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  1. teutonic taunting
    The Oscars Pile on The ReaderAt best, Harvey fought the Academy to a draw.
  2. kudos
    Vulture’s Final Oscar Predictions: the Exciting CategoriesWant to lose $10 in your Oscar pool? Bet on these!
  3. advice
    Vulture’s Post-Oscar Career PlannerWhat wisdom do we hope this year’s nominees, snubbed hopefuls, and breakout stars take away from one of the most exciting awards races in recent memory?
  4. non-denial denials
    Harvey Weinstein Not Not Responsible for Slumdog Millionaire Backlash’When you’re Billy the Kid and people around you die of natural causes, everyone thinks you shot them.’
  5. kudos
    Mickey Rourke vs. Kate Winslet: Who Blew It Worse Last Night?Probably Mickey Rourke.
  6. epic snubs
    Getting to the Bottom of Kate Winslet’s Unprecedented Oscar SnubThis is the first time a Best Dramatic Actress winner at the Globes hasn’t received an Oscar nomination.
  7. kudos
    The Oscar Nominations: Harvey Weinstein Beats BatmanWith ‘The Reader’s’ strong showing this morning, is Harvey today’s biggest surprise winner?
  8. baseless speculation
    The Oscar Nominations: What’ll Get the Fifth-Best Picture Slot?Will it be ‘The Dark Knight,’ or will the Academy surprise us?
  9. kudos
    Kate Winslet Is Kate Winslet’s Main Competition at the BAFTA AwardsWhat’s good for Kate Winslet is bad for Anne Hathaway.
  10. kudos
    Golden Globes: Could Kate Winslet’s Double Victory Cost Her at the Oscars?Will Oscar voters now be more confused than ever about how best to give her an award?
  11. kudos
    Roger Friedman Gives Confusing, Contradictory Oscar Advice to Kate WinsletIn a weird twist, he advocates Winslet to shun her ‘Revolutionary Road’ performance for ‘The Reader.’
  12. chat room
    Vulture Exclusive: Harvey Weinstein on Yesterday’s Golden Globe NominationsHarvey talked to Vulture about his Best Picture odds and the Weinstein Company’s new blog-outreach program.
  13. flowcharts
    Ask Vulture: Which of This Fall’s Oscar-Baiting Holocaust Movies Is Right for You?This fall presents a veritable smorgasbord of awards-baiting Nazi-related cinematic entertainment choices — but which to see?
  14. chat room
    The Reader Director Stephen Daldry on Sex Scenes, Rudin vs. Weinstein, and Kavalier & ClayDaldry raps with Vulture about the clash between moguls that cost Weinstein a million bucks and made Rudin take his name off the movie.
  15. news reel
    Three Out of Four Reader Stars Confess to Teenage Affairs With Old People’I think I was 16, and he was maybe 40 … 35,’ says Lena Olin.
  16. nazi kate winslet
    ‘The Reader’ Trailer: Kate Winslet Plays a NILFKate Winslet stars as a former SS prison guard on trial for war crimes, and Ralph Fiennes plays the much-younger lawyer who loves her.
  17. awesome
    ‘The Reader’ Will Be Out in December, Even If It’s Not DoneThere’s no score, and it’s not yet been edited.
  18. beef
    In Your Face, Harvey: Scott Rudin Pulls His Name From ‘The Reader’Has Harvey caved? Did ‘Reader’ get pushed back to 2009?
  19. beef
    Harvey Weinstein Loses Million-Dollar Bet With Nikki FinkeHarv didn’t believe that the journo was in possession of a damaging e-mail from Scott Rudin — he was wrong.
  20. pre-kudos
    Weinstein KO’s Rudin Over ‘Reader’ ReleaseScott Rudin bows down to the mighty Harvey Weinstein.
  21. the industry
    Kate Winslet Is the New Nicole Kidman in ‘The Reader’Plus: Who will play B.A. Baracus?