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The Cuddle Muddle

  1. the cuddle muddle
    In Praise of Bonuses, David Paterson Heads to Wall StreetRichard Parsons, the chairman of Citigroup, thought the speech terrific.
  2. the cuddle muddle
    Governor Paterson Wants to Settle This Thing With Rupert Murdoch Like Erudite GentlemenWill Murdoch shrink from the challenge?
  3. the cuddle muddle
    Governor Paterson Now Losing to Everyone, According to PollEven Rick Lazio!
  4. the cuddle muddle
    Governor Paterson Introduces Himself to New YorkersThe embattled governor begins airing his first campaign ads.
  5. the cuddle muddle
    Governor Paterson Attended the Yankee Game on ‘Official Business’Because otherwise, it would have been illegal.
  6. the cuddle muddle
    Governor Paterson Has an Exit StrategyIf the polls stay low, which they almost definitely will, he will “reassess.”
  7. Governor Paterson Off the Hook for Caroline Kennedy MessWell, actually, not really.
  8. the cuddle muddle
    Paterson Challenges Nonexistent Candidates to Show Their CardsPaterson calls out Andrew Cuomo and Rudy Giuliani, we assume.
  9. governor overshare
    David Paterson: ‘I’m Blind, But I’m Not Oblivious’We need to talk about our governor’s honesty issue.
  10. the cuddle muddle
    The Patersons Get a Little Too Honest“I didn’t sign up for this,” the governor told a luncheon yesterday.
  11. the cuddle muddle
    New York Dems Are Completely Behind Paterson, With Many CaveatsYeesh, it doesn’t get much less enthusiastic than this.
  12. the cuddle muddle
    Governor Paterson’s Facial Hair Is No MoreThe mustache is gone. So is the old Paterson.
  13. oh albany!
    David Paterson Can Appoint a Lieutenant Governor After All!Something good finally happened to Governor Paterson! It probably won’t change much, though.
  14. the cuddle muddle
    David Paterson Hoping to Win Points by Defending Wall Street Bonuses?Another winning strategy.
  15. Governor Paterson: Man of Steel?According to him, yes.
  16. the cuddle muddle
    Governor Paterson Keeps on the Sunny Side of LifeDespite his ongoing rut, Paterson is keeping an optimistic outlook.
  17. the cuddle muddle
    Governor Paterson Tries to Back Off Race Comments, UnsuccessfullyPaterson’s damage control fails in a number of ways.
  18. the cuddle muddle
    David Paterson’s Race Card Didn’t Work Out That WellRebukes from the White House and the tabloids didn’t stop him from doubling-down over the weekend.
  19. the cuddle muddle
    David Paterson Unleashes the Race CardThe media is out to get him because he’s black, he claimed today.
  20. Hey, David Paterson Is Allowed to Party, TooA sighting of the governor in a club this week sends the ‘Post’ into a tizzy.
  21. The Most Sarcastic Rendition of Happy Birthday You’ll Ever HearHappy birthday? Not for Governor Paterson.
  22. the cuddle muddle
    Poll: Gay-Marriage Bill the Crowning Achievement of a Terrible GovernorWhen New Yorkers are actually able to name one of Paterson’s accomplishments, they sometimes name the gay-marriage bill.
  23. the cuddle muddle
    Math Confirms Governor Paterson Is Not PopularThanks, Nate Silver!
  24. the cuddle muddle
    Approval of Paterson Still Shockingly LowOnly 19 percent are pleased with the governor’s job performance.
  25. David Paterson in Racial-Bias SuitThe state just settled a racial-firing lawsuit from 2005 for $300,000 on behalf of the governor.
  26. the cuddle muddle
    Paterson-Kennedy Mess Not OverAnd yet it seems so long ago.
  27. equal rites
    Gay Marriage Vote Out of Paterson’s HandsGovernor Paterson defers to Malcolm Smith. Not that he has a choice.
  28. the cuddle muddle
    Paterson in a Much More Giving Mood This YearWho’s a tightwad now, New York?
  29. the cuddle muddle
    Paterson Tells GOP How to Regain MajorityBut his advice is rudely, and foolishly, refused.
  30. the cuddle muddle
    Democrats Want Paterson to Be Awesome Again Soon or Go AwayAnd many New Yorkers have already given up on him.
  31. the cuddle muddle
    Paterson Makes a Crack About LimbaughWe momentarily love you again!
  32. the cuddle muddle
    Paterson Breaks His Own Disapproval RecordOnly 19 percent of New Yorkers approve of Paterson’s job performance.