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  1. Darren Aronofsky Movies, RankedIn honor of Mother!, we ranked every Darren Aronofsky movie, from The Wrestler to Requiem for a Dream.
  2. i quit!
    Watch the Many Ways Movie and TV Characters Dramatically Quit Their Jobs“Frankly, I’d rather have a job wiping Saddam Hussein’s ass.”
  3. mickey rourke
    Which of Mickey Rourke’s Recent Female Co-stars ‘Shits Herself’ When Cameras Roll?“She’s fooled everyone into thinking she’s a lot better than she is.”
  4. trailer mix
    Big Fan Trailer: Patton Oswalt Goes to a Dark PlaceYes, this certainly looks darker than his role in ‘Ratatouille.’
  5. Celebrity Settings
    Mickey Rourke Only Goes to Four RestaurantsGrub Street encounters Mickey Rourke on the Lower Lower East Side.
  6. arrests
    Father of Wrestler Actor Gets Ram-Jammed by Iranian PoliceMickey Rourke will avenge you!
  7. mickey rourke
    WrestleMania to Get Ram-Jammed After All?He’ll definitely be at WrestleMania, says a WWE spokesperson.
  8. fake video games
    Wrestle Jam Creators SpeakIf they’d given an Oscar for Best Performance by a Video Game, surely it would’ve gone to Wrestle Jam, the 8-bit Nintendo game featured in ‘The Wrestler.’
  9. Mourning the Acceptance Speech Mickey Rourke Would’ve GivenWatch his Independent Spirit Awards speech to see why.
  10. advice
    Vulture’s Post-Oscar Career PlannerWhat wisdom do we hope this year’s nominees, snubbed hopefuls, and breakout stars take away from one of the most exciting awards races in recent memory?
  11. bad timing
    Bruce Springsteen’s Video for The Wrestler Debuts About Two Months Too LateHe coulda been a contendah!
  12. news reel
    Vulture Exclusive: Mickey Rourke’s Oscar Date Revealed! Also, He Might Not Do Iron Man 2?But there’s good news — he’ll still be at WrestleMania!
  13. obits
    R.I.P. Loki Rourke (1991–2009)This is the worst news you’ll hear all day.
  14. mickey rourke
    Mickey Rourke Improves and Destroys His Oscar Chances, AgainThe world’s greatest awards campaign continues!
  15. kudos
    Mickey Rourke Wins BAFTA Award, Gets Ram-Jammed by BBC CensorsSee this year’s only BAFTA acceptance speech to necessitate an apology from the BBC!
  16. heartbreak
    Mickey Rourke’s WrestleMania Dreams Ram-Jammed by Oscar-Minded Publicist“Mickey was very honored to be asked as he has the greatest respect for WWE however he will not be participating in Wrestle-Mania. He is focusing entirely on his acting career.”
  17. kudos
    Mickey Rourke’s Oscar Hopes Continue to FadeWhile his chances at WWE glory continue to rise.
  18. kudos
    Mickey Rourke vs. Kate Winslet: Who Blew It Worse Last Night?Probably Mickey Rourke.
  19. Closings
    Wass Lands BlackBerry Ad, Armin Gives Up on SocialistaPlus, is Giuseppe Cipriani M.I.A.?
  20. snubs
    Oscar Turns Its Nose Up at Revolutionary Road, The Dark KnightTurns out the Academy doesn’t really care about television ratings after all!
  21. right-click
    Golden Globe–Winning Song an Insult to All Washed-Up LosersThis goes out to all you scarecrows filled with nothing but dust and wheat!
  22. mickey rourke’s face
    Will Mickey Rourke Hide His Million-Dollar Face in Iron Man 2?Mickey, we’re begging you — turn down this part!
  23. beef
    Daily Beast Stirs Oscar Pot by Creating a Feud Between Mickey Rourke and Sean PennWe’re not really sure we’re buying this one.
  24. chat room
    The Wrestler Director Darren Aronofsky on Mickey Rourke and the Benefits of Having a Small Music BudgetAronofsky rapped to Vulture about his new movie and how a Ratt song can enhance the emotional texture of a bar scene.
  25. vulture lists
    16 Pics of Mickey Rourke’s Face Through the Ages’The Wrestler’ is the first role to fully exploit the gruesomeness of Rourke’s real-life appearance.
  26. chat room
    Former WWF Champ Mick Foley Tells Us Whether the Brutal Use of Thumbtacks in The Wrestler Is Truly AuthenticConclusion? It’s pretty real!
  27. truth-stretching
    Two Oscar Front-runners Accused of Lying in Magazine ProfilesWill doubts over the veracity of their shilling hurt them at Oscar time?
  28. trailer mix
    ‘The Wrestler’ Trailer: Mickey Rourke’s Oscar Campaign Mounts a ComebackMickey Rourke’s Oscar buzz has plateaued a bit, so now seems like a pretty good time to release the trailer.
  29. countdown
    Ten Things You Need to Know About ‘The Wrestler’Come December, everybody’s going to be talking about this movie — but who wants to wait that long?
  30. crazy people
    Confirmed: Mickey Rourke Still CrazyWe were worried his comeback in ‘The Wrestler’ meant he might’ve settled down. Our fears were unfounded.
  31. deals
    Is ‘The Wrestler’ This Year’s ‘Little Miss Sunshine’?Fox Searchlight just bought the U.S. distribution rights for $4 million.
  32. kudos
    ‘The Wrestler’ Takes Top Honors at Venice; Mickey Rourke’s Comeback Pretty Much Unavoidable NowDarren Aronofsky picked up a Gold Lion two years after stinking up the fest with ‘The Fountain.’
  33. wha?
    Could Mickey Rourke Win an Oscar for ‘The Wrestler’?Maybe!
  34. the industry
    Emma Thompson, Peter Sarsgaard Contribute to Nick Hornby’s ‘Education’Plus: Marisa Tomei, Darren Aronofsky, and Renée Zellweger.
  35. apropos of nothing
    Confirmed: Will Smith Almost Completely to Blame for Writers StrikeIt turns out that in the clash between the Writers Guild and the major studios, the villains may actually be Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, and every other enormous star capable of commanding revenue-draining participation deals.
  36. the industry
    Crazy Guy Replaced by Crazier GuyPlus: Who will James Blunt annoy next?
  37. The Orange Line
    Riding the B Line: Our Favorite Brighton Beach SpotSomewhere in the world there may be a train line that covers more gastronomic territory than the B and V subway lines, which start in southernmost Brooklyn and end deep in Queens, but if there is, we don’t know about it. For the next twenty-odd weeks, we’ll be riding the B and V from Coney Island all the way to Forest Hills, jumping off frequently to rave about our favorite restaurants and food stores near the subway. This week, the Brighton Beach / Brighton 6 Street B stop
  38. intel
    Who’s Choppering to the Hamptons? Rich Families Chuck Schumer launched another one of his constituent-pleasing crusades this week: He wants the FAA to regulate the flight paths of rent-a-chopper services that whisk the city’s plutocracy to the Hamptons on the weekends. They’d be restricted to “noise-abatement routes” along freeways and over the water, leaving Long Islanders feeling a bit less like they’re living in a suburban Apocalypse Now. But are Hamptons-bound helicopters really such a problem? Increasingly so, as it turns out. This year, Blue Star Jets, which books for the area’s six operators and their 35 helicopters, reports a 15 percent increase in chartered traffic to the beach; it expects to have booked 500 trips by the end of the summer. Even worse, with the average trip costing about $2,500, the passengers are the sorts of people used to getting what they want. “People will come with eight steamer trunks like they’re boarding the Titanic,” says pilot Charles Humphries. “Then we have to explain to them that they can either take their friends or their bags.”
  39. Back of the House
    Sternbergh Thinks There Are Too Many Locals on ‘Top Chef’Last night’s episode of Top Chef was a bloodbath.
  40. Mediavore
    Whole Foods CEO’s Online High Jinks Unmasked; Magnolia Bakery ReopeningJohn Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, has been going online anonymously on Yahoo Finance bulletin boards for seven years to blast rival Wild Oats and talk up Whole Foods stock. [NYT] Related: Did Michael Pollan Throw the Whole Foods Debate? (Just Asking) Magnolia Bakery, closed for less than a day for having only one sink, has now been reopened after promising to install another one. [Eater] Related: A Sad Day for Overhyped Pastries: Magnolia Shuttered [Daily Intel] Anthony Bourdain is warming up to The Next Food Network Star. As a matter of fact, you could say that he’s become a devoted fan: “Whether it’s the butterfly mobiles dangling from my ceiling, the onset of early dementia, or long delayed side effects of past drug use drawing me to the tube Sunday nights, I’ll be watching.” [Ruhlman]
  41. countdown
    Casting the Next Harry Potter MovieLet’s find roles for the six or so British and Irish actors who haven’t already been employed by the Harry Potter series.
  42. intel
    How Much for the ‘Post’? Question of the day: Why is today’s Post 25 cents in most of the city (or at least in West Village, at Eighth Avenue and 14th Street, where we checked) and 75 cents in the East Village (or at least at Avenue A and St. Marks Place, where this was spotted)? Your guess is as good as ours.
  43. the morning line
    Thrice-Married Catholic Not Considered So Religious • Only 13 percent of responders think Rudy Giuliani is “of strong religious faith,” according to a Time poll — and that’s lower than Hillary’s number (15 percent). But he once wanted to close down an art exhibit for blasphemy! [NYP] • “The very character of the Northeast is at stake” if greenhouse gases aren’t reduced, a new study warns. Poised to vanish: Long Island lobsters and New York apples. What will thrive: smog, pollen, and floods. And, clearly, Claritin sales. [NYT] • An L.A.-to-London flight was diverted to JFK this morning because of a “suspicious passenger.” Michael Chertoff’s gut told him it was a harmless misunderstanding. [WNBC] • Shelly Silver still won’t agree to bring the Assembly to the table for congestion-pricing talks — even as the desperate Mayor Bloomberg says he’ll fly to Albany tomorrow. By now, we’re just looking forward to Monday, when this mess will be over. [NYDN] • And, starting today, the MTA adds a “Mets express” to its 7 line: a one-stop service from midtown to Shea. It’s just for an hour on game days, but funny thing: If they did it year-round, Willets Point might actually be habitable. [amNY]
  44. the industry
    Charlize Theron Explores the Interconnectedness of Fate or WhateverPlus industry news on George Clooney, Sean Penn, and Peter Jackson.
  45. party town
    Buscemi Always Brings the Pigs-in-a-BlanketInterview screening. Tribeca Grand, 2 Sixth Ave., nr. White St., 7 p.m.; after-party at Soho Grand, 310 W. Broadway, nr. Canal St. Director-star Steve Buscemi hosts. Co-star Sienna Miller is also scheduled to attend. The verb “host” usually sounds odd in these contexts: We associate hosting a party with guacamole preparation and frantic bathroom cleaning, things that actors and directors probably don’t often do before film screenings. And yet, Steve Buscemi … We would not be surprised if he were, at this very moment, elbow-deep in bean dip.
  46. right-click
    Flight of the Conchords, Unlikely StudsPlus Grizzly Bear, Stars, and Anthony and the Johnsons!
  47. party lines
    At ‘Xanadu’ Opening Night, Disaster Is Only Narrowly AvertedIt was opening night last night for Xanadu, the Broadway musical based on what’s one of the most disastrously bad movies of all time. So it was only appropriate that the big night teetered on the edge of its own disasters. Things started badly when the NYPD showed up late with the crowd-control railings for the red carpet, prompting three suit-clad PR boys to wrestle the bulky barriers into place just before Olivia Newton-John — who starred in the original movie — stepped out of her limo. She was wearing an off-the-shoulder top that threatened to cause a disastrous nip-slip at any moment. Newton-John laughed through the performance, but she admitted that it brought back bad memories.
  48. NewsFeed
    Double Happiness to Get $1 Million Makeover, Reopen to Privileged Few Club promoter, artist, and former model Emma Cleary has purchased the bi-level space that currently houses Double Happiness and plans to reopen it, by New Year’s, only to those who can get onto the list. Her partner in the sale, brokered by Karma McDermett of Stevens & Co., is a managing director at JP Morgan. Cleary tells us the upstairs, which currently houses Palais Royale, will revert to its former incarnation as a restaurant (remember Wyanoka?) with Ulrich Sterling of 5 Ninth and SushiSamba turning out a ten-item menu of gourmet bar food. “Places like the Box and 205 are catering to the Lower East Side crowd,” Cleary says. “I’m going for more of the models, investment bankers, and celebrities.” Just how that will sit with the neighbors remains to be seen: At yesterday’s CB2 meeting, there were cries that the area outside of Double Happiness had become “party central,” causing Cleary to pen a missive, reprinted here for anyone who cares, laying out her plans for a $1 million swankification.
  49. trailer mix
    ‘Fred Claus’: Even Paul Giamatti Has Bills to PayFrom the director of Wedding Crashers comes Paul Giamatti’s kid’s college fund!
  50. it just happened
    A Sad Day for Overhyped Pastries: Magnolia Shuttered But what will become of the fanny-packed tourists?! The city Department of Health’s recent cleanliness crusade has claimed another victim: the Magnolia Bakery. Originally known for its admittedly fairly good cupcakes, Magnolia has since become the epicenter of all that is unholy about the aughts-era West Village: tour buses, a willingness to wait on line for confections, overpriced cutesiness run rampant. The (painfully slow-loading) blog Eater, which broke the news, reports that it’s simply an issue of too few sinks and that the destination snack bar will soon reopen. Alas. Breaking: Magnolia Bakery Closed by Department of Health [Eater]