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  1. party chat
    David O. Russell Imagines Mickey Rourke’s Life Advice“Always carry a Chihuahua.”
  2. pilots
    Wahlberg’s Creating Another Boston Reality ShowThis one’s inspired by the sisters from The Fighter.
  3. the industry
    Bradley Cooper Might Replace Mark Wahlberg As David O. Russell’s Leading ManA new guy for the director to verbally abuse.
  4. movies
    Mark Wahlberg Wants to Mount a Sequel to The Fighter“Everybody had such an amazing experience making the movie that I can’t imagine they wouldn’t want to go back.”
  5. clickables
    Watch Melissa Leo Shoot Her Oscar Campaign AdsHer self-made “Consider” campaign has raised some eyebrows.
  6. clickables
    See Small Children Act Out 2011’s Best Picture Nominees[Unintelligible Boston accents.]
  7. oscar race 2011
    The Oscar Nominees Are Out — Now Here Are Their NarrativesVulture’s taken a look at the newest crop of contenders and the careful narrative crafted for each.
  8. oscars
    The Fighter Co-writer’s Air Bud Credit Still Makes Him WinceNot only is it silly, but he got screwed by the franchise!
  9. clickables
    Watch Mark Wahlberg’s Homoerotic Nose NuzzleWahlberg and MTV’s Josh Horowitz have had their differences before, but in this game of gay chicken, he goes there.
  10. friendship
    Melissa Leo’s Not Here to Make FriendsSomeone’s watching reality TV!
  11. 2010
    Rachel Dratch on the Year in Boston AccentsWe got the native Masshole to weigh in on what was a remarkably active year for the Boston accent in pop culture.
  12. clickables
    Compare The Fighter’s Final Boxing Match With the Real FightSpoiler: They are not exactly the same.
  13. weekend box office
    Holiday Box Office: True Grit ScoresBut “Little Fockers” still wins.
  14. guides
    A Primer on The Fighter’s Seven SistersOne of whom is Conan’s real-life sister.
  15. party lines
    David O. Russell at The FighterPlus: Amy Adams, Melissa Leo, Adam Levine …
  16. oscars
    No Oscars for Black Swan, True Grit ScoresSorry, guys.
  17. party chat
    David O. Russell and Amy Adams Rehearsed The Fighter in the Cereal Aisle at Whole Foods“Like, when a face smooshes, or a character delivers a straight right bam-bam!”
  18. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Is The Fighter a Best Picture Spoiler?Who’s up? Who’s down?
  19. pre-spoiled movies
    Five Things We Learned This Year About How to Make a Good Pre-Spoiled MoviePrediction: This year’s Best Picture winner will come pre-spoiled.
  20. movie review
    The Fighter Is Not So Much Raging Bull As Raging FamilyIt’s a rousing film, with so much texture that once it gets you, you’re good and got.
  21. the star market
    The Star Market: Can Amy Adams’s Role in The Fighter Bump Her Up a Casting Weight Class?“I never thought she was a real movie star, but she’ll make a picture go, she will green-light a film.”
  22. fact-checking
    How Does Christian Bale Compare to the Real Person He Plays in The Fighter?He’s skinnier, balder, and more intense.
  23. bad moms
    The Eight Worst Moms of Oscar SeasonA year after Mo’Nique child-abused her way to Oscar glory in ‘Precious,’ there’s a stampede of crappy mothers chasing trophies.
  24. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: The Fighter Punches BackWho’s up? Who’s down?
  25. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: The Fighter Enters the RingWho’s up? Who’s down?
  26. trailer mix
    The Fighter’s New Mad Men Trailer: Remember Us, Awards Voters?Are you excited for appealingly realistic small talk between Mark Wahlberg and Amy Adams, or Melissa Leo’s awesome hair?
  27. trailer mix
    The Fighter Trailer: Mark Wahlberg’s Punch-Out!!It does look well-done, but surely there must be more to this to have made it worth everybody’s trouble, right?
  28. faces of meth
    Christian Bale Is Counting CaloriesLet’s hope he’s working just as hard on his voice.
  29. the industry
    Amy Adams a Lover and a FighterPlus: Jason Lee hops on ‘Dicks.’
  30. the industry
    Melissa Leo to Control Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg’s BedtimesPlus: Blur scheduling U.S. tour dates?
  31. the industry
    Christian Bale and David O. Russell Are FightingPlus: Marlon Wayans better look good in sandals.
  32. the industry
    Brandon Routh Is Still Super, Thanks for AskingPlus: Ridley Scott battles Einstein!
  33. the industry
    Brad Pitt, Matt Damon InterchangablePlus industry news on Justice League, Katherine Heigl, and Avatar.