was “highly successful.”
  50. last night on late night
    Trevor Noah Notices a Few Holes in Donald Trump’s Terrorist Attack ListAttacks committed by white terrorists were noticeably missing.
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