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The Human Centipede

  1. The Oral History of the Human Centipede Movies (It’s Pretty Gross)Not for the squeamish.
  2. crazed ambition
    Somehow, Human Centipede 3 Will Have a 500-Person CentipedeThat’s a whole lotta ‘pede.
  3. movies
    There Is One Line the Human Centipede Director Won’t CrossEven he’s got standards.
  4. clickables
    Look at This New Poster for The Human Centipede 2: Full SequenceJust in time for Oscar season.
  5. movies
    So, How Much Worse Is the Human Centipede Sequel?A lot worse, according to gruesome new details!
  6. the donald
    Donald Trump’s Low Ceiling, or, Why Donald Trump Is Like The Human CentipedeBear with us.
  7. clickables
    Watch a Stage-Musical Version of The Human CentipedeFrom Emerson College.
  8. movies
    Human Sexipede Trailer: The Human Centipede Porn Parody You’ve Been Waiting ForIt’s too early in the morning for this, but it’s probably always too early in the morning for this.
  9. disgusting things
    Sorry, Humanity: Human Centipede 2 Is HappeningUgh.
  10. movies
    Play Human Centipede, the Video GameOr, you know, don’t play it.
  11. ranters and ravers
    Times Sends Poor Jeannette Catsoulis to Human CentipedeA.O. Scott and Manohla Dargis both wussed out.
  12. the human centipede
    How to See The Human Centipede and Not Throw UpSpoiler alert: It won’t be easy.