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The Dark Knight Rises

  1. vulture lists
    All 11 Christopher Nolan Movies, RankedFiguring out which of the director’s films were the masterpieces, and which were merely near-masterpieces (including Tenet).
  2. vulture lists
    Christopher Nolan Movies, Ranked by Whether I’d Risk My Life to See ThemWould I, like most of the women in Nolan’s movies, die for cinema?
  3. movies
    Christian Bale Hasn’t Watched Dark Knight Rises Since the Aurora ShootingThe former Batman says he can’t watch the movie without thinking about the tragic shooting.
  4. zoe kravitz
    Kravitz: I Didn’t Get Batman Because I’m ‘Urban’The actress says she was denied a chance for a part in The Dark Knight Rises.
  5. movies
    The Christopher Nolan Style Guide to Wearing Video Monitors Around Your NeckLet’s look back at the times Nolan’s video-monitor game took his outfit to the next level.
  6. wedding crashers
    Tom Hardy Crashed This Wedding As BaneWould tears rust his mask?
  7. movies
    Juno Temple Is Becoming the Hardest-Working Newbie in Show BusinessIt all started with an act of parental guidance gone awry.
  8. The Complete Guide to Everything: The Movies of 2012 This week Tim has had enough of Christmas and would like you all to stop even though Christmas ended nearly a week ago. Also Tom becomes a […]
  9. everything wrong with
    Everything Wrong With The Dark Knight Rises“Isn’t this the same ending as The Postman?”
  10. secrecy
    Christopher Nolan Doesn’t Tell Liam Neeson AnythingThat’s how secretive he is.
  11. box office gold
    The Dark Knight Rises Passes the $1 Billion MarkIt’s only the eleventh movie to do so. 
  12. ah memories
    Things We Can’t Forget From This Summer’s MoviesAlso, we talk about the chems.
  13. your box office explained
    Summer 2012 Box-Office Report Card: Action, Genre, and Superhero EditionThe Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers, yes. Everything else, meh.
  14. bruises at the box office
    It’s Okay For Action Heroes to Get HurtAnd yet in most movies, they’re practically invulnerable.
  15. real talk
    David Cronenberg Doesn’t Love Dark Knight Rises So Much“It’s for kids.”
  16. deleted scenes
    Dark Knight Rises Cut a Sequence Explaining Bane’s BackstoryBut the film’s costume designer inadvertently revealed what happened in it.
  17. opinions
    President Obama Really Enjoyed Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman“She’s the best thing in it.”
  18. your box office explained
    Dark Knight Proves Bane to Recall’s ExistenceThe sci-fi remake barely cracked $26 million.
  19. unnecessary remakes
    Total Recall Fails to Unseat Dark Knight RisesBut still had a robust opening weekend.
  20. clickables
    See How Bane Might Look UnmaskedMaybe he just has a beard.
  21. Post–Dark Knight, What Superhero Films Are Next?Get your calendars out.
  22. cheek by jowl
    How Do This Summer’s Movie Protests Stack Up?Atom bombs, dance sequences, powerful brunettes …
  23. your box office explained
    Your Box Office Explained: Dark Knight Wins, But Olympics DominateThe Dark Knight Rises takes the top spot, but overall box office is down by 25 percent compared to this time last year.
  24. box office
    Dark Knight Rises Wins Slow Weekend Box OfficeThe Olympics took a bite out of the numbers. 
  25. mea culpas
    Dane Cook Apologizes for Aurora Shooting Joke“A bad judgment call.”
  26. comedy
    Here Is Dane Cook’s Aurora Shooting JokeYup.
  27. clickables
    Watch Tom Hardy Rap (Featuring a Baby)His son, in fact.
  28. most valuable stars
    The Opposite Trajectories of Kate Hudson and Anne HathawayWhy Kate slipped while Anne climbed, even as they met in the middle with Bride Wars.
  29. the national interest
    The Real Message of The Dark Knight RisesIt’s nationalistic chauvinism of a very provincial kind.
  30. superhero groupthink
    This Summer’s Comic Movies Have Similar EndingsSpoilers, obviously.
  31. imagination
    See How a Bane Mask Makes Any Villain Look ScarierSeriously. Just take a look!
  32. video
    Vulture Examines Christopher Nolan’s ‘Funniest’ ScenesWhy so serious, Christopher Nolan?
  33. aurora shooting
    Christian Bale Visits Aurora Shooting VictimsThere’s a photo.
  34. origami
    The Dark Knight Creases: Fold Your Own Batman, Bane, and Catwoman MasksWe’re calling this “Origotham.”
  35. let's get charticle
    Know Your Bain/BaneWhich is the private equity corporation and which is the Batman villain?
  36. monday morning movie club
    What Did Gordon-Levitt See in Batman’s Face?There are so many spoilers in this. So many.
  37. fact-check
    Ask a Doctor: Is Batman’s Healing Method Sound?The following contains spoilers of the filmic and medical varieties. Don’t read until you’ve seen The Dark Knight Rises.
  38. The Complete Guide To Everything: The New York Times’ WilliamsburgA spoiler-free review of The Dark Knight Rises, how old is Alfred, a lesser IMAX, the problem with Baskin Robbins inside of Dunkin’ Donuts, […]
  39. weekend box office
    Dark Knight B.O. Leaked; Moratorium Broken Opening weekend figures for The Dark Knight rises still made it to the press. 
  40. refresher course
    Four Things to Remember About Dark Knight RisesThere are some essential characters you’ll need a quick reminder about.
  41. the culture
    The ‘Batman Massacre’: Telling Ourselves Stories in Order to PretendOften in these situations, we duck hard truths by creating narratives.
  42. tragedy
    Read Christopher Nolan’s Statement About the Dark Knight ShootingA “senseless tragedy.”
  43. crime
    Fallout From the Dark Knight Rises Shooting [Updated]Despite reports, the film will likely play uninterrupted this weekend.
  44. women in tights
    Slideshow: Celebrating the Best-Dressed Lady SuperheroesAn ode to the ultimate pantless power women.
  45. catching up
    Which Comics Should You Read Before Seeing The Dark Knight Rises?Despite running nearly three hours, Christopher Nolan’s third Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, leaves a lot out.
  46. david edelstein
    Movie Review: Edelstein on The Dark Knight RisesWhatever else The Dark Knight Rises is or isn’t, it’s big — very big.
  47. princesses!!!
    Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie Fancy Some Batman, TooWhich means they got to see Marion Cotillard’s Dior dress in person.
  48. fanboys
    Christopher Nolan Understands Where Those Fanboys Were Coming From“I think the fans are very passionate about these characters the way a lot of people are very passionate.”
  49. dior watch
    Marion Cotillard Gave Raf Simons’s Dior Couture Its First Red-Carpet RunIt looks pretty fabulous.
  50. box office gold
    The Dark Knight Rises to Earn Unearthly SumsIt’s sold $25 million in presale tickets.
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