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  1. respect the classics
    Relive the Glory of Rush and Neil Peart With Rare 2008 Colbert Report Interview“You’ve been touring for over 30 years. Do you ever get tired of being so awesome and kicking so much ass?”
  2. breaking
    14 of the Greatest Breaks in Comedy HistoryAs much as you might want to disrespect comedians breaking character, you can’t dispute its effectiveness.
  3. last night on late night
    Brett Gelman Revisits His Very Tiny Role on The Colbert ReportThe Fleabag star almost got his big break as a fake morning-show host.
  4. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Is Suing Donald Trump for Stealing a Colbert Report Joke“He is stealing my anti-intellectual property!”
  5. last night on late night
    Colbert Report’s Stephen Colbert Says Good-bye to His Idol Bill O’Reilly“Stay strong, Papa Bear.”
  6. last night on late night
    Colbert Report’s Colbert Took Over Late Show for ‘The Werd’ on Trump’s BudgetStephen Colbert’s conservative alter ego had thoughts about the budget cuts.
  7. Stephen Colbert Officially Puts Donald Trump on Notice for Stealing His […]Apparently Donald Trump telling Iran they are “on notice” was the final straw for Stephen Colbert last night, who is clearly completely fed up […]
  8. Stephen Colbert vs. ‘Alternative Facts": A Lifelong RivalryThe first week of Donald Trump’s presidency has begun, and one of the weekend’s biggest headlines revolved around the phrase “alternative […]
  9. last night on late night
    ‘Stephen Colbert’ Says Goodbye to Barack ObamaIt’s the end of the line, and we all have our parts to play.
  10. last night on late night
    ‘Stephen Colbert’ Dies,‘’Stephen Colbert’ RisesCorporate lawyers can’t keep a good Colbert down.
  11. last night on late night
    Colbert Brings The Colbert Report to Late ShowAmerica’s friend-with-benefits returns.
  12. Last Night’s ‘Late Show’ Featured Jon Stewart and the Glorious Return of […]Stephen Colbert kicked off his week of live RNC shows on CBS last night, and if you’re a Colbert Report fan, these two clips are going to make […]
  13. career transitions
    Colbert on Why He Left The Colbert ReportAnd how Trump factors into it.
  14. crossovers
    7 Colbert Report–isms That Made Their Way Into The Late ShowDown to the Stephen-centric decor.
  15. interviews
    Colbert Was Going to Leave the Report AnywayHe told Jerry Seinfeld.
  16. The Satire We Need Right Now Is All The Satire That’s On Right NowLast fall, I was watching a new episode of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver with a few friends, the one featuring an exposé on civil […]
  17. Trevor Potter Looks Back on Setting Up Stephen Colbert’s Super PACStephen Colbert’s former lawyer Trevor Potter wrote a piece for The Washington Post this week to mark the fifth anniversary of the Supreme […]
  18. series finales
    An Annotated List of Every Single Person Who Sang in the Colbert FinaleHi, Doris Kearns Goodwin.
  19. this is the end
    ‘Stephen Colbert’ Has Always Been Immortal. We Only Just Realized It Last NightThe man is finite. The character is forever.
  20. ‘The Colbert Report’ Says Goodbye with Dozens of Stephen’s Closest, Most […] The final episode of The Colbert Report aired last night, and in it Stephen killed death himself and ascended into eternity - with Alex […]
  21. you'll be missed
    Watch Stephen Colbert End the Report With a Glorious Musical NumberFeaturing Jon Stewart, Randy Newman, Bryan Cranston, Patrick Stewart, Big Bird, and many, many more.
  22. the late shift
    Colbert: We’re Losing a Great TV CharacterGood for Stephen Colbert. Sad for us.
  23. you will be missed
    The 16 Best Times Stephen Colbert Broke Character“Say one fucking thing about the book.”
  24. looking back
    Stephen Colbert Was Late Night’s Most Passionate Book-NerdFor nine years, Colbert enlisted roughly two writers a week into a bizarre form of theater.
  25. Stephen Colbert Hosts a ‘Colbert Report’ Memorabilia Yard SaleLast night was the second-to-last episode of The Colbert Report, so Stephen decided to get rid of nine years’ worth of Colbert Report […]
  26. looking back
    Colbert’s First Head Writer on the Show’s StartAllison Silverman on developing the character.
  27. Behold the Final ‘Colbert Platinum’ SegmentWith only a few more episodes to go, last night’s Colbert Report wrapped up its longtime segment for super wealthy viewers “Colbert Platinum” […]
  28. last night on late night
    Kendrick Lamar Debuts Song on The Colbert Report, Cracks Up at ColbertHe rhymed “Colbert” with “no hair.”
  29. Celebrity Fans and Former ‘Colbert Report’ Guests Say Goodbye to ‘Stephen […]After nine years on the air, The Colbert Report ends its run on Comedy Central this Thursday. To celebrate all the wonderful things Colbert has […]
  30. Watch Stephen Colbert Interview Smaug the DragonStephen Colbert has done some strange interviews over the years, but none have been as weird, witty, and life-threatening as last night’s […]
  31. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert’s Interview With Smaug Is FireHow to interview a dragon.
  32. the final week
    Colbert Announced His Final Week of GuestsFeaturing a visit from lifelong friend “Grimmy.”
  33. ‘The Colbert Report’ Announces Its Final GuestsThe series finale of The Colbert Report is sadly a week away now, and Comedy Central just announced the lineup of final guests. The stars who […]
  34. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Calls ‘Serial’ Host Sarah Koenig His Favorite Guest of All TimeGood way to start New Episode of “Serial” Day.
  35. Stephen Colbert Gives James Corden Some Late Night Hosting AdviceJames Corden takes over The Late Late Show in March, and during last night’s Colbert Report he met with the retiring “Stephen Colbert” to get […]
  36. last night on late night
    Colbert Sings With Future CBS Late-Night MateHave yourself a merry little Christmas,  James Corden.
  37. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert’s Sparring- and Zing-Filled Interview With President ObamaSomeone even gets compared to Hitler a little bit.
  38. President Obama Took Over Last Night’s ‘Colbert Report’President Barack Obama was the guest on last night’s special Colbert Report episode taped from Washington DC, and not only did he sit down for […]
  39. last night on late night
    President Obama Upstages Stephen on The Colbert ReportBy taking over “The Word.”
  40. good gets
    President Obama to Appear on The Colbert ReportLucky.
  41. President Obama Is Monday Night’s ‘Colbert Report’ GuestEarlier this week, Stephen Colbert revealed that Monday night’s Colbert Report will be broadcast from Washington DC, and during last night’s […]
  42. Amy Sedaris Interrupts Her Old Friend Stephen Colbert on ‘The Colbert […]Amy Sedaris and Stephen Colbert’s friendship goes way, way back, so even though she was bumped from last night’s Colbert Report to make room […]
  43. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Asks Christopher Nolan If He’s Smart or Just EnglishHe also gets Nolan to laugh for the first time ever.
  44. ‘The Colbert Report’ Will Broadcast Monday’s Episode From Washington, DCDuring last night’s Colbert Report, Stephen announced that Monday’s show will be a special episode taped from George Washington University’s […]
  45. Stephen Colbert Provides a Comprehensive Analysis of the New ‘Star Wars’ […]Considering he’s been a Star Wars fan for at least two weeks longer than most, Stephen Colbert took it upon himself to address the controversy […]
  46. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert: New Star Wars Lightsaber Is ‘Awesome,’ ‘Perfect’Shut up, haters.
  47. last night on late night
    Watch Stephen Colbert Interview Jon StewartOn last night’s Colbert Report.
  48. Watch Stephen Colbert Interview His Former Boss Jon Stewart Stephen Colbert has never had a better match with an interview guest than he did during last night’s show, when his former Daily Show boss and […]
  49. last night on late night
    Colbert Says Good-bye to Esteban ColbertoHe has a month left.
  50. Esteban Colberto Appears on ‘The Colbert Report’ One Last TimeEarlier this week Stephen Colbert ended his nine-year feud with bears, and during last night’s show another longtime signature Colbert Report […]
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