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The Art Of The Deal

  1. the art of the deal
    Report: Trump Suffered $1.17 Billion in Business Losses Between 1985 and 1994Tax records obtained by the New York Times prove just how bad a businessman Trump was in his halcyon days.
  2. books
    Omarosa Says Trump Suggested He Be Sworn In on The Art of the DealAnd honestly, why wasn’t he?
  3. the art of the deal
    Trump Hotel That Can’t Fill Vacant Restaurant Tries Erasing President’s NameTrump’s tallest building can’t rent what, by all accounts, should be coveted Chicago riverfront space.
  4. the national interest
    Trump’s $1 Billion Demand From China Was Supposed to Be $100 BillionA wee math error from the master deal-maker.
  5. the art of the deal
    Pelosi and Schumer Say They Struck a Deal With Trump to Replace DACADemocrats claim Trump agreed to new border-security measures, but no border wall — though the White House disputed that.
  6. the art of the deal
    Michael Moore ‘Knows for a Fact’ That Donald Trump Doesn’t Want to Be PresidentMoore theorizes Celebrity Apprentice negotiations got out of hand.